Randox (on wiki), one of the companies given contracts at Dublin Airport worth hundreds of millions of Euros.  Questions are being raised about how Randox got the UK gvt contract…. how did they get the Irish one?  Who was buddy buddy with Peter Fitzgerald?




Covid: What do we know about Randox and its contracts? – 17 Nov 2021

Owen Paterson: Boris Johnson finally admits Tory ex-minister at centre of sleaze row broke lobbying rules – 17 Nov 2021

Lobbying for ‘naked’ bacon: how the Owen Paterson scandal began – Randox employed MP Owen Paterson, got introduced to UK gvt and was awarded the Covid testing contract. – 5 Nov 2021

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‘English must be spoken at all times. Failure to do so is unacceptable’ – polasaí teanga comhlacht Gaeltachta – 16 April 2021

Express PCR testing for Covid-19 is now available for travel and private clients – 5 Feb 2021

23RD JANUARY 2021: THE 9 MILLION MILESTONE  – at €99 per test (and some tests costing more) that comes to €99 MILLION euro – 23 Jan 2021

Bath Rugby statement: Randox testing error – Bath have said they were extremely relieved to hear of the false alarm regarding their Covid-19 testing, which incorrectly suggested 19 people had tested positive for the virus and caused ‘huge disruption’ to the club. –  21 Jan 2021

The Co Antrim company maintains that recent negative reports are ‘simply not true’ – 4 Dec 2020

First Covid-19 test centre opening at Dublin Airport – 19 Nov 2020

Covid testing firm Randox denies Channel 4 ‘serious failings’ claims after undercover probe – 17 Nov 2020

COVID Testing Facilities To Open At Dublin Airport – 16 Nov 2020

Dispatches uncovers serious failings at one of UK’s largest COVID-Testing Labs – 16 Nov 2020

Randox’s Dr Peter FitzGerald: Nothing will ever be the same again – 12 Aug 2020

Randox opens COVID-19 testing lab with £30m investment, creating 200 new jobs – 3 June 2020

Healthcare firm advised by Owen Paterson won £133m coronavirus testing contract unopposed – 11 May 2020

Coronavirus: Government criticised for awarding testing contract to Tory-linked company – 5 Nov 2020

Coronavirus: Randox recalls up to 750,000 test kits over safety concerns – 8 Aug 2020

Healthcare firm advised by Owen Paterson won £133m coronavirus testing contract unopposed – 11 May 2020

Ireland’s HSE and NHS officials in talks with Randox about using its rapid Covid-19 test – 14 March 2020

Randox: Healthcare diagnostics group returns to profit – 8 Oct 2019

Convictions for drug-driving quashed in forensics lab inquiry – 6 Dec 2018

‘The Irish Times’ Business Person of the Month: Dr Peter FitzGerald – 16 March 2018

UK Drug Lab Misconduct Calls 10,000 Convictions And Prosecutions Into Question – 13 Dec 2017

Police review 10,000 cases in forensics data ‘manipulation’ inquiry – 21 Nov 2017

Randox representing businesses in Donegal at Irish American Business Chamber and Network Event in Philadelphia – 25 April 2017

Manchester lab’s drug tests may have been manipulated – 19 Feb 2017

Probe into Randox Manchester ‘manipulated’ drug tests data -19 Feb 2017

Randox founder Dr Peter FitzGerald: I started my own business in a chicken shed as it was the only way I could go further in medical research –  29 Nov 2016

Dr Peter FitzGerald to be honoured – 2016

Minister of State McHugh welcomes Údarás na Gaeltachta’s review of 2015 – 18 Jan 2016

Government approved an investment by Údarás na Gaeltachta of €5 million – 14 July 2015

Údarás na Gaeltachta welcomes the Government’s decision regarding Randox Teo in An Clochán Liath, Co.DonegalGovernment has approved its planned investment of €5m in Randox – currently employs 85 people in An Clochán Liath – 7 July 2015

How they did it: Randox Teoranta – 4 June 2015

Údarás na Gaeltachta welcomes announcement of an additional €1 million to its 2015 budget – 10 Dec 2014

New owner Peter Fitzgerald ponders golf course plan – 9 dec 2014

Randox owner purchases Bushmills golf resort site – 9 Dec 2014

New playground of royalty? Tycoon crazy about polo ‘plans venue on north coast’ – 27 Nov 2014

€25m boost for Donegal medtech jobs – 26 Oct 2014

Údarás na Gaeltachta welcomes plans announced by Randox Teo for further €25m investment and increase in jobs from current 66 to 540 by 2020current 66 jobs to 540 by 2020 – 22 Oct 2014

Dr. Peter FitzGerald founder of Randox Laboratories honoured

Donegal set to get jobs boost – its current 70-strong workforce -20 Oct 2014

Giant’s Causeway golf resort businessman Alistair Hanna diesAlister Hanna worked as company executive at McKinsey for 40 years – 14 July 2014

Dr Alistair Hanna a dynamic businessman who stayed true to Ulster roots – 14 July 2014

Cope welcomes expansion by Randox 3 May 2014

Randox Teo expands its R&D facility in An Clochán Liath with a €0.5m investmentRandox Teo will invest a further EUR 0.5 million into the Dungloe facility increasing the total employment from 42 people currently to 130 by the end of 20153 May 2013

Giant’s Causeway resort row: Judge backs golf plan – 27 Feb 2013

Giant’s Causeway golf resort: Trust opposition is ‘commercial‘ – 11 Jan 2013

Stormont anger over challenge to golf resort – 13 June 2012

Runkerry golf resort plan gets green light – 21 Feb 2012


Medical firm to create 135 jobs in Donegal – 12 May 2008

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