What is it?

There is more going on than you or I could ever have imagined.  I have some bit of an idea and on the other pages of this site I have tried to give you enough news items, facts and videos to help you get a grasp on different subjects by grouping them on their own pages.

Please read my post  “There is no stopping what is coming” .

In “progressive” western states our attention span has lessened increasingly over the years.  We are bombarded with so much different topic in the space of 5 minutes on news channels and facebook that it can be different to concentrate long enough to get a grasp on anything.

We are living now through the most extraordinary in history.  A war is waging and it is an information war.  The battles are for our minds.  We are manipulated by experts who have studied our behaviour for years.  Against them, our only weapon is some innate instinct that I  hope most of us still possess.  If we have it, we instinctively know when something is true – it resonates with us – I get goosebumps when I hear something vitally important that is true.  My heart contracts and my stomach churns when I hear something intrinsically evil.

On this page I am going to post mostly photos or short videos.  They will have you asking “WTF?!”   This is your wake up call.  Everything you think is true is a lie.  The truth is stranger than fiction.  In fact some of it is a sci-fi as any movie you have ever watched.  What is up is down and what is down is up.  People you think are alive are dead and you are going to be surprised to find out that many you think are dead – are actually alive.  Time is an illusion.  Is all this bad?  No, all this is amazing and wonderful.  We are living through the end of a time when we were controlled and enslaved by evil bastards (yes I mean that).  The world is going to change and we the people have a wonderful future ahead of us – you can’t even imagine how wonderful.

BUT FIRST you have to wake up – you have to SEE what has been going on.  And if you are awake you need to wake up others.  How fast we move to our future depends on how many wake up to the corruption, lies, brainwashing and slavery that we have been subjected to.  We are trying to wake you up gently. Go do your own research now and question everything.   Here we go!

Retired Israeli Official Say Aliens EXIST, They Won’t Do ANYTHING With Us Unless We STOP FIGHTING – 8 Dec 2020

Do you know who JFK jr. is?  Well, if you do – he’s alive!


What did you just see above?  This will explain “moon” children

Do you know that the Elite sacrifice or transgender their first child?

Which one is Hillary?  All?  None?

Look VERY closely – you know them all but not as they were in their youth.

This “woman” is the Prime Minister of New Zealand…


This man was to be the President of the United States of America?

this site will help you catch up if you've just realised something is not quite right in the world