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What do Telomeres have to do with ageing?

Sometimes it’s enough for me to take an abstract concept someone tells me and believe it because it just resonates with me and sounds logical.  But now, I have time to do some more research into my beliefs and Bruce Lipton (biologist) is fast becoming a favourite.

My mom signed me up for the subjects in secondary school about which we had options.  She signed me up for Domestic Science (hated it) instead of Science (often wonder where I would be had she chosen differently) and for Latin instead of Commerce.  When she told my Dad he freaked – really wish he had called them up and changed the Science one!  But I quite liked Latin and think the maths in commerce would have driven me crazy as it did most of my friends who spent hours trying to do balance sheets in homework class.

I’ve just been through (put myself through) two stressful weeks – a bit scared of waking up dead, not just because of coronavirus but because of some health issues.  I’ve changed my diet, doing some exercise etc and actually, even though it’s only been a week or so, I appear to be losing belly fat (YEAH!!!)  I can’t say why EXACTLY because the diet change and exercise goes along with more serious efforts at meditation at least twice a day, a change of mindset and trying to develop a happier outlook in life.

So, yesterday up pops Bruce with the video below.  He talks about TELOMERES.   Only other person I ever heard talking about these is Dr. Joe Dispenze.  But Dr. Joe didn’t explain it like Dr. Bruce does 🙂

Anyway, I find this info very exciting because Telomeres have EVERYTHING to do with ageing – the slowing down or speeding up of ageing and the immune system .  Never mind the whacky bit at the beginning of the video.  Stick with it.  I love how he compares cell duplication and the telomeres position/function to a train running out of track etc.  It makes it easy to understand.

I also love the fact that Dr. Joe’s meditations (which I am doing) have been proved to lengthen TELOMERES!!!!!  Good News!  Maybe my meditations are lengthening MY telomeres.

What lengthens telomeres?  Being happy – loving life!  Who knew?

Tonsils & Our Immune System

Sometime around 1982 my doctor got worried that he was having to give me antibiotics every few weeks for tonsillitis.  He sent me to a specialist to see if I needed to have them removed.

The specialist was well known.  He examined my tonsils.  Then he picked up a small tablet bottle from his desk – inside was what looked like a stone.  He shook the bottle in my face and his exact words were ” You see this?  See this!  If you had this stuck in your throat you would have something to worry about!  You have one of the healthiest set of tonsils I’ve ever seen.  Now go home and I am sending a letter to your doctor – he is never again to give you antibiotics for your tonsils!”

I never got an attack of tonsillitis after that.  After a few years and learning about the power or the mind, power of beliefs, how we get programed a thousand times a day and how we can program ourselves I came to some conclusions about that event (that was not the last of it’s kind for me).

My conclusions

1.  An expert had told me I had extremely healthy tonsils – so my belief in his opinion forbid me to ever get tonsillitis again.  In one sentence from AN EXPERT one of my background programs was changed and so was the direction of my future health.

2.  There was nothing actually physically wrong with me back then, BUT I was under physical and mental stress.  We were trying to build our own house.  We didn’t have any savings for this project.  I think we were either mad, unthinking or very optimistic!   I had two children under 3 years of age who (according to my doctor and I have no reason to doubt him), suffered from night terrors several nights a week.  We thought they were awake and crying – apparently they weren’t… Anyway, the only way to calm them some nights was to sit in the car with them and drive around as the car did what we couldn’t!  And I was also holding down an office job, which I eventually lost because I became totally exhausted in time.

3.  How my body, through my tonsils was trying to get my attention.  It needed sleep!  Mentally and emotionally, I needed a break!  That would not be the last time I pushed myself past the limit but I was a slow learner back then!  We need to pay attention to the little things our bodies tell us – like a sore throat and take better care of ourselves earlier than we do.  How many of us just keep on pushing until the body gives in and we end up with more serious diseases?

This video of Dr. Bruce Lipton (biologist) explains how the tonsils work very simply.  I knew they were our first line of defense but I never understood how until I saw this a few days ago.

If you are pro-vaccines please don’t assume from the start of the video that it is anti-vaccine.  I know the speaker is Dr. Lipton but I think someone else put the animation to his words.  Just jump ahead  to 1.33 minutes into the video.

His conclusion is that researchers and pharma companies should be looking at developing vaccines we take orally instead of under the skin.   Because by injecting them under the skin we by-pass the tonsils and thereby fool the body’s natural defense system.