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Shit Happens – 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19)

2011 was when I first started writing somewhat consistently – out of crisis and frustration, I suppose.  It’s interesting for me to note it’s exactly a year since I wrote anything here.  Now, it appears we are in crisis again – only this time it is not just me and a situation within my environment, it’s worldwide and we are all in it together.

When I write I clear my mind of imaginary conversations going on in my head with other people.  No, I am not hearing voices hahaha!  Not yet, anyway.  But you know how you rehearse what you would like to say to your kids, your boss, your partner etc?  Those kind of conversations.

WHAT’S USUALLY IN MY HEAD? – solution seeking

Since I am one of those people who believe I know quite a bit about the game of life (because of age and life experience), my imaginary conversations are usually around some topic I see someone struggling with and I am straining inside not to shout “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, it’s already been done.  Take the damn wheel that’s already there and use it!”  Of course I am not talking about an actual wheel, I am referring to some problem they are having that I know others have already sorted, or I, myself have worked my way through at some stage.


Now, we’re all in a new, unique and rickety ole boat and the currents we float on are changing direction and speed by the day.


Since 2011 and the years that followed, I read all media with some scepticism.  Back then, media, both foreign and domestic showed me clearly the difference between their reports and what I witnessed and knew.  Mostly they lied.  Facebook and Twitter added more fuel to the fire.  What angered me the most back then was the lies believed and propagated by people living outside the country about something they had no background knowledge of  – idiot armchair warriors, meddling (albeit with good intentions in the name of democracy – but democracy is not all it is cracked up to be!) and causing serious consequences in a country far away from them.


I check the name of the author and the publication.  I do a quick search on google about the aims of a publication if it is new to me.   I check out the political and sometimes economic historical stance of writers etc.   I believe nothing on facebook or twitter unless it comes either from someone I know who is a personal witness to an event – AND who is also a knowledgeable and broad minded person.  I totally disregard bigots.

I am not paranoid but, on the whole I don’t trust governments worldwide – I have experienced far too painfully the consequences of international politics and the games they play.

So, whether this is a real accidental threat from some type of germicidal organism, a leak from a research lab or intentional germ warfare between countries or against an age segment of the worldwide population, the results are the same.  While I am taking all recommended precaution myself, I will also be going the alternative route.  That will be the main focus of my writing here for the next few weeks/months – as long as this goes on.

From time to time over the years I have had time enforced on me – being between jobs, weeks maybe, in the past. I never used that time wisely.  Instead of relaxing and getting ready for the upswing, I would wreck my head trying to find solutions, like a rat in a trap.


Well, this time, I think we all accept there is nothing we can do ourselves to end this – orders for isolation come from state and I am not disagreeing.  So, this time I am going to relax, improve my diet, improve my mind, be more diligent in my meditations, try new things, and be ready for change – because change is certain, nothing stays the same … and write all that stuff I have been putting off for years.


The other reason I am resuming my blog here is because I find so much inspiring stuff posted on Instagram (more uplifting than Facebook),  some on Facebook, Twitter and articles online.   I want to keep my thoughts/focus happy and positive.  Therefore I want to keep all those goodies in one place so I can easily find them when I mentally hit a rough spot myself.

Just as I finish writing – look who shows up outside my balcony!

bird on a wire


Finally – all the media is keeping us up to date with new cases, deaths etc.  I haven’t come across any site giving us the survival and recovery statistics which are HUGE – so, before you go to bed tonight, click here and go to sleep with more hope 🙂

Blessings and Positive Vibes to everyone.

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