There is no stopping what is coming.

Today is 09 Nov 2020.  The US write 11/9 – it is 11.09.2020.

Remember 11 Sept 2001.  The US write 9/11  – it was 09.11.2001.

Is today the day true justice begins for the events of 9/11 ?

When we watch a movie we all know it will come to a conclusion in time.  When we look at history we see that various civilizations all came to an end.   Can you  entertain the possibility that our current civilization is now ending as we know it?  Not with a physical cataclysmic event but by a change in how we perceive the world and what happens as a result of that?

Remember the Wizard of OZ?  When Dorothy pulled back the curtain and found the all powerful Wizard was just a small wrinkled old man?

I am buying into the theory that civilization as we know it, is ending now.  And I am looking forward to it.  This is unavoidable but we have a choice whether to do it the hard way or the easy way.

How long have we been looking at the world and decrying war, famine, corruption, murder, child abuse?  How long have we been noticing that the harder we work the less money we seem to have in our pocket?  Why do we look at history and see that, in many ways, while our ancestors did not have all our modern conveniences, they seemed to have some treasures we don’t have or value in the same way today?  How come we can visit third world countries and wonder why they seem happier than we are?  Did we lose something?  Or was it taken?  Do you look at wars like Syria and wonder at the loss of childhoods, of life experiences that seem to go on forever?   What if it was you there?  What would be the point of life?

Having struggling for years for female emancipation, the right to vote, freedom from slavery, free speech, free travel, rights over our bodies,  how do come to have those rights stripped away in the space of 8 or 9 months?  When we have Constitutions to protect our basic human rights – how do find that now world governments unilaterally make laws to confine us without popular referendum?

Because it was all just a game.

And we, the majority of human beings were the pawns, governed by a 1% whom I will call the ELITE.  They played us really well by giving us the illusion that hard work reaped rewards and that kept us very busy – too busy to think outside the box  or the matrix.  We turned ourselves inside out listening to our Gurus who could sell us the secrets of success.  Let me tell you – many are fake, not all did it using their “secrets”.  You are about to find out.  They also gave us religion.  This will be important to remember in the coming weeks.  Now, in covid time, they want us to believe that obedience will reap rewards.

Thankfully, they also gave us lockdown – which, for the first time in a long time, gives us time out to think and to question – question ourselves.  Some are calling this time – the Great Awakening and I will sum it up briefly:

  • Corruption through the BANKS, pharma companies, politicians and corporations rules the world and the power is in the hands of the Elite who have no empathy with the ordinary people.   We are just to be used by them – we generate their wealth – they own us.
  • Mainstream media has been their tool to train us into compliance.
  • Media, Hollywood, medical professionals have been willing participants in our slavery.
  • We agreed to the corruption and slavery by our silence.

If you are a Trump hater but you want to lessen the pain that is coming, my advice is that you put that aside and continue to read this article to the end.

We agreed to the corruption and slavery by our silence – until Donald J Trump became President of the United States of America.  Now, he is at the very heart of the Great Awakening and our rescue.

While the world looked on – me included, Trump broke the mold of politics.  He spoke plain english but most of us were incapable of hearing it because we were used to hearing polished speeches which left us none the wiser once the speaker shut up.  But some people heard him:

  • the disadvantaged and disenfranchised
  • people who had experienced deep pain, hurt and injustice
  • spiritual seekers – many would have experienced deep pain
  • simple working class people with open hearts – empathy.

They became his army.  To the world’s astonishment he won the 2016 election.  Nobody expected it, least of all the US Elite politicians.  And THAT is the rock they now perish on.

In 2016 within 24 hours of Trump’s victory, the political Elite in the US and around the world went into the attack using the best tool possible – international mainstream media. You need to see who owns ALL the media.  There was no peaceful transition of power.  There was subterfuge, attack, traps, collusion, bribery.  Lives and careers were destroyed before Trump even got inside the door of the White House.  It continued through the Russian conspiracy which turned up NOTHING.  It continued through impeachment – NOTHING.  They tore the man, his family, his business, his friends, his colleagues and his past APART for 3 years and came up with nothing.  But they continued to lie and we continued to lap up the media brainwashing against him.  He stood alone and he took it.  I have a HUGE respect for the man.

While taking all that the world and the media threw at him, Trump continued to enact unbelievable changes which few have acknowledged apart from his own silent (note that SILENT) army of ordinary Americans, who saw each new enactment he made,  make their paycheck bigger and their lives tangibly better.

The media continued to fool the rest of us.  One important thing to note here is the positions his family members hold – not because he favors them but because, when surrounded by conspiracy and betrayal he needed trusted people in key positions.  Also most important to remember is that he needed to clean out the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, Justice Dept and court system.  Does anyone at this stage need to be reminded what those US entities have done through war all over the world?  He cleaned those depts out to an extent and gathered trusted loyal teams around him within those organisations – very important for the coming election and voting system.

Finally we come to the US Election 2020 – I will note a few brief points without explanation because you will need to remember them in the coming days:

  • No supporters turned up for Biden rallies – mostly he didn’t have any.   He is almost incapable of speech.  He has memory dysfunction.  He had no policies other than more of the same.
  • As the voting commenced Trump was shown to be in the lead
  • Key states stopped the count for ridiculous reasons – one building had a leak!  This was when Trump called in the Judiciary for oversight.  Important to note that Trump called for Judiciary intervention as soon as the counting stopped – this was about 12 hours after the count began I think?  Note – not because he was losing because he wasn’t but because a cessation of counting across several station was an indication of something wrong.
  • Overnight, on the resumption of the vote Trump votes went down and Biden votes went up AT THE SAME TIME.  Vote switching inside the computers.  Votes are manual and computerized. Not only for Trump but for other House candidates also.  Not going into it here.
  • Massive vote fraud comes to light in the counting stations.
  • The MEDIA decided to declare Biden the winner while vote counting was still in progress and Biden accepted.   Later we find out that interference and stuffing the ballot boxes at counting stations is a normal and recognized pattern in US elections!
  • Votes for Trump were dumped literally on roadsides, votes for Biden were dropped at counting stations in the middle of the night.  Counters changed and filled in votes in favor of Biden.  Observers were not allowed even after court orders – all caught on hidden cameras.
  • Trump and many others have been warning about voter fraud for months.   Nobody listened. Trump and his teams instituted a blockchain technology which cannot be hacked and ran it beside the normal computerized voting system (normal system owned by NANCY PELOSI fyi).  They also had a new watermark placed inside the valid voting cards without anyone knowing.  Monday 9 November the process begins in Court where the evidence of fraud will be laid out.  The National Guard was put on alert weeks ago and have already been deplloyed in all areas necessary.
  • Trump will be declared President of the United States.
  • Careful examination of Presidential Executive Orders over the past years will show that Trump was ready for today.  Treason against the United States and against a sitting President carries the death penalty.  And it will be enforced.  Guantanamo Bay has been extended and improved over the last two years.  It has also been restaffed over the last 6 months.  Provision has been made for military tribunals to take place in camera there.  Gitmo could not be used to try American citizens – HOWEVER, it was clarified on camera at a Senate committee that any American Citizen either on US or foreign soil who commits an act of treason can be tried before military court NOT civil court – that means Gitmo.

That brings us to today and the purpose of this article.  Trump followers say “There is no stopping what is coming” and talk about the “Big Red Wave”  There is no stopping what is coming.  It is the end of our days of corruption and slavery.  Many (including me) started to wake up during covid.  Simply because so much made no sense.  We have been aware even if not all aware fully of the US drama’s central role.  It is important to remember a Trump saying “The best is yet to come”,.  Amazing things are in our future.  But first we have to deal with the ending.

I am awake and aware but even that did not prepare me for some things I have discovered lately – not been told by anyone, just discovered for myself.  In fact I have been physically not alright in my stomach for the last two weeks.

So, I have the utmost compassion for how many, who have no idea at all what has been happening in the world or inflicted on themselves, are going to feel as they come to see it.  Honestly, I do.  And I also know that I only know a fraction of what is to come.  Not just America – this is for every country in the world – for every town and every city and the unveiling of the corruption and depravity from the top to the most local.  Some has already started but going right over most people’s heads.  As I said – we have been conditioned to accept corruption and greed from those at the top.  Also conditioned to believing our inability to do anything about it.  Time to wake up.

Also I have no idea how fast or slow these revelations are going to come so my advice would be – start looking at and re-examining what is already being revealed in your own vicinity, whatever country you are in.  The sooner you get into the story, the less the impact will be later because your awareness will have begun.  Start questioning and joining the dots yourself.

Lastly – I said this is all a game.  Life is just a game.  We are in a matrix.  Have you not seen the film?  Watch “The Matrix” for some feel of game.  We are and have to interact with the Matrix.

Everything that you will be shown now will bring up emotions in you.  We have been living in fear and frustration one way or the other due to covid but also due to living conditions to which we were confined even before covid but did not know until now.

This will change to shock, anger and resentment.  It will be important for you to know that what you are witnessing outside of you has a lot to do with you, as much as it has to do with the horrible person you are now being shown in the form of a politician, doctor whatever.

We have the right to be angry with them.  But do not leave it there.  If you leave it there it just becomes a projection.  Some people are going to say we are projecting anyway – NO.  There is a reality to what the Elite are doing.  We are not responsible for their evilness.  You will even end up asking if they are human.  So do not be fooled into thinking they are merely an extension of your manifestations!

I spent a few weeks being angry at the evilness and corruption I have seen.  For the first time in my life I uttered the words “I hate” and directed it a living persons.  I admitted to myself and God that I hated these people and these “things” who behaved less than human.  I told God I make no apology for being honest about my feelings.  If God wanted to condemn me for feeling that hate – then I told Him I didn’t think much of Him either!  Feeling my anger and allowing it drove out the fear I previously felt.

I got over it.  The severity of the emotion transmuted itself.  That is not to say I will not experience the hatred for someone else in the next few weeks and I will deal with it.  Religion teaches us not to hate – it should teach us how to deal with it when righteously felt instead.

However, please do remember that giving in to rage and anger on a continuous basis, while it does give an energetic feeling of power – in the long run will destroy you.  Anger and rage may be felt but must be controlled.

The other side of feeling angry with evil people may be that we will see the victim in ourselves, the child, teenager, employee or business person who was prevented by the system or harmed by the system.  We have all been victims. Remember this – we have all been victims – how many times have you felt that you were a “victim of circumstances outside my control.”  ?  A thousand or more times.  Late to pick up your child at the school because of traffic – victim.  Don’t be afraid to admit this to yourself.

A personal note – I hate two things – vomiting and crying.  I hardly ever vomit lol!  I USED to rarely cry.  I hated crying especially in front of someone else.  A thing I would avoid at all costs.  I have ALLOWED myself quite a bit of crying the last few months without knowing why it was important to allow it.  Previously I would push it down and move my mind elsewhere.   Not now.

When the anger hits, take time to go inside and ask “what else am I feeling?”  Let it come up.  It will most likely bring tears.  Cry.  The crying will not go on forever lol!  It may only be a few mins – but it is important to let it out.  Letting it out removes the toxins on many levels and opens your awareness, it helps to open your heart.  A higher energy will come into you when you release what has been deep inside.

I realised that in the past, on the rare occasion I cried, I would have felt drained afterwards.   This is a different crying now.  This crying does not drain me nor does it last long.  I actually feel lighter afterwards.  I wish you luck with this.

I have no idea how long this time of Revelation is going to go on for but I know that like all things we have a choice:

  • Open our minds, listen, look, see and we are collectively on the fast track to a brighter and unbelievable future existence where many, many things are beyond our imaginations just now.  Those that are aware and awake already know some of these things.
  • Close our minds, turn away, refuse to take in the facts – yes it will be difficult and some will be beyond belief – we will still collectively be on the track to a brighter future – but at a much slower rate involving more pain and more personal, perhaps family losses.

The choice is for every individual to make.