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But they are not really united any more….

State National Guard Resists Biden! Sets Up Showdown With Pentagon – 15 Nov 2021

OSHA vaccine mandate is ‘reprehensible’: Florida AG Ashley Moody – 9 Nov 2021

Rand Paul Tells Fauci He Changed Website To ‘Cover Your Ass’ On Gain-Of-Function Research – (The ad about Claire Byrne at the beg of this video is a fake scam) – 4 Nov 2021

‘They walked away from well being care’: Okanagan care residence employees give up over vaccine mandate | Globalnews.ca – 15 Oct 2021

Judge bars United Airlines from putting unvaccinated workers on leave – 14 Oct 2021

40% of TSA agents remain unvaccinated as inoculation mandate deadline approaches – 14 Oct 2021

Up to half of Chicago police officers could be put on unpaid leave over vaccine dispute – 14 Oct 2021

Chicago Public Schools Back Down on Vaccine Mandate for Workers Ahead of Deadline – 14 Oct 2021

Judge Temporarily Blocks Vaccine Mandate Requirement for California Prison Workers – 14 Oct 2021


A federal judge in Texas said United must pause its vaccine mandate for employees seeking a medical or religious exemption – 13 Oct 2021

Chicago police union head urges cops to defy vaccine mandate – 13 Oct 2021

Federal Judge Blocks ‘Unconstitutional’ Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate for Medical Workers in State of New York – 12 Oct 2021

10 Nuclear Labs Scientists Speak Out about Vaccine Mandate Threats – 12 Oct 2021

COVID Confusion: Texas Governor Issues Executive Order Effectively Banning Vaccine Mandates – 11 Oct 2021

Lawsuits demand Palm Beach County hospitals give Ivermectin to struggling COVID patients – 6 Oct 2021

Texas:  New Texas ‘Vaccine Passport’ Ban Could Make Carnival Cruise Vaccine Mandate Illegal – 7 June 2021

Florida:  Cruise lines and Florida Gov. DeSantis square off over vaccine passports – 31 May 2021

Oklahoma Legislature Passes Bill Banning Mask Mandate, COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements in Schools – 27 May 2021

Lawsuit filed to stop the experimental “vaccine” in the US – 25 May 2021

Alabama lawmakers pass bill to ban ‘vaccine passports’ – 17 May 2021

Petition Filed In Supreme Court Against Mandatory Mass Vaccination In India & To Disclose Secret Clinical Trials Data – 13 May 2021

South Carolina Governor Bans Mask Mandates – 12 May 2021

Florida Legislation Bans Businesses from Requiring COVID-19 Vaccine “Passports” – 3 May 2021

Florida Gov. DeSantis Signs Bill Banning Vaccine Passports – 3 May 2021

States Are Banning COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements – 30 April 2021

Miami Private School Will Deny Employment To Those Vaccinated -28 April 2021

The governors of Texas, Florida and Arizona have announced executive orders to curtail the use of so-called vaccine passports, or documentation of Covid-19 vaccinations. – 21 April 2021

New Jersey:  COVID vaccine passports would be banned in N.J. under new bill – 19 April 2021

Fuellmich calls the events of the past year the worst crime ever committed against humanity. It is not about a virus, nor is it about health. The point is to take everything away from us, making us totally dependent on what he calls the “Davos clique.” They want to reduce the world’s population and have complete control over the remaining humanity. – 17 April 2021

A gross intrusion on people’s freedom’: Major push to BAN controversial vaccine passports that could stop Aussies going to the pub or watching the footy – 13 April 2021

Here is a list of other states that have placed restriction or bans on COVID-19 vaccination passports, or are considering legislation that would do so:

  • Arizona: Introduced a state House bill to prevent businesses from turning away non-vaccinated people
  • Arkansas: A bill introduced in the Arkansas state legislature would prevent government officials from requiring vaccine passports as a condition of “entry, travel, education, employment or services.”
  • Iowa: An Iowa bill was introduced in the state Senate in February that would “prohibit employers, schools, health care providers and other organizations from discriminating against people who are not vaccinated or requiring them to be vaccinated,” according to Iowa Capital Dispatch.  
  • Louisiana: A Louisiana lawmaker has written up a bill that would prevent vaccination information from being included on driver’s licenses.
  • Maryland: State Del. Daniel Cox has introduced a bill that would ban any proof requirement of any medical examination, test, or vaccination for employment or travel.
  • Minnesota: The state Senate health committee has proposed legislation that would prevent the state from moving forward with a mandatory vaccination passport program.
  • Missouri: The Missouri Senate is in the midst of reviewing legislation that would ban vaccination passports and documentation. Gov. Mike Parson said they will not be enacting a statewide vaccine passport but “is okay with” private companies adopting mandatory shot policies.
  • Montana:  Republican lawmakers put forth two bills that would ban discrimination based on vaccine status and would prohibit using vaccine status to obtain “certain benefits and services.”
  • Nebraska: Nebraska introduced legislation in January that would “protect the liberty, parental rights and free market principles” of citizens with respect to accepting or declining a vaccination.
  • Ohio: Ohio lawmakers are currently debating banning mandatory vaccine passports on a federal, state or local legislature level.
  • Pennsylvania: Three state senators plan to introduce legislation that would introduce a vaccine passport program to Pennsylvania.
  • Wisconsin: Republican lawmakers introduced two bills at the end of March that would bar health officials and employers from mandating COVID-19 vaccinations.

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issues order prohibiting state from issuing ‘vaccine passports’ – 2 April 2021

Wyoming Announces End To Lockdown, Lifts Mask Mandate – 8 March 2021

Vindication for Ron DeSantis – The media vilified him for rejecting harsh lockdowns. But Florida’s Covid-19 numbers are better than California’s or New York’s, and its economy thrives. – 5 March 2021

Texas and Mississippi END COVID RESTRICTIONS as the Red SANCTUARY STATES Rise Up!!! – 3 March 2021

The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Not Over, But the Texas Governor Ended Mask Mandates: ‘It Is Now Time to Open Texas 100%’ – 2 March 2020

Ohio Bill Would Remove Biz Penalties for Violating COVID-19 Health Orders – 22 Feb 2021

Iowa: Can employers mandate vaccines in Iowa? Controversial Senate bill would say no – 16 Feb 2021

Tom Brady Trolls Mask Wearing Interviewer Post 7th Super Bowl Win, ‘Can You Come A Little Closer’ – 8 Feb 2021

Splitting 5 to 4, Supreme Court Backs Religious Challenge to Cuomo’s Virus Shutdown Order – 26 Nov 2020

 America’s Two Largest Republican States Announce They Will Have No More Lockdowns 19 Nov 2020

34,000 Scientists & Doctors Sign Declaration Strongly Opposing COVID Lockdowns – 14 Oct 2020

Texas Doctor – Fears of Reprisal for speaking out 28 July 2020 Breitbart

“We have to remember that the whole purpose of locking down was not to overwhelm our health care system 27 July 2020 Dr. Simone Gold: (video)

The Great Reopening Begins | The Ben Shapiro Show Ep. 1012 – 15 May 2020

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