Wicklow Constituency



These 6 MEPs voted No to Vaccine Passports first time round. 4 of them changed their vote second time round. Wonder why?

Second Vote:

These two voted “no” second time

STEPHEN DONNELLY & SIMON HARRIS – two health ministers from same constituency – something in the water perhaps?

Let’s not even go there on Covid, cancelled cancer treatments, diagnosis, suicide etc!  Neither Simon or Stephen have solved any problems.  In fact under them and Leo Varadkar the list of unsolved problems have kept growing.  If Dolores Cahill, the World Doctors Alliance and the Freedom Alliance are to be believed, all three will stand trial for Malfeasance at the very least and possibly genocide.

Stephen Donnelly – …..

Simon Harris – …….


Robert Watt’s appointment and €81,000 salary increase

Medical Cannabis problem for AVA still ongoing

Mandatory Vaccinations and Elderly Abuse

As for the broken ventilators – any chance we get the €14m under Steve’s watch?  Can we even get to the bottom of the other tracing app etc contracts this company got? – This happened under Simon Harris but we are no nearer finding out who ordered the ventilators now under investigation in the reign of Stephen as Health Minister and Leo as Tanaiste.  Basically they believe they need answer to no one.

The Childrens Hospital Debacle

Cervical Cancer Scandal

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