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Kieran Creaven – RTE Producer – Pedophile

So, why do the mainstream media, across the board, only give the gvt side of the story?  Why do the censor the dissenting, world renowned scientists who disagree with the narrative.  Simple answer – they get paid to do it…. well paid.

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Journalists also, it would seem, can get extra, separate payments.
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Pat Kenny wants gvt to mask “the younger cohorts”
Exclusive Report: Undercover In Ireland’s Experimental Vaccine Cull Centres – 6 Aug 2021link here to amazing video
Just one item from Twitter to show you how far “they” are going to in order to push the lies at us

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The RTE Corporate Board of Shame – How the Board Failed Their Legal Duties

There are also provisions in the 2009 broadcasting act listing the duties and terms of removal for RTE board members. Who are the RTE board members who are guilty of corporate malfeasance by overseeing RTE’s monumental failure to report the truth? You can find a list of them on RTE’s website here. Here are their mugshots:

Here is the full list, along with their tenure end dates, and a link to their online profiles. We invite you to send this article to them directly – ask them what they knew about the Italian Data releases.

Moya Doherty , of Riverdance fame                      6/11/2022
Ian Kehoe, of Sunday Business post                         8/10/2023
Deborah Kelleher, Royal Irish academy of Music 6/11/2022
Dee Forbes (Director), of the Forbes Family          10/7/2023
Dr PJ Matthews, UCD Drama                                    3/11/2024
Anne O’Leary, UCC miscellaneous                            3/11/2024
Robert Shortt, RTE correspondent                            3/11/2024
Connor Murphy , Venture Capitalist                          18/3/2025

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Who is who and what is what?  It’s a very, very tangled web!


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Are you thinking something is not quite right here?