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VIT A, Glutathion and Coronavirus

Dr. Ben Lynch starts his video by saying how pissed he is at the medical guys who are saying they don’t know the answers.

I tuned into what he was saying because he said three things that mainstream medicine has told us lately

  • Italian doctors revealed that ALL their infected cases end up with the same condition – PNEUMONIA and that is what is causing the deaths.
  • Doctors differ on whether Ibrufen or Tylenol or neither should be used in the treatment of infected people but nobody was saying why – Dr. Ben explains why in the video below.  Paracetomol (Tylenol) reduces glutathione levels significantly leading to potential liver damage. If glutathione levels are already low, this is a huge issue.”

And then Dr. Ben goes on to give us the names of the supplements that elderly and immune-compromised people need.  While medical papers have been published on this, doctors are not taking notice.  It would appear for the last few years that mainstream medicine will not consider, let alone accept, any results that go against what they already teach and believe until said cures and treatments are being used for the last 10 years and proving effective in huge numbers.

Dr. Bens supplement advice for the elderly and immune compromised

Personally, were I a death’s door I would definitely at least want to try some supplements!

Have a listen to Dr. Ben and then do your own research.  Some time ago I had a conversation in a hospital with a nurse who told me  she had great difficulty reconciling some of her duties as a Staff Nurse while she knew from personal experience how much sick people could help themselves and not end up in hospital.  She said so many just needed to examine their lives,  mental attitude, beliefs, diets and research the Amino Acids, Vits and Minerals they were deficient in.  Sometimes it’s just one or two things we are deficient in.

One more thing – as we get older we appear to need less sleep.  We need less sleep or we just get by without it because we are less active?  Sleep is VITAL for our immune systems.

Dr.  Ben and the link between low melatonin and coronavirus.

So, if you know a doctor or nurse who might listen with an open mind, and you find validity in Dr. Ben’s video – why not pass it on to them?  Apart from that you could go out an possibly buy some of this stuff for your own elderly relatives or maybe someone you know whose health needs a little boost.

If you can’t find Glutathione, it is made up from Glutamine, Glycine and Cysteine.

10 Natural Ways to Increase Your Glutathione Levels

I also see on social media some experts saying Vitamin C does not combat the Coronavirus – and it doesn’t.  BUT it does help your immune system and it is proved to help quicker recovery from colds and flu’ .  So, what’s to lose by taking vit C now?