What Happens When Enough is Enough?

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MEP’s press conference on the abusive use of Green Certificate – European Parliament.  20 Oct 2021

Have the vaccine mandates been a step too far in the wrong direction?  Seems that might be where 50% at least are drawing the line.

‘They walked away from well being care’: Okanagan care residence employees give up over vaccine mandate | Globalnews.ca – 15 Oct 2021

Judge bars United Airlines from putting unvaccinated workers on leave – 14 Oct 2021

40% of TSA agents remain unvaccinated as inoculation mandate deadline approaches – 14 Oct 2021

Archbishop says troops shouldn’t have to follow military COVID-19 vaccine mandate. But what does the pope say? – 14 Oct 2021

Judge Temporarily Blocks Vaccine Mandate Requirement for California Prison Workers – 14 Oct 2021

Growing number of nurses, police apply to challenge COVID vaccine mandate – 14 Oct 2021

Up to half of Chicago police officers could be put on unpaid leave over vaccine dispute – 14 Oct 2021

Between a rock and a hard place … COVID vaccine deadline day arrives for around a million of Victoria’s essential workers – 14 Oct 2021

Chicago police union head urges cops to defy vaccine mandate – 13 Oct 2021

Federal Judge Blocks ‘Unconstitutional’ Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate for Medical Workers in State of New York – 12 Oct 2021

10 Nuclear Labs Scientists Speak Out about Vaccine Mandate Threats – 12 Oct 2021

COVID Confusion: Texas Governor Issues Executive Order Effectively Banning Vaccine Mandates – 11 Oct 2021

‘It nearly feels like a bullying campaign’ – Shay Given gives backing to Callum Robinson over Covid vaccine choice – 8 Oct 2021

Ontario doctor resigns over forced vaccines, says 80% of ER patients with mysterious issues had both shots – 4 Oct 2021

England squad vaccine crisis as FIVE stars refuse jab – which could leave them unavailable to take part in Qatar 2022 World Cup: Players ‘pressured by anti-vaxxer WAGS believe they are too fit to suffer from Covid’ – 2 Oct 2021

Watch Croatia PRESIDENT Say No More Jabs – 21 Sept 2021

Lockdown ‘had no effect’ on coronavirus pandemic in Germany – 3 June 2021

Miami Private School Will Deny Employment To Those Vaccinated -28 April 2021

“I need to work” – says Irish Lassie 2021 – 16 April 2021

In less than 24 hours, hundreds of businesses have reached out to @saorslainte to say they will NOT be demanding vaccine passports from customers. – The people are speaking!  14 April 2021

From “Hair by Maureen” – 16 April 2021

Hi everyone just posting this in relation to all the salons putting up videos and posts to get the government to listen to us and lift the lockdown before it’s too late

I’m not one for videos 🤭
I’d rather write ✍️
It’s been over 200 days since we closed our doors and yet we still haven’t got a date.
This is so detrimental to my business and thousands of other businesses too
Some will not re-open and some may only last a few months because things are going to get really hard when we do open.
We have bills that are piling up as we can’t afford to pay them.
The government will tell you there’s lots of support out there for us and I can tell you that not true.
The supports are business loans which to me who in their right mind would apply for one when we’re not sure if our business is sustainable, we would be turned down anyway 🙄
I receive the lowest payment on PUP
We receive a grant of 10% of our weekly turnover which is just not enough.
We received a grant after the first lockdown from the commercial rates we paid in 2019 to help us with getting our salons ready to re-open and to be honest with all the money we spent with screens, sanitizer, disposable capes and towels, health and safety training, PPE and fixed costs it was not enough.
Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful for it but two more lockdowns came after that and no support.
We did everything that was asked of us and it still wasn’t good enough.
We need family friends and clients to stand with us because we can’t do it on our own.
Shout as loud as you can, email your local tds and tell them what it means to you
They need to hear it.
Thanks to everyone who has supported me throughout this it won’t be forgotten
But if we don’t get open soon the business I built from scratch will be gone.
I just posted a couple of photos just to let you know I’m trying my hardest for myself and my staff so they have a job to come back to.
Thanks everyone and I really hope I get to see you all soon 😉
📢 Call to action 📢📢 Gary Dempsey

This is a plea to all small businesses.   VIDEO  Self employed people. Medium businesses. Enough is enough now. We’ve been patient for long enough it’s now time to stand up and be counted. Please contact me. Please share and tag. – 26 March 2021

Here collated are the papers of shame – the lockdown ideology is destroying our societal health, selling the lie of saving lives. Lockdowns cost net suffering and lives – by a huge margin. Here we gather together the evidence. – 9 March 2021

Ontario Conservative MP calls for end to lockdowns, wants entire province in green zone – 3 March 2020

Germany eases Covid restrictions in some states as lockdown extended – 3 March 2021

Texas and Mississippi END COVID RESTRICTIONS as the Red SANCTUARY STATES Rise Up!!! – 3 March 2021


Gript editor debates Fine Gael’s Neal Richmond on the governments disastrous lockdown policies – 3 March 2021

The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Not Over, But the Texas Governor Ended Mask Mandates: ‘It Is Now Time to Open Texas 100%’ – 2 March 2020

Dutch bar owners, sex workers protest against virus lockdown – 2 March 2021

NewstalkFM – @NewstalkFM – Are we reaching the end of people’s lockdown tolerance? Ciara shares her thoughts. – 26 Feb 2021

Wicklow gym owner – Gary Dempsey says he’ll reopen in April even if restrictions are in place – 24 Feb 2021

Gardaí say they are powerless to intervene to stop a Dublin pub that will begin serving takeaway pints – 24 Feb 2021

Ohio Bill Would Remove Biz Penalties for Violating COVID-19 Health Orders – 22 Feb 2021

Israel starts reopening after two-month lockdown – 21 Feb 2021

Idaho 17 Feb 2021

Thousands of People Chant “NO MORE LOCKDOWNS” During Randy Hillier Speech (2020) – 17 Feb 2021

The Great Reopening : MISSION UPDATE -16 Feb 2021

Seems that if you are rich enough you say “no” and there is no problem! – Police IGNORE Party At £12,000 Per Week Mansion In London ? One Rule For One… -16 Feb 2021


Covid, Tango and the Lagom Way – she wanted to dance the Tango and see what the “Swedish Way”


Notice: Liability Document l Key To Freedom – 11 Feb 2021

Do you want to open your business?

You need a “reasonable excuse” to leave your home. Is this constitutional? -10 Feb 2021

Northern Ireland Health Chief: Restrictions may last until next year – 10 Feb 2021

Tom Brady Trolls Mask Wearing Interviewer Post 7th Super Bowl Win, ‘Can You Come A Little Closer’ – 8 Feb 2021

Swiss march in lakeside tax haven to protest COVID-19 lockdown – 6 Feb 2021

Poland’s ‘Freedom Act’ Will Empower People to Overturn Big Tech Shadowbans – 2 Feb 2021

PEOPLE POWER! AUSTRIA To REOPEN Shops And Schools – 1 Feb 2021

Police in Vienna w/with their helmets in hand in solidarity w/anti lockdown protesters this weekend – 1 Feb 2021

Isle of Man ‘returns to normal’ as face masks and social distancing are ditched – 1 Feb 2021

The Great Re-opening. – 31 Jan 2021

The Great Reopening – #SolutionsWatch – 28 Jan 2021

BREAKING: Europe stands up! That many people demonstrated yesterday in Vienna/Austria like never before! These are the largest protests against a global dictatorship in the name of a fake pandemic in all human history! Finally, after a year long FED paid campain promoting a selfmade Pandemic, that did not convinced anyone, people don’t believe the Fake-Media anymore!– 28 Jan 2021


This manifesto is aimed at aggregating all sectors of economic activity which:
◾ were forced to close;
◾ required to reduce their working hours;
◾ have had their revenue reduced by the already recession caused by the management of the pandemic;
◾ by restricting times when they can no longer sell certain types of goods or services.
Within this framework, sectors such as catering, nightly establishments, arts and shows, local accommodation, traditional commerce, shopkeepers, personal care sector, TVDE and tourist animation companies, tuk-tuks, taxis, public transportation travel and tourism etc
We bring the following points to this manifesto.
(i) End of the work ban and restrictions on working hours for all sectors, as everyone already has health hygiene and safety requirements for their operation.
(ii) All sectors are respected and treated equally by the government. (all sectors are important for the economy).
(iii) In order for business to continue and be able to resume, we demand that the processes be red tape, keeping their employees and thereby helping with the difficult process of erecting the country at present, avoiding being held hostage to the lines of credit that will take away our autonomy.
(iv) Let society open definitively, as there is no longer any plausible justification for destroying all these businesses, as well as for all the families that depend on them.
We subscribe to the international protocol for the reopening of society: https://www.pandata.org/protocol-for-reopening-society/
We don’t want grants; we want to work immediately
An analysis in 2020 clearly shows the difference between countries that have made containment vs those that have not done so: the latter are clearly better both at health and at economic level.
Protecting health by destroying the economy can never deliver good results.
It is not difficult to predict, as has been the case, thousands of small business owners failing to create a consequent work drops and unemployment.
Following the promulgation of Decree-Law n. o 6-A / 2021 of 14 January and after an assessment of the facts present consistent with our moral and ethical principles, as well as the spirit and letter of the Portuguese Constitution
We invoke Article 45. of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic – Right to assemble and to demonstrate.
We will open our establishments as a form of protest / demonstration, in coordinated resistance, on days to be defined without their ongoing activity within them, thereby complying with existing legislation.
We want concrete actions to lift containment measures and restrictions on work.
If we don’t get solutions from the competent authorities, in next action, we will open again and invoke Article 21-Right of Resistance.
We therefore call on all entrepreneurs and employees to review this manifesto, to join us and refuse to stop doing their business by invoking Article 45. of the CRP: Right of assembly and demonstration.
Let’s Reopen Portugal: Hunger and misery are the biggest causes of death in the whole world.
Protecting public health can never be done blindly, irresponsibly delaying other deaths to the future, annihilating basic rights, freedoms and guarantees.
Everything can be done in a balanced way, and the first step is to let the economy resume immediately, so that it is possible to generate money to invest in SNS, so that we can work free from fear of death, and crippling illnesses, having the confidence that the SNS is there to take care of us and our people.
This movement has no partnership or political motivation, only job-generating entrepreneurs and workers who can’t be without their bread earnings, nor fail to generate money for both the economy and their employees.

Learn more by private message on

Reabrir Portugal

page, or by email: [email protected]

With best regards, Reopen Portugal movement
We have a legal strategy to open our businesses, and legal support: http://bit.ly/EnquadramentoJuridico_ReAbrirPortugal
Out of all the Open announcements I’ve done Brazil was the craziest! – 31 Jan 2021
The arena was packed full and even though we were working out at 1 AM the atmosphere was electric

Disturbing footage from Rio de Janeiro: The dreaded ????????? ???????? is rapidly spreading as bodies are piling up…



Canadian expert’s research finds lockdown harms are 10 times greater than benefits – 9 Jan 2021

Cormac Lucey: Fear got the worst of us at the start of the pandemic, and we’re paying the price – “It was also demonstrated by the failure of our broadcast media and our public authorities to address the conclusion of a 190-page report by the UK government that “the estimates for the health impacts from a lockdown and lockdown-induced recession are greater in terms of Qalys than the direct Covid-19 deaths.”……  “I am upset by RTE’s unbalanced coverage of Covid-19 with its relentless undercurrent of hysteria. Rather than treat us as adults who can be trusted with both sides of a case, we are increasingly treated as children who mustn’t be discommoded by arguments contrary to received wisdom……” – 27 Dec 2020

2 + 2 = 4   Why Lockdowns? The Irish Government are now a Narco-State

Ten Fatal Errors: Scientists Attack Paper That Established Global PCR Driven Lockdown – 3 Dec 2020

Meanwhile, in Brazil.. Called police that the bar is open during curfew, and people without masks … Police react! – 3 Dec 2020

Landmark legal ruling finds that Covid tests are not fit for purpose. So what do the MSM do? They ignore it.  How funny (sad) that we in the once free and democratic western world now have to get most real news outside the official narrative on medical topics from RUSSIA and other alternative sources. – 27 Nov 2020

Splitting 5 to 4, Supreme Court Backs Religious Challenge to Cuomo’s Virus Shutdown Order – 26 Nov 2020

19 Nov 2020 – America’s Two Largest Republican States Announce They Will Have No More Lockdowns

Denmark Say NO To Lockdown Law and Government Relent #PeoplePower – 16 Nov 2020

Angela Merkle has German Citizens bombarded with water cannon while protesting lockdown laws.  The looks on the faces of the people is heartbreaking.  Angela Merke is shamed.

Hard questions need to be asked of CMO Tony Holohan 13 Nov 2020

Letters from UK doctors to GVT – 9 Nov 2020

November 7th Crucial Update: Ireland and UK Lockdown – the WHY??? – 7 Nov 2020


Swiss Cardiologist Was ARRESTED For Disagreeing With Covid-19 Lockdown & Exposing Flawed PCR Test! – 4 Nov 2020

First Press Conference of The World Freedom Alliance, Stockholm Sweden – 1 Nov 2020

34,000 Scientists & Doctors Sign Declaration Strongly Opposing COVID Lockdowns – 14 Oct 2020

WHO doctor says lockdowns should not be main coronavirus defence – 12 Oct 2020

WHO official urges world leaders to stop using lockdowns as primary virus control method – 10 Oct 2020

“Another Way” Documentary Film Trailer 10 Oct 2020

Crimes against Humanity – Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – 3 Oct 2020

Dr Morrissey (GP) Interview on 3 Oct 2020


Dr Martin Feeley shares his views on the Covid 19 measures on RTE PrimeTime 30-Sept-20

Dr. Sam McConkey has been involved with the vaccine industry most of his career.  2010 – 2016 he was on the Special Advisory Committee to the European Vaccine Initiative.  It seems every expert that is invited by the media to argue the case for covid is connected in one way or another with the vaccine industry.


Covid-19 Rights Groups Challenge Mandtory Face Mask Rules in France. 4 Sept 2020

Science and Clinical Trials Prove ‘COVID Cured’ – 4 Sept 2020

Leading French Expert Destroys Gov’t Case for Masks and Lockdown – 27 Aug 2020

Government scientist: ‘Lockdown was a monumental mistake’ – 24 Aug 2020

Covid Narrative in Ireland with Dr Marcus De Brun – 19 Aug 2020

Leading Corona researchers admit that they have no scientific proof for the existence of a virus – 31 July 2020

Surgeon, Mr Muhammad Iqbal Adil spoke out in the UK to demand enquiry into coronavirus and says there is now evidence is a hoax. 30 July 2020

Texas Doctor – Fears of Reprisal for speaking out 28 July 2020 Breitbart

“We have to remember that the whole purpose of locking down was not to overwhelm our health care system 27 July 2020 Dr. Simone Gold: (video)

Madrid Doctors speaking up – 26 July 2020

No more 14 day quarantine? CDC finds evidence COVID-19 patients not infectious as long – 24 July 2020

Coronavirus: Unlawful do not resuscitate orders imposed on people with learning disabilities – 13 June 2020

Renowned Forensic Death Examiner, Professor Klaus Püschel on Exaggerations About Coronavirus – 24 May 2020

DR BERNADETTE KEVIN: The continued lockdown is in conflict with basic ethics – 18 May 2020

The Great Reopening Begins | The Ben Shapiro Show Ep. 1012 – 15 May 2020


Judy Mikovits 21 April 2020

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