The Crazy “New” Ireland?

Take this whatever way you will or apply it to whatever you want – at it’s root it’s about well-meaning but misguided trust being taken for granted and resulting in a deadly consequence.   This is Donal Trump reading the Snake Poem.  One subject he usually applies it to is illegal, unvetted and uncontrolled immigration.

When I think of it I consider how our good nature and willingness to be inclusive of all people is now being taken for granted and we are treated like fools – insofar as you can’t see this now in Irish society – I fear you are a fool.  A woman is a woman.  A man is a man.  A child is a child.  Male is male and female is female.  I have no time  for people taking me for an idiot on these basic subjects.

Apart from gender issues, I feel we are being treated like idiots anyway by the “intelligencia”, gvt, whatever sector you want to choose.  Not that I can blame them for taking the piss – the majority of the ordinary people seem to be demonstrating their gullibility these days.

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