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Esther Hicks- Abraham – speaks about Coronavirus

Esther Hicks channels “Abraham”/Infinite Intelligence on the subject of coronavirus during the Cruise on 14 March 2020. They tell us, yet again and as always 🙂 each of us has the choice of where we put our focus. What we focus on is what is. And as so many others tell us “where we put our focus is where we put our energy” So, what do we want? Well-being or coronavirus? It’s up to us to choose our thoughts, live in freedom or live in fear? I haven’t been on the phone or any social media much over the last 3 days – I’m busy 🙂 doing lots of stuff I been putting off for so long – and I feel good.

Esther says in the video “There is no greater virus than fear. The susceptibility to this virus is close to non-existent and even as it is increasing to some degree before it begins to decrease, it is infinitesimal, but FEAR is rampant….”

“As long as you don’t play the game of pushing against anyone – in other words, lots of people use opportunities like this to push against somethings they have already been pushing hard against. It just gives them stronger reason to push against, stronger reason to express their sense of vulnerability. More evidence or more facts to let them express their outrage against this one or that one, or their sense of vulnerability. And when you think about it……”