Well-being or Trouble – Which You Follow?

You can react to a situation or person from one or two inspirations. You can be inspired to react by Source/Well-being or you can be inspired to react by Trouble.

Someone does something or says something and that draws a reaction from you.  If you are going to be inspired to act/react by either Source or Trouble – which One do you want to follow?

Since Trouble follows Trouble you want to be guided by that one? You want to make the situation worse or better?

Is it a good idea to practice stopping for a second to figure out which inspiration you are following?  It’s all about practice.

Pretty much most of what we do is – react.  How many times have you heard words tumbling out of your mouth and you JUST KNOW they are not helping – you can see yourself getting into hot water.

How many situations or conversations can you look back on and say “I really wish I hadn’t said/done that!  I wish I had caught it in time!

Here’s the good news, every one of those you can look back on brings you more clarity for the future.  If you practice stopping before your act/speak for just a few seconds.  You will, in time, get to a place where you will be able to hold your tongue/refrain from the action and either walk away or, even better, take your inspiration to speak from Source.

Everything that happens you or around you is a reaction to your thoughts/vibrations.  You want to know where your inspiration is coming from?  Look at what is manifesting around you.

Your environment, where you live, where you work, who you work with, how much money you have, who your friends are – everything is a reaction by the Universe to your habit of thought.  YOU! – YOU and nobody else, nothing else is responsible for what YOU have created around you.  Get that through your head and you’re home and dry.  Get that through your head and you’ve hit the Winning Streak!

You want to change your life?

Change what you think about.  Change the way you think about everything you think about.


Everyone of us have more reasons to feel satisfied than not satisfied.  We just keep forgetting it.  We forget because every way we turn we are hit with advertising telling us there is one more thing we need to make us happy.  Really?

You want to feel happy?  Wake up every day and do a quick mental list of everything you are satisfied with.  Start with the comfortable bed, family, friends, whatever – everything you are satisfied with. Look around your room at the objects you once bought to make you happy and say “you satisfy me, you satisfy me…..”


They are like little fairies inside your head.  Some of them are bad little devils and they delight in driving you to misery.  Some of them are beautiful, lovely little things who want to pull you in the direction of everything you would love and desire.  The thing is, it’s completely up to you which ones you pay attention to and chat with.

It’s so simple it’s ridiculous

Example 1– your probable, habitual, practiced reactive thought:

  • You wake up, look out the window and it’s pouring rain.  Your habitual, practiced thought reaction is probably “Oh shit!  what a miserable fucking day!”  Well, if your environment reacts to your thought, what kind of day do you think you are going to have?  Probably the one that gets even more miserable as the day goes on.

Example 2 – your new reactive thought to practice:

  • Hmm, nice day, that’s gonna clean away all the dust and clear the air today.  Hmmm (stretch) can’t wait to see what happy surprises coming my way today.  If I’m lucky it’ll stop raining every time I step outside – just for me 🙂 cos, I AM LUCKY and getting luckier by the day.

The day you step outside and it’s stopped raining – that’s the day the vibration you are giving off has changed and the Universe reacts IMMEDIATELY.  That’s the day you realise you’re in control.

Since it really is not that important to you whether it is raining or not this is a very, very easy way to test whether or not you are actually controlling what is showing up in your life.

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