You’re Just Not Good Enough!

Facebook’s Vaseline Page is now offering an application which lightens skin colour.

When I went to Egypt I could not believe the amount of advertising on TV, billboards, chemists etc. for ‘Fair and Lovely’, a skin whitening product.  It went hand in hand with Egyptians telling me every day that my skin was so lovely.  I thought they were having me on until it dawned on me that they were serious.  The advertisers had done such a good job on the entire Egyptian population that they seriously believe white skinned people were more beautiful than they are.

I tried so many times telling Egyptian women how beautiful they were and that these same advertisers had succeeded in convincing most of the white people in the world that dark skin was better and so many of us spend hours baking our skin in the sun and ending up with skin cancer because of this.

But it does not end there – when I sat down to think about it I realised that most of my life I have been programmed. and badly programmed at that, by the same Faceless Money Making Moguls and their Minions.

My generation grew up trying to explain why people behave the way we do.  We examined it in detail.  Many of my generation either went to therapy ourselves or insisted our spouses, children or parents accepted therapy!  We blamed our parents and their parents.  We blamed the social environment and the teachers.  We drove ourselves sick with worry that we would give our children complexes like our parents and society gave us.

Our parents were either too open or too repressed, too old-fashioned or too progressive, too demonstrative in their love for us or not demonstrative enough.  Either way they didn’t get it right!  And guess what neither did we!

My Revelation today?  It wasn’t our parents that screwed us up!  It was the Faceless Money Making Moguls and their advertising Minions.  I’m not so happy either with the famous actresses etc. who help in their efforts to make us feel less beautiful either!

It was people who wanted to sell product, lots of products.

To sell their products they first had to, and (still today) have to create a NEED for those products.

To create a need for those products they have to FOCUS on what most of the population have, then make the population want the opposite of what they already have.  Guess what most of the population have?  Actually I think each and every one of the “population” have one.  Everyone owns a BODY!

So now in the space age of 2010 when we are getting ready for individual space travel it doesn’t matter what kind of body you were born with.  That body is all wrong, it’s defective and ugly….and unfortunately for the BODY owner it gets older, gets uglier, gets more ‘defective’.  So, I guess it’s a good job we eventually die and rid the earth of this undesirable BODY we’ve had to walk around in all those years.  Of course the more considerate of us will have “kicked the bucket” earlier and spared those around us the unpleasantness of having to look at our ugly bodies too long!

So every day, every way we turn, on billboards, in magazines, newspapers, TV, radio we are fed a constant, unrelenting stream of shit.  A stream designed to make us feel inferior, lacking, ugly and in NEED of a product – their PRODUCTS.  Men, women, children, it doesn’t matter – the message is the same and it goes as follows:

You have spots, freckles, birthmarks or acne.
Your teeth are not white enough.
Your teeth are not even enough.
Your hands are not soft enough.
Your breasts are too small.
Your breasts are too big.
Your skin is too dull.
Your skin is too white (Europeans, North Americans)
Your skin is too dark. (Egyptians, South Americans, Africans, India, China, Middle East)
Your eyelashes are too short.
Your eyebrows are too thin.
Your eyebrows are too thick.
Your eyes are the wrong colour.
Your hair is the wrong colour.

Your hair is too dull.

You’re hair is grey!

You’ve got wrinkles!
Your eyelids are sagging
Your cheeks are now called jowls!
You have deep frown lines on your forehead, around your mouth and crows feet!
Your stomach is too flabby.
Your bum needs a lift.
Your face needs a lift.

Tall people need to be shorter.  Short people need to be taller..
Fat people should be skinnier.  Skinny people should be fatter.
Regardless of what you eat – you are not eating properly – you need supplements, vitamins or a different diet.
If you’re not wearing designer sun glasses you’re not hip – if your are wearing glasses you should be wearing contact lenses or having eye surgery.
Your not wearing the right perfume, deodorant, aftershave, hairstyle, clothes or shoes!
Introverts should be more extrovert.  Extroverts should be quieter.
Your make-up is not right – you need a make-over.
Your probably wearing the wrong colours – you need a colour consultant
Your sex is not good enough – you need either Viagra or therapy!
You have too many children (Africa, India, China) You need birth control.
You don’t have enough children (Europe, North America etc) You need Infertility Treatment
You’re not having enough sex – you’ve lost your libido – you might as well be dead!


I could keep going but I’ve got enough out of my system now and I feel much better about my 5ft, over 50’s big breasted, flabby tum, sagging bum and grey hair (coloured!!) wonderful body that has carried me around for the last 50 years!  Especially my size 4 feet…..truly amazing mileage they have put up!

Thumbs down and middle finger up to the Faceless Money Making Moguls and their advertising Minions whom I am now more aware of today!

Thumbs up to Angie Dickinson, Helen Mirren, Jessica Tandy, Judy Dench, Mary McDonnell & Sally Field for letting us see their inner beauty still shinin’ through!

Thumbs up to everyone who manages to raise the middle finger and switch channels or turn off the TV when this stuff is being pushed at you.  Thumbs up to everyone who manages to change their internal chatter and tell the TV and the product pushers…”Fuck you, I like myself just the way I am!”  A little anger can be a good thing.

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