About the site:
In 2020 this site morphed into a place to keep information on various topics. 
Since then we have seen betrayal upon betrayal across the political, economic and medical professions. 
Our gvt has worked systematically to hypnotise, discriminate, segregate us and taken away our basic human and civil rights, without most people even noticing.  But when we look closer we realise this has been going on, step by step, for YEARS!
We watched as our mainstream hospitals, doctors, scientists, nurses, teachers betrayed us, our elderly and our children.   We watched as the brave ones who spoke out were discredited and robbed of their positions, careers and income.
We waited for leadership.
Then we watched as, one after the other,  people whom we had thought, from their public speeches, were stepping forward to lead us back to freedom, betrayed us.  They spoke empty words, led us on meaninless marches and never, ever gave us a constructive direction.
We were not done with the betrayal even then, as one by one AGAIN, certain politicians who have been saying the right words to our hearts, voted for corruption and cronyism in  Dail Eireann.
However, in the face of all this betrayal, there is a quietly rising tide of a grassroots rebellion in progress – as people’s eyes are opened to the unending litany of greed, lies and corruption among our leaders in politics, medicine, education and media. 
The day is coming when the betrayers will not be able to walk the streets of their own home towns as everyone will know their faces.
Every individual will have to make their own choice.  It will be a clear choice between Good and Evil.  It doesn’t need to be pushed in people’s faces – everyone knows when their decision time has come.  And that moment defines the rest of their lives. 
The divide becomes clearer every day.  The divide between those who choose love, honesty, forgiveness, compassion, truth, hope and LIFE over greed, hatred, selfishness and pure evil becomes more obvious with each passing day.
We are here to collate the FACTS so you get the full truth on all topics that mainstream media and State Media are keeping from you.  We are here to share TRUTH – LIGHT – HOPE – COURAGE.
Good luck with your decisions.  Follow your heart, your gut instinct and may you find the right way.

this site will help you catch up if you've just realised something is not quite right in the world