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Synchronicity – what is it?

Synchronicity – have you heard about it?  It means being in the
  1. right place at the
  2. right time with the
  3. right people.

One of the best feelings ever!  Magical!  The moment when you have that big business breakthrough or you meet the love of your life.   How many times have you experienced it?  Not much?  Here’s how to make it happen more.

 SYNCHRONICITY – how to encourage it:
  • Before going to sleep, settle yourself comfortably in your bed and keep repeating the word “Synchronicity”  or the phrase “Right Place, Right Time, Right People” – the 3 R’s
  • During the day when you find yourself dwelling on something negative or unimportant – wake up, take control of your thoughts and repeat the phrase or word.
  • Every time something happens, someone comes your way or you find yourself in a good space – practice becoming CONSCIOUSLY AWARE that you are having a good experience, revel in it, enjoy it, milk the moment, prolong it, appreciate it, take satisfaction in it, look around expectantly for more.  Don’t force it.  The more you acknowledge and appreciate when one of the 3 R’s happen the more they will happen – before long you will have the 3 R’s coming together – and that’s some buzz!

For a long time I didn’t write because I was going through a long transition phase – frustrating at times because I knew I wanted certain things.  I could see so many avenues and possibilities.  It was mind blowing, which paths to choose??!!

New people were presenting themselves every day and I was trying to take action in so many directions – it was unreal.  But at the end of every day my actual progress was minimal – now I know why.  For each and every opportunity that presented it self, one of the  3R’s was missing.

Synchronicity was missing

Prior to last year I had lived my life just taking the next logical step.  That was how I moved to a different country.  That was how I built a great business.  I dreamed, I relaxed and then I went with the flow.  It always worked because it was all synchronicity.  Everything fitted together and the path was clear before me.

Going with the flow does not mean drifting here and there at every whim.  Going with the flow for me means taking the next logical step. I have never made a big decision in my life – only a series of small decisions, one after the other.  They may have seemed like big decisions to others but for me they were always the next logical step – a step I was incapable of not taking.  But, now looking back I can see that every good and profitable decision had three components every time – right people, right time, right place.  When all 3 were present there was no question – I had to take the action.  That’s real synchronicity.