GSK – Glaxco Smith Kline

What’s in your vaccines? GlaxoSmithKline Whistleblower tells all – 24 July 2020

Who are GSK – GlaxoSmithKline?  In 2012, GSK pleaded guilty to promotion of drugs for unapproved uses, failure to report safety data, and kickbacks to physicians in the United States and agreed to pay a US$3 billion (£1.9bn) settlement. It was the largest health-care fraud case to date in that country and the largest settlement by a drug company.

GSK faces new corruption allegations, this time in Romania – 29 July 2015

GlaxoSmithKline fined $490m by China for bribery – 19 Sept 2014

Sex, bribes and videotapes see GlaxoSmithKlein ex-boss Mark Reilly deported – 19 Sept 2014

Former GSK China head Mark Reilly accused of bribing doctors, hospitals – 14 May 2014

GlaxoSmithKline faces bribery allegations in Poland – 14 April 2014


Mediator recommends €990k award for teenager who sued over swine flu jab – 26 Feb 2021

Minister (IRELAND) allowing Government to dodge responsibility for using vaccine that wasn’t fully trialed – campaigners claim

HSE ‘misled’ public on swine flu vaccine, claims teen with narcolepsy

Ireland – High Court settlement for teenager over swine flu vaccine – 80 more waiting. – 4 Nov 2020

Settlement reached in swine flu vaccine case – Aoife Bennett – 19 Nov 2019

Study confirms swine flu vaccine and narcolepsy link in Ireland – 3 May 2014

IRELAND – Wellcome and GSK

Wellcome and GSK both fund Luke O’Neil who seems to one of the main RTE experts constantly advising us what to do and how to think regarding vaccines.  Luke owns a pharma company and is funded by Wellcome and GSK among others.  He is hardly an independent expert.  Wellcome is the company who tried out ANIMAL vaccines on children in orphanages.  Detailed in the Mother & Baby investigation

Over 2,700 children living in Mother and Baby Home and Orphanages in the 1960s and 70s were used as Human Guinea Pigs in illegal Medical Trials.

The Irish Catholic Church authorities incarcerated a large number of children in Industrial Schools and transit Orphanages throughout Ireland. Physicians and medical researchers for the Drug Companies used a number of babies children, including their mothers, in the Irish Orphanages for medical experiments that often resulted in the deaths of both the children and their mothers.

The term “euthanasia” means literally “good death” It usually refers to the inducement of a painless death, many of the Down Syndrome and other chronically and terminally ill children and babies who would otherwise suffer in the many Convents and Mother and Baby Homes, were put to death, an euthanasia program which was indirectly sanctioned by The Irish Catholic Church authorities, this clandestine murder program was carried out in the many Mother and Baby Homes and Convents throughout Ireland, through illegal medical experiments. This “euthanasia” program targeted, for systematic killing, mentally and physically disabled babies and healthy children living in institutional settings throughout Ireland, run by the Irish Catholic Church.

See the full report from which the above is taken here

Equally complicit in the death trade of pharma companies is the media.  Even the dogs in the street are now aware how Bill Gates and the pharma companies throw millions into media organisations and legalised drug pushers.  The media can spin the stories anyway they like.   If your mind is clear you can see that 25 deaths after being given a vaccine is 25 deaths from a vaccine made by GSK.  They never admit liability.  They are exempt from being sued by the injured.  Therefore they never express remorse.

Are you thinking something is not quite right?