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Perfect Storm – Universal Law

Does such a thing as Universal Law exist?
Well, the eastern coast of the USA has had a taste of “The Perfect Storm”.   What kind of films are you watching?  What news are you focused on?  You want to know what is going to happen next around you?  Look at what you are watching in the cinema and on TV.  That’s what you are giving energy to.
Before the 9/11 event – what kind of films had you been watching? CIA, MI5, James Bond Movies, Towering Inferno….fighting the “bad” guys, state and global terrorism?  Does Law of Attraction govern us?  You tell me……look around you.  War against drugs, war against crime, war on terrorism, talk about global economic crash, talk and worry about global food shortages…..focus on the negative side of the topic and that’s what you get.
Who ever talks about prosperity? When did you last see a programme or film about the bounty of good things that surround us?  Who talks about the beauty and benevolence of the Sun?  No, we prefer to predict that it is going to burn us all up in a million or so years – is it going to matter to you if it does?  No, then why bother about it?
Actually I wonder at the lack of really good comedy coming out of Hollywood the last few years.  I don’t believe in global warming, food shortages, the so-called Mayan end of the world 2012 rubbish, global terrorism.
I believe there is enough and more than enough of everything for everybody.  I believe and focus on the fantastic economic future that is already being enjoyed by millions, I believe in good health, happiness and prosperity.  That is what I expect and that is what I experience.
I sure do believe in Law of Attraction and every morning before I get out of bed I welcome more of the “good stuff” because I also believe that I can thrive, regardless of what is going on around me.
Really hoping you will join me on focusing on the good stuff.   It will make you a lot happier than a lot of the other stuff in the media passing before your eyes on a daily basis.  Start you day by deciding you are going to have a brilliantly happy day – regardless of what appears to be going around you.  Look for the positive and show appreciation where you can.  Feel satisfaction in every and any little thing you can feel satisfaction about.   It’s a wonderful world if you look only for the best in everything a little more every day.

Fear – our worst enemy

Do you ever feel afraid, nervous or unsettled but don’t know why because there is no obvious reason for it?  Your life is ok but you feel jumpy, sad or depressed?
Don’t worry, you are perfectly normal but your “FEAR” and “DISASTER APPROACHING” button has got stuck!
How does that happen?  Well, it’s not surprising really when you stop to think about it.  Stopping to think about this might be a good idea.  When was the last time you felt safe?  It’s difficult to feel safe anywhere these days because we are being told we are in danger 24/7.
You don’t think so?  O.K let’s have a look at the rules, laws, advertising, warnings, safety practices and subliminal messages we are subjected to 24/7.
Remember there is power in words and words are what we use to communicate with each other.  So all these fear triggers are verbally fed into us.  People speak about all this stuff and we listen.
  • Don’t go in the water – you’ll get eaten by a shark!
  • Don’t smoke – you’ll get cancer!
  • Don’t eat that….- you’ll get fat, sick, diabetes, cholesterol
  • Don’t drink Alcohol or take drugs – they’ll definitely kill you!
  • Don’t go to Los Angeles – the BIG earthquake could hit any minute!
  • Don’t go to Egypt, Libya, Yemen – anywhere in the Middle East – you’ll get shot by revolutionaries!
  • Wear a seat belt – you MIGHT be in a car accident or at the very least get caught by the cops!
  • Be VERY careful crossing the street – you might get hit by a car – specially in Cairo!
  • Make sure you lock the door – you might get burgled or even murdered in your bed!
  • Be careful of strangers – you never know how dangerous they might be!  Muslims in particular – more than likely they’re terrorists.
  • Christians – they’re all conservative right-wing extremists who want to take over the world.
  • Iran – they’re going to attack you with nuclear weapons!
  • USA – well they’re just always up to something sneaky everywhere in the world!
  • The Euro or Dollar might crash – what would we all do then?  The end of civilisation!
  • 21 Jan, 2012 – well that was supposed to be the end of the world!
  • Banks – don’t put your money there – they might collapse!
  • Business – don’t start a new one – the economy is collapsing!
  • Don’t be bad in any way – you’ll go to hell when you die!
  • Don’t watch sexy movies, read sexy mags, talk about sex – you might turn into a sex maniac or/and go to hell!
  • Pay all kinds of unfair taxes – cos if you don’t the gvt will put you prison!
  • There is always someone out to get you, con you, cheat you.
  • Earthquake! Volcanic Eruption, Floods! – well, they’re just everywhere so the world is ending!
  • Global Warming, Food Shortage, Water Shortage, Oil Shortage, Water Pollution, Air Pollution,AIDS, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Cancer, All kinds of Incurable Diseases you might develop!
  • Terrorist Attack, Nuclear War, Nuclear Explosions,
  • We fear our parents, children, friends dying – maybe more than we fear our own death.
  • We fear illness, disease and death.
  • Don’t smile/frown – you’ll get wrinkles!
  • You MUST use Anti-Aging cream and Anti-Wrinkle Cream at least twice a day!
  • Don’t get FAT – nobody will love you!
  • Don’t let your hair go grey – you’ll look old!
  • You NEED whitening cream if your dark-skinned!
  • You NEED tanning cream if you’re white!
  • You need to have a certificate, diploma, degree or you’ll never get anywhere!
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.

We live in a world where we are constantly being programmed to fear that we are not good enough, won’t fit in, won’t be accepted, not qualified enough, not the right size or shape, not the right age, too old, not good looking enough, not wearing the right clothing, don’t have the right accent, don’t have an acceptable address, being alone, not to mention all the terrible things that COULD happen us!

That’s why you can’t relax, can’t sleep, exaggerate your problems and are energetically paralysed…..


Try to see how you personally are being influenced or programmed – is it

  • the TV
  • Your Facebook or Twitter feed
  • your friends,
  • your work colleagues,
  • your family?

Once you find it – either cut off or minimise it  and change the self-talk.


Simply because the more we vibrate in fear the more negative energy we generate which is affecting the earth, our place in the Universe and our ultimate survival.

Now, there’s another fear for you!  It is important that we wake up and if we are vibrating in fear – recognise it, absorb it, be at ease with it, and cultivate the vibration of LOVE in it’s place.


Only in our minds until we manifest it into a reality.  Best to get a handle on the fear and stave off the manifesation.  It is easier to not go there than to get rid of the manifestation.

Are We Living?

Are we living real lives or a virtual reality life?  What is living?

These are questions I am asking myself this morning.

How many hours a day do you spend watching the news?  On how many channels?

How many hours a day do you spend on Facebook?
How many hours a day do you spend on Twitter?
How many hours a day do you spend writing a blog?
How many hours a day do you spend surfing the net?
How many hours a day do you spend on the phone with your friends? What percentage of the day (everyday) do these hours add up to?  25%, 50%, 75% or 100%

Who are you trying to connect with?
Why are you trying to connect with them?
If you are selling something – is anyone buying your product or your idea?
Are they connecting and communicating with you?  Or is your communication a one way street?

What is being used in these communications?  WORDS!  Who is controlling and manipulating whom?

Are we living real lives or virtual reality lives?  What is living?