Gladys Berejiklian – The cautionary tale of a Australian politician pushing people too far – someone eventually shines a light on something that topples them –  click here
Proud Boys warn Dan Andrews to “Watch out! Were after you!” during Huge Melbourne Freedom Protest – 14 Nov 2021

Country girl drives 6 hours to Melbourne to protest against Premier Dan Andrews! – 13 Nov 2021

Interview with Rita Panahi on Melbourne Protests – Sky News Australia –  13 Nov 2021

Protesters turns on Channel 7 MSM Reporter Paul Dowesly. – 13 Nov 2021

THOUSANDS march through Melbourne streets in protest against Victoria’s pandemic laws

  • Former Liberal MP turned United Australia Party leader Craig Kelly addressed the protest, saying mandatory vaccinations were an “abuse of human rights”.
  • “We are being governed by medical bureaucrats that are part of a mad, insane cult of vaccinists,” he told the rally. – 13 Nov 2021

Thousands protest in Melbourne CBD as Victoria records 1,221 new local COVID-19 cases, four deaths  – 13 Nov 2021

Inquiry hears of budget ‘cover-up’, claims of bullying over report – The NSW government’s finances were thrown into chaos on Monday night after claims that senior Treasury officials tried to cover up a report warning of a $10 billion hole in the state budget –  9 Nov 2021

Goodbye Premier Dan Andrews. The Melbourne Rebellion has begun. – 8 Nov 2021

Queensland Nurse speaks out about the communism that’s now in full swing. With Carolyn Gaschk

Carolyn, a RN of 39 years, has witnessed nothing short of medical apartheid, high levels of coercion, gagging orders and injuries from shots across hospitals and medical facilities in southern QLD. This has lead her to taking a stand and speaking out and she’s here today, exclusively on The AJ Roberts Show to share the horrors that are now rife in QLD and across Australia.

I have said many times over the last couple of months that the world MUST pay attention to what is happening in Australia right now. It is very reminiscent of Nazi Germany, something I, and many others would never have thought we’d see or say in our lifetime.

Please understand that what we are witnessing here can end up on our shores at any moment.

NOW is the time to stop burying heads in the sand and open your eyes to the seriousness of what we as humanity are facing head on.

Do not be afraid, stand up, fight back and say NO MORE!


Vic: Stop Dan Andrews’ Pandemic Power Grab

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Are you thinking something is not quite right?