Vaccines, Microchips, Digital Immunity Passports

This page is update regularly.  Did your doctor give you the package insert for the vaccinations BEFORE giving vaccination?  If not you did not give informed consent.  This is the best site for the FULL vax info on each vax I have found

Much has been said on the internet and great fears are voiced around the world concerning mandatory vaccines associated with our freedom to travel.  It is suggested that in order to travel we have have to proved we have had certain vaccines.  Furthermore it is looking like we may have to have that information implanted under our skin for scanning by phones or other devices.  Let’s see what we can find.

Bill Gates And His GAVI Vaccine Alliance Launching AI-Powered ‘Trust Stamp’ Combining A Vaccine And Digital Biometric ID In West Africa

Bill Gates and Microsoft have been spearheading the idea of microchipping humans for several years now.  I suppose the microchipping of dogs and other animals have been the forerunner to this.  The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have funded MIT in this research.

In 2019 Microsoft patented a microchip – the patent number is 2020060606 (take out the zeros, I kid you not!).  You have heard of bitcoin?  Well, now the plan is to mine our bodies – take a look and check the patent number for yourself in the following article.

QANTAS CEO confirms: No flying on our planes if you’re not vaccinated – 23 Nov  2020

The inevitable digitalization of the globe and the steps that are bringing us there  – April 2020

First Test Of “Immunity Passports” Taking Place Today

I also note that from experimentation to implementation this science seems to be proceeding at almost break-neck-speed.

DARPA’s New Project Is Investing Millions in Brain-Machine Interface Tech

Testing Will Begin In Africa For Biometric ID, “Vaccine Records”, & “Payment Systems”

Bill Gates’ Quantum Dot Digital Tattoo Implant to Track COVID-19 Vaccine Compliance -24 March 2020

Bill Gates called for a national tracking system similar to South Korea – Forbes march – 18 March 2020

Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal With Democratic Congressman Sponsor of Bill Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic

Storing medical information below the skin’s surface Dec 2019 Mit News

Nanotechnology comes to life with needle-based human interface devices

Digitizing health—vaccine passports, birth control microchip implants?

And it would see the governments are also very interested in how this technology can be used.

FDA Nears Approval of Injectable Biochip Implants for COVID Detection, Linked to Computers backed by the Defense Dept and Bill Gates

Mastercard are also quite interested in being part of this technology, and are working to implement the medical data and all our financial data in their card.  This begs the question “what else will be stored on the card?” and what has happened to our right to personal data privacy?  Another concern might be the progress towards a cashless society.  The problem for me there is when the cards either have a technological problem and you cannot access your money or the possibility that, for whatever reason, your card could be suspended or blocked.  Mastercard are part of the GAVI ALLIANCE

Who is calling for or speaking about mandatory vaccinations?

Pfizer CEO says people who don’t get vaccinated will become ‘weak link’ that allows coronavirus to spread

State Bar Group Calls for ‘Mandatory’ COVID-19 Vaccinations, Regardless of Objections

Vaccinate or Terminate – Mandatory Vaccination As Workplace Policy – The National Law Review

Huge immunisation programme to take place in Swords -11 July 2020 Fingal Independent

Student & Teacher Research Initiative for Vaccine Education