A Very Odd Case – Richard O’Halloran

In Feb 2021 Simon Coveney asked Brian Cowen to cancel a proposed discussion in the Irish Seanad to examine Richard’s case…now why would he do that? 

Richard O’Halloran’s mother, Catherine is the niece of the late Taoiseach,  Garrett FitzGerald.  Her Grandfather, Desmond FitzGerald was the first Minister for Foreign Affairs in the newly formed Irish Free State in 1922.  A relationship that makes the tardiness of Simon Coveney and the Irish Government all the more baffling – don’t they want him home – for some reason?

To understand the saga please start at the end of this page as updates are added as we find them.

1 June 2021 – FIRST face to face discussion – Coveney discusses case of detained Irish businessman with Chinese minister

31 May 2021 – Coveney raised Richard O’Halloran case at meeting with Chinese foreign minister

18 April 2021 – ‘Slow but positive progress’ made in case of detained Irishman in China

1 Mar 2021 – Irish man detained in China back in court in bid to exit country

18 Feb 2021 – ‘This could go on and on and on’ – Irishman held in China

18 Feb 2021 – Irish man detained in China: ‘There is no reason for me to be stuck here’

15 Feb 2021 – Seanad leader vows to do ‘absolutely everything’ to bring home Irishman detained in China for almost two years

Senator McDowell said that he was intending to put forward a motion to debate Mr O’Halloran’s case. However, he was contacted by Foreign Affairs Minister, Simon Coveney, and asked to not debate the issue as it is “at a delicate stage of negotiation”.

11 Feb 2021 – Beijing should release Irishman as Chinese New Year ‘gesture’, says TD

5 Feb 2021 – Irish man detained ‘illegally’ in China hospitalised twice, says lawyer

1 Feb 2021 – China’s president responds to Higgins letter about detained Dubliner

The Chinese embassy said more than 7,000 Chinese nationals have lost €160 million from money “illegally collected from the public” in China in a crowdfunding scheme and that about €50 million was transferred to CIALS to buy the Airbus A330 aircraft.

21 Jan 2021 – Irish MEPs call on Chinese government to allow Dublin man return home

24 Dec 2020 – Mother of Irish man held in China ‘terribly disappointed with Government’

5 Dec 2020 – Lesson here for anyone thinking of going to China – Family of Irish man held in China: ‘Nobody is helping us – we are just begging for help’

23 Nov 2020 – Why is the Irish state not doing more to release an Irish citizen held against his will in China?  GRIPT (Best article)

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