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Pulling down statues & burning buildings

I started out with a few comments on facebook today.  Really I should probably have known better.  But for better or worse what follows is what started out as a comment to someone who responded to a post I put up.  My answer started to grow legs so I thought I might as well make it into a blog post altogether.   Here it is.

I feel your angst and I am not on one side or the other because I think if we are to survive what is going on globally and have our humanity survive we need to try to keep our balance.
As an outsider looking at the history of the American Civil War and from doing my family tree I can see I have family who fought for both sides.
I will just take you up on your words because words are important = they bring war or they bring peace.
You said the confederacy fought to own black people. Yes they did but was it not more than that?
Were they not fighting to keep their way of life also? That would be the reaction of every one of us suddenly faced with losing everything.
I repeat here now…I am not defending the confederacy – I am trying to understand the minds and hearts of people in those times, just as I try today to see all sides of stories and events.
Statues don’t just celebrate people, or one aspect of a person’s life. They are markers of time and history just as buildings are. As we go through the next 10 years should we trawl the world and take down every building that housed a person, or establishment who oppressed any particular section of society? If so, better start with the White House in Washington, the Kremlin in Moscow, the British Parliament, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Palace of Versailles…do I need to go on?
We criticise the Nazi and other regimes through history for burning books.  Now we are deleting George Orwell?  We are allowing Facebook and YouTube to censor not only hate speech (which I agree with) but we are allowing censorship of opinions that disagree with government opinion.  That may be fine if you are in government, but not so fine if you disagree with them or their actions. Who is in power today may not be tomorrow.
Did you know (and it’s a bit spooky that it’s within a few years of being 1000 year ago) that prior to the year 1070 AD the Caliph’s Library in Cairo contained between 1.6 and 2 million priceless books covering all the sciences? Did you know that wherever the Arabs found old manuscripts and books from around the world they copied them. Many of the books they copied no longer exists outside of the Arab world because of wars and book burnings.  And today we travel around the globe looking for ancient secret knowledge!  Funny that!
Anyway in 1070 there was what is called the Great Crisis in Egypt – economic disaster.  History tells us that the foreigners and slaves (note here slaves in the Arab world were more than a bit different to slaves in America – that’s another story) in 1070 raided the library – one account says 25 camels carried away books and priceless manuscripts to light fires in the Turkish officers’ houses.  The bindings of the books were used to make shoes for the feet of their slaves.  Just for the sake of it much of the books were taken outside and covered over with dirt – they became known as the book hills.
Should every statue in every museum of a dictator, king or queen be taken out and smashed to pieces?  Yes, according to some e.g. the Taliban.  Where do you stop?  You can’t stop a mob so that is one reason I am calling for calm and reason.  Right now you are pointing to slave owners,  well, following that line of thought next should come Capitol Hill and all other US government monuments because they all sanctioned the demise of the Native American Indians – you know all about that.
Then, let’s turn to the Australians and their historic treatment of the Aboriginals – lets not forget the treatment of the Irish prisoners transported there, not all dreadful criminals, no just poor starving people stealing chickens or eggs – oh and the Irish children sold off by the Irish Government.  That would bring us to the need to burn down Dublin Castle, The Four Courts, National Library and Dail Eireann.
You see – I could really go on forever and what are we left with then?  Let’s not forget the current buildings that house current injustice systems, beliefs and make laws that oppress – or fail to repeal old laws to bring equality of ALL.  That would be every police station, court house (look all the miscarriages of justice, the FBI building (their recent debacle under Alex whatever his name is of trying to hide the sex trafficker of minors – Jeffrey Epstein.  Well, God alone knows whose house should burn for that – yet, the offices of the CIA, every government building right across the United States of America and Europe.  Let’s face it.  We were not perfect then and we are not perfect now.
When we finish with all those – remember the French Revolution?  Well, that’s when the real fun begins.  That is when we start looking at each other, our family members who disagree with us, our neighbors who don’t conform to the “new norm”.  O.k gonna cut right to the chase here and give two quotes “whoever is without sin, let him cast the first stone” and “if they come for me in the morning, they will come for you in the evening“.  Time to wake up, recognise, acknowledge and ALLOW everyone else to have their own opinion and their own life choices. Stop trying to erase a history you don’t want to acknowledge – your ancestors lived those days – don’t negate their existence because without them you would not be here today.
If you think you (reader) are without sin then here are a few conscious prickers – we are guilty of injustice, cowardice and abuse as much by inaction as action:
  • have you ever passed a person in the street with his hand out asking for help (money) and not helped?
  • have you passed an injured animal or seen an animal being mistreated and done nothing?
  • have you ever suspected someone was being beaten or abused and stayed silent?
  • what have you done (forget about facebook and you clicking finger) anything concrete in the interests of promoting help or equality for lesbian, gay, transexual, transgender, autistic, mentally challenged, emigrant, substance abuse victims, sexual abuse victims, evicted families who can’t pay the rent or mortgage, kids expelled from school because the “don’t fit in”, GMO production, abuse in the production of poultry, fish, meat (remember ultimately we eat this, so technically these are crimes against humanity also).
  • Are you planting trees, sorting your rubbish properly, asking where your rubbish goes, asking where your food is coming from?
  • Have you ever written to or contacted your nearest local government rep to complain about an inequality or mistreatment of anyone?

I’m stopping there.  My point is we are ALL still making mistakes today, we are ALL guilty of not taking the right action.  And it remains to be see where current riots about distant and recent past events are going to end.  There is positive, healing and correct action.  There is destructive and damaging action and who knows how history will view that?

Let’s all just take a deep breath before advocating for the next piece of destruction and push other people’s buttons – other people who may not be able to ever stop the road they are now being pointed towards by our approval on social media or otherwise.  Words are the most powerful weapon on earth.

End of Lecture.

How are you going to treat your clients post COVID19?

A question to business owners.

If you have ever started a business, set up an office or run a project, would you agree with me that, you can very quickly get overwhelmed and bogged down in systems, procedures and protocols?

I came across two articles this week which, not only disturbed me, but sent cold chills up my back. I don’t really care about them as regards myself, my life is pretty much lived. But, I care deeply for my grandchildren and their children, because we are at a time in history when it seems we are about to change the way we live forever.

Business, corporations and governments can change a society overnight.

While we are in business ourselves – never forget the agendas of BIGGER BUSINESS.  Is there much that happens on the global scale that is not driven by an agenda to do with money or power?

We have already seen how alarmingly fast global government, under their health advisors, shut down the entire world – did we ever think such a thing possible? And Australians, just to take one example, appear to be forbidden to leave the country, except under extreme circumstances, for the rest of 2020????  Well, apart from anything else it is a great way to keep money in the country and, if I understand properly, international visitors are allowed in as long as they self-isolate?  How quickly we accept curtailment of what used to be considered human rights.

I am asking everyone to take a step back and review the ways you are going to restructure your business – for the sake of our humanity.

What were the two articles that gave me the horrors?

One article was by a group of psychologists who have decided that anyone not adhering to the “new norm” (shudder), by adhering to social distancing and wearing a mask are displaying symptoms of having psychopathic traits.

The second article was to do with procedures to be taken, going forward, with “patients” not “mothers” giving birth from now because of COVID19. Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater! Briefly, it advocated taking the baby immediately after birth,and allowing no contact with the mother until the baby has tested negative, not once but TWICE, for COVID19.  They are going to stick Qtips up the nose of a new born baby?  What kind of trauma is that?

Now, I don’t know how men are reacting to that but I do know how any woman who has given birth is feeling. The whole tone of that particular article from doctors is frighteningly upsetting and abhorrent to me. This goes against everything we know about the importance of bonding and the well-being of both mother and baby. Remember the Nazi and I think also Russian experiments on the effects of depriving babies of contact and touch?

I’m not sharing the articles. In fact I have decided not to share, spread about or give free publicity to anyone pushing those agendas or anything similar.  You can find them if you google them and you will find not one but many.  That, in itself, should have you asking two questions “What agenda is being pushed here and by whom?” (please ignore the apparent agenda of safety) and “What is the final objective”?

Because of the rhetoric we have been exposed to recently, the mere fact that I mention an “Agenda” or “final Objective” may be sticking a label in your mind as regards me – a label of “conspiracy theorist! Idiot! Disregard whatever she says!” Should I mention “anti-vaccine” you may throw your phone or laptop out the window!

The object of the article about psychopathic traits in non-compliant people is intended to make us marginalise, condemn, ridicule and ostracize such people (I’m half one!). We need stop taking experts opinions and writings for face value because everything we see, read and hear affects our opinions and decisions.

2019/20 Emergencies

We have had so many critical, global emergencies to deal with that we can scarcely take time to catch our breaths.  We had the

  • children in cages in the US,
  • emigrants stranded on beaches/boatloads dying at sea,
  • Australian fires,
  • Covid19,
  • worldwide protests on police brutality/black lives matter.
  • now we are pulling down statues, deleting books from Amazon, and erasing history across the globe.

The world is in uproar over past slavery.

Perhaps we are really, in some way angry because the slavery is not in the past. It is alive and well and we have and are turning a blind eye to it.  Who is calling for the unmasking of Jeffery Epstein’s buddies in their international trafficking of minors?  Conspiracy?  Who killed Jeffrey Epstein?  Because now they know he was murdered in his cell.  Who are the stars, the powerful politicians and business moguls still plying their trade today?  Nobody is asking –  we are being manipulated into focusing on the past instead of the present.  Until we free the women and children still in slavery and being trafficked, we will not get our own freedom again.  WE have to ask the questions.  WE have to open our eyes.  WE have to tell the stories.

It is easy to get caught up in what is happening and in one incident after another we are instituting new ways, obliterating old ways, making new laws, abolishing old laws. I am going to stop there.

So much of what controls society and our individual lives is outside our control.

UNTIL we are pushed too far and then we end up with riots, destruction of property and mayhem.  What is going on?  How are we to survive this onslaught?  You hink it doesn’t personally affect you or your business?  Well, think again, because tomorrow or next week it could be your office, your restaurant, your shop that goes up in flames.

What to do? Three things. In restructuring you business:

Number 1 – take a step back and ask yourself “what is best for my clients, my customers, my family?” Don’t think about those labels – think about the people behind the labels who have feelings, needs, anxieties and problems. Think how their experience of your business is going to impact their lives. Is their experience with you going to contribute to them feeling better or worse?

Number 2 – don’t follow the “new norm” blindly or alone. Connect with others in your business and talk to them about the best way forward – not the government policy because we have seen that can and will change with the wind. No, talk about the best way forward for everyone.

Number 3 – if and when you and your fellow business colleagues think your government has gone too far or off-track in laws, guidelines or protocols – challenge them.  Be the wind of change.  But you may have the be the little boy who shouts “the emperor is not wearing any clothes!” also.

Will Your Business Survive the “New Norm”?

You may not survive if you don’t do these three things. Then it could be your office, your restaurant, your shop on fire.  Because the global population is at breaking point.  Because so many are in fear.  Because everyone has a trigger that pushes them over the edge.  Because the current waves of public anger against police, racism, slavery is not going to end there.  Because our buttons are being expertly pushed.  Because we are in the throes of a global revolution.

Implement My 3 Suggestions

Because we want our business to be solutions for humanity.  Because we want our customers to have good experiences.  Because some of our global government members are ass-holes, idiots or worse.  Just Because Its The Right Thing To Do.

I am not advocating total disregard for safety and hygiene. I am simply saying “watch how far we take it”. The buzz word these days is also “mental health”.

And if you have read through all the above and not figured out what the hell I am talking about….I am talking about the “new norm” that we must not accept.  Not because I am against protecting people from a virus.  But because the human race was never designed to live in isolation.  We like being close to another person, being held, touched, kissed, made love to, cuddling our kids and probably everyone else’s baby!

We are SOCIAL and SOCIABLE BEINGS – we are not social distancing beings.  Have we not coined the phrase “anti-social” and imprison people for “anti-social behaviors and crimes”?  What are we being told to do now?  And are we actually being threatened that we cannot open our doors for business if we don’t comply? Wakey! Wakey!

What exactly are you going to do with your social distancing when your customers ignore it?

You going to call the police? Throw them out? Are you going to have your staff acting as police? Slippery slope that because even the police, apparently, are not sufficiently trained in dealing with people in the right way and people are not taking it any more. A lot to think about here. When was the last time you tried to control…..lets say 10 agitated people? Can you imagine what could happen if a staff member takes the wrong attitude with a customer under the “new norm”?  Oh and don’t forget when the customer decides to sue you for non-compliance, where does it end?  With you out of business probably.

During COVID19 I took the opportunity to step back, review why I am in business, remember my initial dream and re-activated it. Oh – and I have already deleted about 80% of those spreadsheets and lists that took up so much of my time. They are mostly all irrelevant going forward now anyway.

When we do open for business at Mara House again, I will be doing everything I can to ensure the safety, health and well-being of the human beings who come to stay with us. There is nothing new in that – it has always been at the core of my business. But neither I nor my staff will be wearing face shields or plastic gloves. Nor will I be marking spaces on my floors to keep these intelligent people either 1 meter or 2 meters apart from each other. I respect they are smart enough to know how far they want to be from anyone else themselves.

I am fully convinced that I do not want to be part of the dehumanization of the human race.

While the majority survive there are always those who thrive in times of war and emergencies. I am not condemning anyone who comes up with a new idea and has the money to implement it in such times. In fact, don’t we all wish it was us? I am saying we should stay alert and not follow like sheep. – I am saying “keep your eyes open and look for the bigger picture – take care of the human aspect of your clients, before we all lose it forever.”

You Don’t Need to wear a Mask – unless…

Only HEALTH CARE WORKERS, SICK PEOPLE, people looking after sick people at home, and if you are also coughing & sneezing NEED wear MASKS.  I don’t know where common sense has gone, perhaps out the window because of fear.  I would imagine it is not healthy for sick people to be wearing masks though – so not sure what that is all about.

I don’t know from whom some governments around the world are taking their advice.  And it seems to change from day to day or week to week.  As individuals and as business people I think we need to become conscious of the type of future and the quality of life we want.  Our children are being molded by our actions today.  What kind of lives do we want them to have?  What unconscious vibes are we transmitting today?

Yes, health awareness and safety is vital but, let’s slow down a little and consider what is really necessary, practical and healthy.  Let’s not jump on bandwagons because of an image we want to project about ourselves or to promote a business image.

Here is the World Health Organisation public video on who NEEDS to wear a mask.

If you are none of the above, wearing a mask can be bad for your own health.  Just think about it, you are repeatedly exhaling and re-inhaling your own breath particles for one thing.

We might want to think of the fear we are engendering into our kids with all this too.

My aunt (RIP) was a nurse, who died long before her time – her early 40s I think.  But, as long as I knew her she was paranoid about germs – paranoid about dust and everything she touched.  She wasn’t born or raised that way – she developed it as a result of her nursing career and it got out of hand.

Here is just a little personal story of how someone else’s phobia can affect a child.

My aunt visited about 3 times a year and the house had to get a thorough going over before her arrival.  Of course she knew more than my mom about health matters.  So, Auntie checked us kids out from top to toe, for every possible problem.  On one of her visits she apparently found something in my hair – lice?  I got an immediate haircut!  Thankfully for me there were no electric razors around in then.

The problem is that it didn’t stop at one haircut.  And I didn’t catch the germ phobia.  But her phobia for MY hair continued every time she visited and severely impacted my self-esteem and body image.  And especially for major events such as first communion, when my friends had lovely long and curly hair – I had my hair cut to just below my ears!

My last dreaded haircut was aged 12.  It seriously affected my self-confidence – there were boys in the school you see and I would soon becoming aware of the difference between us!  I don’t know why I couldn’t voice my objection to the haircuts before then, my parents were not ogres!  But my memory makes me ask what kind of fears and feelings are our children not able to voice today?

I also remember in the 1960s the County Councils distributed a little booklet to every home on what to do if a nuclear bomb fell on Ireland.  Here’s a laugh for you – it suggested we “tape up the windows and hide under the tables”.  I read that booklet from cover to cover and can still remember it today.  I remember the fear it generated in me.  But, what I remember most of all was the fear I felt every night during those years, when I leaned over the balcony and listened to the adults downstairs talking about it and discussing the radio news of the day.

I never told anyone I was afraid.  It just became a part of me.  When I was at home I worried about my grandparents, aunts and uncles. When I was in grandma’s house for holidays I worried about my parents and what would happen if the bomb fell.  Not all day, every day, just every night and the fear became ingrained in my subconscious through the nightly ritual of prayer.  Family prayer at night was the rosary – where we prayed for everyone we knew by name, for them to be safe.  For them to be safe implied to me they must be in some kind of danger.  Sound crazy?  Well, that was my reality

We need to get a grip on the fear.  Not just pretend to.  We need to really lose it.  We need to stop or curtail as much as possible the outward displays of fear.  Wearing a face mask when it is not necessary is expressing fear.  The 2 meter rule is unworkable and ridiculous in schools, restaurants, bars etc,  As humans we need to see each other, we need to touch each other and we need to be close to each other.  Let’s not forget that in our plans for getting back to business, school and living