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Pulling down statues & burning buildings

I started out with a few comments on facebook today.  Really I should probably have known better.  But for better or worse what follows is what started out as a comment to someone who responded to a post I put up.  My answer started to grow legs so I thought I might as well make it into a blog post altogether.   Here it is.

I feel your angst and I am not on one side or the other because I think if we are to survive what is going on globally and have our humanity survive we need to try to keep our balance.
As an outsider looking at the history of the American Civil War and from doing my family tree I can see I have family who fought for both sides.
I will just take you up on your words because words are important = they bring war or they bring peace.
You said the confederacy fought to own black people. Yes they did but was it not more than that?
Were they not fighting to keep their way of life also? That would be the reaction of every one of us suddenly faced with losing everything.
I repeat here now…I am not defending the confederacy – I am trying to understand the minds and hearts of people in those times, just as I try today to see all sides of stories and events.
Statues don’t just celebrate people, or one aspect of a person’s life. They are markers of time and history just as buildings are. As we go through the next 10 years should we trawl the world and take down every building that housed a person, or establishment who oppressed any particular section of society? If so, better start with the White House in Washington, the Kremlin in Moscow, the British Parliament, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Palace of Versailles…do I need to go on?
We criticise the Nazi and other regimes through history for burning books.  Now we are deleting George Orwell?  We are allowing Facebook and YouTube to censor not only hate speech (which I agree with) but we are allowing censorship of opinions that disagree with government opinion.  That may be fine if you are in government, but not so fine if you disagree with them or their actions. Who is in power today may not be tomorrow.
Did you know (and it’s a bit spooky that it’s within a few years of being 1000 year ago) that prior to the year 1070 AD the Caliph’s Library in Cairo contained between 1.6 and 2 million priceless books covering all the sciences? Did you know that wherever the Arabs found old manuscripts and books from around the world they copied them. Many of the books they copied no longer exists outside of the Arab world because of wars and book burnings.  And today we travel around the globe looking for ancient secret knowledge!  Funny that!
Anyway in 1070 there was what is called the Great Crisis in Egypt – economic disaster.  History tells us that the foreigners and slaves (note here slaves in the Arab world were more than a bit different to slaves in America – that’s another story) in 1070 raided the library – one account says 25 camels carried away books and priceless manuscripts to light fires in the Turkish officers’ houses.  The bindings of the books were used to make shoes for the feet of their slaves.  Just for the sake of it much of the books were taken outside and covered over with dirt – they became known as the book hills.
Should every statue in every museum of a dictator, king or queen be taken out and smashed to pieces?  Yes, according to some e.g. the Taliban.  Where do you stop?  You can’t stop a mob so that is one reason I am calling for calm and reason.  Right now you are pointing to slave owners,  well, following that line of thought next should come Capitol Hill and all other US government monuments because they all sanctioned the demise of the Native American Indians – you know all about that.
Then, let’s turn to the Australians and their historic treatment of the Aboriginals – lets not forget the treatment of the Irish prisoners transported there, not all dreadful criminals, no just poor starving people stealing chickens or eggs – oh and the Irish children sold off by the Irish Government.  That would bring us to the need to burn down Dublin Castle, The Four Courts, National Library and Dail Eireann.
You see – I could really go on forever and what are we left with then?  Let’s not forget the current buildings that house current injustice systems, beliefs and make laws that oppress – or fail to repeal old laws to bring equality of ALL.  That would be every police station, court house (look all the miscarriages of justice, the FBI building (their recent debacle under Alex whatever his name is of trying to hide the sex trafficker of minors – Jeffrey Epstein.  Well, God alone knows whose house should burn for that – yet, the offices of the CIA, every government building right across the United States of America and Europe.  Let’s face it.  We were not perfect then and we are not perfect now.
When we finish with all those – remember the French Revolution?  Well, that’s when the real fun begins.  That is when we start looking at each other, our family members who disagree with us, our neighbors who don’t conform to the “new norm”.  O.k gonna cut right to the chase here and give two quotes “whoever is without sin, let him cast the first stone” and “if they come for me in the morning, they will come for you in the evening“.  Time to wake up, recognise, acknowledge and ALLOW everyone else to have their own opinion and their own life choices. Stop trying to erase a history you don’t want to acknowledge – your ancestors lived those days – don’t negate their existence because without them you would not be here today.
If you think you (reader) are without sin then here are a few conscious prickers – we are guilty of injustice, cowardice and abuse as much by inaction as action:
  • have you ever passed a person in the street with his hand out asking for help (money) and not helped?
  • have you passed an injured animal or seen an animal being mistreated and done nothing?
  • have you ever suspected someone was being beaten or abused and stayed silent?
  • what have you done (forget about facebook and you clicking finger) anything concrete in the interests of promoting help or equality for lesbian, gay, transexual, transgender, autistic, mentally challenged, emigrant, substance abuse victims, sexual abuse victims, evicted families who can’t pay the rent or mortgage, kids expelled from school because the “don’t fit in”, GMO production, abuse in the production of poultry, fish, meat (remember ultimately we eat this, so technically these are crimes against humanity also).
  • Are you planting trees, sorting your rubbish properly, asking where your rubbish goes, asking where your food is coming from?
  • Have you ever written to or contacted your nearest local government rep to complain about an inequality or mistreatment of anyone?

I’m stopping there.  My point is we are ALL still making mistakes today, we are ALL guilty of not taking the right action.  And it remains to be see where current riots about distant and recent past events are going to end.  There is positive, healing and correct action.  There is destructive and damaging action and who knows how history will view that?

Let’s all just take a deep breath before advocating for the next piece of destruction and push other people’s buttons – other people who may not be able to ever stop the road they are now being pointed towards by our approval on social media or otherwise.  Words are the most powerful weapon on earth.

End of Lecture.

The Power of Words – and the lack of Words

If you are wondering how I came to believe in all this stuff that I am constantly trying to talk to you all about…

I would have to start by saying I think I was incredibly lucky to have the parents I had.  In the sense that beyond fostering some basic human values in me, neither my father nor my mother – nor any family member that I can remember ever tried to instill in me their own personal beliefs to do with religion or how the world works.

So, in a sense the lack of words, the lack of unnecessary programming from my parents, in my childhood left space for me to take in a wider range of information more easily from books – we didn’t have a TV until I was about 8!  I learned to read sometime between 4 and 6 years of age.

And, yet here am I doing the very opposite to what I now value so much in how my parents related to me.  (I tend to keep telling everyone close to me they need to learn this “stuff”).  As my excuse I am going to offer the statement “life was different then and the way of life in our western society has in some ways taken what I consider quantum leaps in different directions – some good and some not so good….perhaps.

My childhood days were easier, more relaxed.  These modern times are exerting a punishing toll on everyone – especially our youngest.  It’s more and more evident that we need more advanced coping mechanisms now more that we did when I was young,

Back to my childhood…secondly, books, books and more books.  The main source of my childhood programming.

We lived out in the middle of nowhere without public transport.  Yet, I had access to more books than many living children then living in a city full of libraries may have had, and I used every one of them.

  • Primary School Library – and thanks to the Principal, there was quite a large cabinet and the books were frequently changed by the county library – plus he instilled in us a love of reading by having us all constantly researching different topics for competitions.  Then we also had a treasured “silent reading” time, at the end of almost every day I think.  I probably read every single book in that press – and we could take some home too.
  • Mobile Library – it came every two weeks – a huge van with a treasure trove of constantly changing books and an interested librarian who was always checking if we wanted anything special ordered or that he would put by for me.  We could borrow 4 books.
  • I had a friend 🙂 who lived over the road from me and who also took 4 books every two weeks from the mobile library.  We each read our own four AND then we swopped and read each other’s books.
  • My friend’s father was the school principal, her mother was also a teacher, and their house was FULL of books.  Every nook and cranny held books.  Where other people kept clothes in the chests of drawers – their drawers and every available space in their house was filled with books!  Thanks to her I worked my way through quite a few of those books too!
  • My mother and grandmother – we had two sets of bookshelves in a time when few people had any books other than school books.   Those two bookcases held a large selection of books and collections of books.  They came in handy for my friend too 🙂 because we continually swopped – many may not have been “suitable” for our age but we devoured them anyway!
  • My mom – every Saturday or almost every Saturday she went to town for shopping and religiously brought me four comics – Mandy, Bunty, Judy and Diana.  If there was a week she didn’t go, she got a friend, who worked in Limerick, to bring them to me – Dad was not so keen on the comics so they were usually smuggled past him lol!

Why am I telling you about all those books?  They were the source of my ideas, dreams and inspirations that took my mind and imagination much further than the cross-roads of a sleepy countryside.  They programmed me to believe that anything was possible.  To understand that just because I could not see something with my eyes, that did not mean it did not exist.

I read everything that came my way and as I got older I ended up reading books far beyond my years – I became a very fast reader and even with the above supply I was always ready for more.  I read girls’ books, boys’ books and adult books – sometimes even reading the books my Mom and Grandmother were also borrowing from the mobile library.

Bedtime was 9pm and that was supposed to be sleep time too but for me sleep usually came around 11 or midnight when Dad was heading for bed and would insist on lights out.  Sometimes he would catch me reading by the light from the corridor outside but to be fair he was never hard on me for this bit of disobedience.

All those books broadened my horizons, made me more aware of the existence of infinite possibilities, magic and helped give strength to my natural childhood belief that anything is possible.  They also gave me courage, made me a bit of a rebel, taught me to ask for everything I wanted, allowed me to refuse to take “no” for an answer when required and of course detective books went a long way to helping develop logic and problem solving skills to name but a few talents I am no longer shy about saying I possess.

Of course the other thing all those books did was make me a bit “different” – I didn’t suffer much because of that though – it probably even made me more interesting to some of the opposite sex when it came to dating later on lol!

Ok – so books were my foundations.  I don’t know then if it was all the books I had read or something else, but later in life there were some words and when I heard them, the hair on the back of my neck would stand up and I might even have a shiver run through me – not a bad shiver – more of a feeling of familiarity or “knowing” .  Those words were (and if they don’t have the same effect on you but you want to know what they mean you can do that research yourself)

  • Essenes
  • Cathars
  • Knights Templar
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Akashic Records
  • Rosicrucian
  • Secret Societies
  • King Arthur, Merlin, Camelot etc
  • Geni – and of course our own fairies, leprechauns, names of celtic gods, goddesses,  Hill of Tara, Stonehenge etc etc etc.
I can still remember the first time I saw the film Star Wars, and of course the TV programmes
  • I dream of Jeannie
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Star Trek
  • Charmed
  • etc etc etc

Later in life I came across Esther Hicks and Law of Attraction.  That did me for another 20 years – and now of course, there is Dr. Joe Dispenza who is raising the bar and taking everything to another level entirely.  So glad he came along before I got much older!  So now you know where the start of my “alternative” thinking began.

Well-being or Trouble – Which You Follow?

You can react to a situation or person from one or two inspirations. You can be inspired to react by Source/Well-being or you can be inspired to react by Trouble.

Someone does something or says something and that draws a reaction from you.  If you are going to be inspired to act/react by either Source or Trouble – which One do you want to follow?

Since Trouble follows Trouble you want to be guided by that one? You want to make the situation worse or better?

Is it a good idea to practice stopping for a second to figure out which inspiration you are following?  It’s all about practice.

Pretty much most of what we do is – react.  How many times have you heard words tumbling out of your mouth and you JUST KNOW they are not helping – you can see yourself getting into hot water.

How many situations or conversations can you look back on and say “I really wish I hadn’t said/done that!  I wish I had caught it in time!

Here’s the good news, every one of those you can look back on brings you more clarity for the future.  If you practice stopping before your act/speak for just a few seconds.  You will, in time, get to a place where you will be able to hold your tongue/refrain from the action and either walk away or, even better, take your inspiration to speak from Source.

Everything that happens you or around you is a reaction to your thoughts/vibrations.  You want to know where your inspiration is coming from?  Look at what is manifesting around you.

Your environment, where you live, where you work, who you work with, how much money you have, who your friends are – everything is a reaction by the Universe to your habit of thought.  YOU! – YOU and nobody else, nothing else is responsible for what YOU have created around you.  Get that through your head and you’re home and dry.  Get that through your head and you’ve hit the Winning Streak!

You want to change your life?

Change what you think about.  Change the way you think about everything you think about.


Everyone of us have more reasons to feel satisfied than not satisfied.  We just keep forgetting it.  We forget because every way we turn we are hit with advertising telling us there is one more thing we need to make us happy.  Really?

You want to feel happy?  Wake up every day and do a quick mental list of everything you are satisfied with.  Start with the comfortable bed, family, friends, whatever – everything you are satisfied with. Look around your room at the objects you once bought to make you happy and say “you satisfy me, you satisfy me…..”


They are like little fairies inside your head.  Some of them are bad little devils and they delight in driving you to misery.  Some of them are beautiful, lovely little things who want to pull you in the direction of everything you would love and desire.  The thing is, it’s completely up to you which ones you pay attention to and chat with.

It’s so simple it’s ridiculous

Example 1– your probable, habitual, practiced reactive thought:

  • You wake up, look out the window and it’s pouring rain.  Your habitual, practiced thought reaction is probably “Oh shit!  what a miserable fucking day!”  Well, if your environment reacts to your thought, what kind of day do you think you are going to have?  Probably the one that gets even more miserable as the day goes on.

Example 2 – your new reactive thought to practice:

  • Hmm, nice day, that’s gonna clean away all the dust and clear the air today.  Hmmm (stretch) can’t wait to see what happy surprises coming my way today.  If I’m lucky it’ll stop raining every time I step outside – just for me 🙂 cos, I AM LUCKY and getting luckier by the day.

The day you step outside and it’s stopped raining – that’s the day the vibration you are giving off has changed and the Universe reacts IMMEDIATELY.  That’s the day you realise you’re in control.

Since it really is not that important to you whether it is raining or not this is a very, very easy way to test whether or not you are actually controlling what is showing up in your life.