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Why I Deleted 450+ Facebook Friends

I deleted over 450 “friends” on Facebook last night before going to sleep.  My fingers were moving so fast I even deleted a couple unintentionally…anyway…

Who Did I Delete from My Facebook Friends List?

I unfriended anyone

  • whose face I couldn’t remember which means long time no contact
  • I have not had a message from in a long, long time, if ever
  • has not liked, shared or commented on a post of mine either in a long time or maybe never
  • that I don’t remember seeing a post from in my stream ever or for long time
  • who has no posts on their profile page apart from changing their profile photo every  so often

Why Did I Unfriend so many from my Facebook Friend list?

I could not take their SILENCE anymore.  I didn’t know if they were active, not active, looking at my stuffm hating it and staying silent, judging me.

Actually I did delete some others for questioning my mental state.  Disagreement on a subject I can take but to get THAT question from people who KNOW me?  No!

NOTE:  I did NOT delete friends for disagreeing with me on any subject.

I have read articles about how people’s reactions to us on social media affects us and I have been watching my own reactions.  When I do a spate of writing as I have over the last two weeks I noticed myself checking for reactions to my writing.  I loved the likes.  I like the comments and generally give an emoji in recognition for their comment if I have nothing more to add or I leave an answering comment.

But the thing I began to notice most was the feeling of rejection and emptiness at the huge number of people who left me no reaction whatsoever.  I began to feel like there was an army of people out there watching me, silently, like a stalker would.  That was neither nice nor healthy for me.  This is not reality – this is projection.  This means that unseen “friends” can control my feelings.  NOT HEALTHY.

I like writing and every morning when I come return home, where I am confined, and sit at my laptop.  My morning cycle usually generates a subject to write about before I get home, and I write from the heart, usually without corrections as it just pours out.

Social Media?  I got into it for business purposes – after coronavirus I intend to cut WAY back on it’s use and get an ordinary phone – for phone calls – if there is such a thing anymore.  I will divest myself of the spy in my pocket – my laptop will be my Elf on the Shelf – that’s it.

Other Pruning I did on Facebook

My deletions were not the end of my actions on facebook.  I also went through the many great groups I am joined there.  I didn’t leave them, but I did turn off notifications from all of them,  Now, for example if I am doing a few hours on my family tree I can go and check out what has happened in my genealogy groups since my last visit.  And it saves me time scrolling past loads of  genealogy related posts in a time when I am not in a position to use that info anyway.

Final thought – “following” and “followers” on any social media

FOLLOWERS:  The trend out there is to think that having thousands or millions of followers is great, amazing, wonderful, a kind of signal to the world how loved or important you are.  Well, unless you are some famous celebrity, it’s probably not.  If you are not getting feedback from your followers then, to me, they are just silent stalkers.  And if, like me, you feel let down by their lack of response, it’s not mentally or emotionally healthy.

However, I think of followers on Instagram differently to followers on facebook simply because of the content people put on Instagram.  But the term used on Facebook is “friend” and friends don’t leave you hanging on a limb when you say something.  Contacts on Linkedin are just that – a network of business contacts you may or may not interact with, but that depends on their business, your business and non-reaction there is different.  We acknowledge a difference of industries, interests and how busy everyone is.

FOLLOWING:  If you are following more than 200 people on Instagram or Twitter – you can’t read everything that is posted in a day and if you do, then you are not living a life, you are living other people’s lives who may or may not be living the life they say they are.  What a waste of a life!  Pruning who I follow on Instagram and Twitter is my next time saving and mental health preservation activity – soon as I get the time 🙂

Who Do I Want to “Friend” on my personal Facebook profile?

  • Everyone who did not get deleted last night hahaha!
  • Family and neighbors
  • real friends, old and new that I personally know
  • there are some people I have not personally met but have had good conversations with either on messenger or outside of facebook.

If you are one of the real friends I unfriend last night with my fast finger action!!! and want to re-establish the connection send me friend request.

To My Friends Who Request Actions and I Don’t Oblige

For several reasons I never respond to any of the following

  • requests to post or copy/paste content to prove I read your post that did not have picture
  • request for any type of chain reaction similar to the above
  • posts requesting copy and paste to prove I am your friend or sympathise/empathize with those who have cancer etc.  If you ask me to copy and paste a post which focuses on recover, health, well-being I MIGHT copy and paste it because that is the opposite end of the usual focus on disease.
  • mostly I don’t comment on, share or respond to posts you make that are negative, fear engendering, rabble rousing or advocating action on behalf of the latest social or popular trend.

Why I Delete Some Comments on my Facebook Posts

I tend to delete your comments on my posts that set one section of society against another, and comments where the writer is in direct opposition to what I wrote AND is giving me an argument in their defense which I most likely am already well aware of.  I try for the most part to refrain from negative commentary on current events etc UNLESS I absolutely feel I have to and I have a solution to offer. I don’t allow fighting on my personal page.  My page is for my opinion.  If you agree, great – we have something in common.  If you don’t agree, go write on your own page and I won’t comment there.

In Conclusion – Be Aware of What Your Posts Say about You

We are all different biological ages, at different stages of awareness, learning, education and mental capabilities.  Recognize this when you decide to take someone up on their posts on their pages.  Recognize everyone has the right to have their own current opinion.  If you can’t change a person’s ideology with peaceful logic you are only going to entrench them by using anger, aggression, contempt or ridicule in your words.

What we say on social media says more than we are aware of.  We may be speaking up for a very good cause.  At the moment there is a HUGE outpouring from the white community on the issue of black lives matter.  BUT most are completely unaware of what can also be read into what they are posting, especially when it is followed up with support for pulling down statues, banning books and now we are checking images and labels on food.

Psychologists and public manipulators and profilers are having a field day with what people are revealing about themselves here.  A whole lot of shadow stuff and mirroring going on there.  Fascinating to watch but uncomfortably revealing and what it reveals most of all is … deep rooted fear and insecurity.

This should not be a black lives matter movement.  It should be people against police brutality movement which is what the sparking incident in this current situation was.   Sane, intelligent people are losing their reason at the moment.  Too much is going on around and fear is being expressed in actions of anger.  We feel it is ok to be angry for a “good or just cause”.  Well, if there is too much of that fear being transmuted into public anger… our neighborhoods and communities will go up in flames.  Fanning these flames from what is perceived to be a safe distance via social media is an illusion.

That’s it – rant over!  Have a nice day.

Covid-19 A lesson from the Universe on the Nature of Reality

If there is one thing I am learning from COVID19 – it’s about reality.

Many different opinions on COVID-19

Scientists, experts, doctors – everyone is presenting theories, solutions, explanations and then, of course, there are those who test positive, negative or even positive/negative.  Faulty tests kits are blamed. And then there is arising the question “Are some people lying to us?”

Yet another explanation?

Perhaps there is another explanation.  We have long known IN SCIENCE that expectations of the experimenters and the watchers influence the results of the scientific experiments themselves.

Anyway, here’s the thing – EVERYONE is experiencing or not experiencing COVID19 through THEIR OWN personal lens of perception.  And perception is based on what?  Learning, inherited belief systems, personal belief systems and life experiences. 

Is the Universe telling us there is no ONE 3D reality?  Just a series of dramas we choose to buy into or not?  I think so.   How else to explain all the different opinions?  However, we do hold certain beliefs in common.  Beliefs we all agree on.  In the midst of coronavirus we are dividing into different camps of beliefs.  So the numbers of individuals holding the same belief becomes a “collective and the manifestation of that belief becomes stronger – more 3D realistic.

On that note – decide if you want to hold the belief we will all get out of this together into a brave, new, beautiful world – or the belief that we are all doomed to slavery.  Or could you hold the belief that we are in deep shit now but on our way out and into a beautiful new world?

The great thing is – we get to choose the dramas we want to participate in and we get to choose the roles we play – the winner or the loser? the victim, the victor.  We choose to experience the success, the loss, the abundance, the poverty.  We get to play the healthy one, the sick one, the one who gets everything easy, the one who has to struggle. 

WE get to choose which COVID-19 drama we want to be in.

This idea may well annoy you if you are playing one of the less desired roles…GOOD.

I intend no disrespect or judgement on anyone’s experience of COVID-19 by writing this – please read my next post Judgement is a Killer

Have a serious think about this theory and choose a new drama, choose your new role.  How do you do that?  First become aware that everything in your life you have chosen – with your habitual thoughts. 

Everything in your life is just a REFLECTION of your thoughts, a manifestation of your habitual thinking.

Now that your are aware, watch your thoughts, catch the unhappy ones that are responsible for where you are in life.  The just dream about a different life or a different situation (like when you were a kid and you daydreamed of your great future. Then, talk and think more about what you want and how you want it to play out.

You might have to put the iphone away for several hours a day and definitely don’t use it before going to sleep, for this to work faster.

We are creating by default in every moment

Actually, we are all doing by default anyway.    Something happens – it can be good or bad, we have emotional reactions and then our train of thought starts and continues along the one line.

NOTE – even though I say we are creating by our thoughts – it is not quite that easy/bad.  Just having a thought by itself does not mean you can create it.

The creation happens ONLY when the thought generates an emotion

Thought sends the picture out into the Universe

Emotion draws the event to you

Unfortunately, some of us, through no INITIAL fault of our own, have bad experiences that tend to make us think we are losers.  But it doesn’t have to stay that way,  Just by reading the right book, watching the right film or maybe even reading a post like this, we can choose to take a minute to ponder “could this possible be true?  If we allow the slightest possibility that we create our own dramas then that is the first step towards choosing different dramas to buy into and changing our lives.

For years I went from crisis to crisis until one day I found myself having an imaginary conversation (argument) with someone.  In the conversation I said, with quite a bit of anger and resentment “well, if there’s one thing I am – I’m a survivor!”  And it hit me like a bolt of lightening – awareness.   My train of thought rapidly went from

“I’m a survivor!”  (statement) to “I’m a survivor?” (question) then

“You mean I’ve been creating all this shit just to prove I’m a survivor?!”  F***!  to

“Right! so now that I KNOW I’m a survivor, I don’t need to go on creating these dramas!” to

“Done!  Finished!  No More!  Finito!  Peace!”

Life got a lot better for me from there on.

Watch your thoughts, notice the feelings, the emotions the thoughts bring up – now, wait for some version or aspect of your thoughts to become your reality.  It has to be.  It’s one of the Universal Laws.

Keep doing the work!

5 days ago I wrote I was beginning the Joe Dispenza work again – and I did.  I found it much more difficult to control my thoughts, steady my mind than I did when I was new to this.

First time round (Nov 2018)  I achieved great results very quickly and WANTED to sit to do the meditations – it was amazing.  A few weeks into it I became conscious that the smart thing to so was really concentrate on making each meditation a good one.  What was the point in doing 100 half hearted meditations to achieve the same results as 50 great ones in a faster time?  So I really got into it.  I wanted to be a Master!!!

I guess that was what you would call the honeymoon period.  Second time around it is more difficult to control my thoughts and steady myself into the meditation.   It’s taken me 5 days.

My motivation this morning was the fact that I found something on the outside of my left eye last night, my energy level was really low,  I had heart palpitations and hot flushes.  I began to think “I really need to get to grips with this work – otherwise I’m not far from kicking the bucket!”  In short I was really stressed out and got little sleep.

This morning I did half a meditation before I was interrupted – but “half a loaf is still better than no loaf at all to a starving man!”  The morning went a bit smoother for me.  Guests were arriving today and I needed to be in better health and humour.  I had a shower and then set my intention to get enough time to do the full meditation without interruption.  I did!  With only two minutes to spare!  And it was a good one.

That was 3 hours ago .  Now all is flowing nicely.  I’m off to get another meditation under my belt!

Moral of this post?  A reminder for me not to lapse again.   For the last few weeks I have been pushing myself to get emails answered, arrange tours and get on top of the paperwork.  Promising myself the time for meditation after.  Obviously that didn’t work as I was just too tired at the end of every day and there was never enough time.

Now I KNOW the only way to get on top of life and my everyday chores is to MAKE the time for the meditation FIRST and then everything else that needs to be done WILL get done.

If you are going to start the Dr. Joe work – take my advice.   Give it 100% and do the meditation even if it is only one, every morning before getting out of bed even.  I wish I hadn’t wasted all that time and energy by stopping.  Lesson learned!


When something works – keep doing it!

For years I have been practicing how to use Law of Attraction as taught by Esther Hicks and it helped me create many miracles in my life.  But you know the old saying “eaten bread is soon forgotten” ?  So true.  We are never satisfied that is true.  We begin the aging process as we start to lose our desires, our appetite for life and adventure.

For about a year now, I have been dis-satisfied with the results from my positive thinkng practice – things were going ok but definitely not in the fast lane any more.

Then I came across the neuroscientist Dr.Joe Dispenza and BOOM!  Back in the fast lane of life!

By the way Esther Hicks is the easy-listening Law of Attraction and Dr. Joe Dispenza is just one of the real legitimate, genuine scientists finally providing us with the science that is behind the Law of Attraction.

Big Question:  Does Law of Attraction really work?

Answer:  Yes, it does and it works whether you believe in it or not. It is a Universal Law.  So, smart people figure it out, get a handle on it and make it work for them – they are the 1% wealthiest people, the most successful ones on the planet .  Who are the 99% or more correctly what are the 99%?  Apologies, but the 99% are just the monkeys who do the work for the 1%  and the most productive monkeys are the ones who never wake up and don’t know they are monkeys.

I did Dr. Joe’s Intensive and Progressive Courses online.   Even without “doing the work” as he calls it, perfectly, I started having immediate results.  Part of the work is meditation.  I have never been able to meditate in my life.  Mysteriously, I found his meditations relatively easy and WANTED to get into them every day.  Sometimes I did 3 in a day.

The I flew off to America and while I still meditated and “did the work”  I started to slide, missing meditations until finally I wasn’t doing them at all.  What happened?  Exactly what all the gurus like Dr. Joe, Esther Hicks, Tony Robbins etc etc. say – “if you don’t make time to do the daily work within yourself (whatever practice or method it is) you are really wasting time – precious time.  If you start to do the work and then stop or forget, then begin again and miss again and so on… – really that is just living life like a yo-yo.

I traveled from New York to Egypt – still not doing the work.  I intended to get back meditating but I just never got the time.  One month later- a month of struggling to keep up with work, trying to get my accounts out of spreadsheets and into an accounts package and on and on and on – until a huge problem manifested, which I won’t go into here.

I went round in circles for hours trying to solve the problem.

That was my final “wake up!” call.  The Universe is always lining things up ahead of time for me.  And now was no exception.  Two days previously I had bought a more advanced version of Dr. Joe’s “Blessing of the Energy Centers” and downloaded it to my laptop – hadn’t found the time til now to open it.

I went to bed with the resolve never, ever, ever to miss my meditation again.  I also resolved never again to be treated like I was yesterday.  I sat up in bed with the open laptop and started to do the meditation – eventually I had to give up without finishing it and  go to sleep.

What can I tell you about life?  If you have health problems, are short of money, unhappy or dis-satisfied for any number of reasons you are never going to create miracles or make big changes by living life as you have til now.  Sorry to tell you – work does not make you rich and medicine can do little to cure your ills in the long run.

You want miracles?  Wealth? Health? Prolonged Happiness?  You gotta get off you butt and research til you find someone who has what you want, find out how they got and GO DO THE SAME THING or at least your version of it.  Or don’t and stay a monkey til you die and teach your children the same.

I have found many solutions over the years to how to make things better, faster and Dr. Joe Dispenza is top of the heap in my book – in so far as I have come myself.

Moral of my tale – I guess I have to admit I am still vacillating between genius creator and monkey.  So when you find some practice of way of life that improves your situation – DON’T STOP THE PRACTICE.

Some of my future posts here will probably document my progress or lack thereof down the road of Dr. Joe’s teachings.  I hope I spend more time as a genius creator than a monkey (haha by the way, in the Mayan Calendar I am a Blue Monkey and my challenge in life is to have fun!).  I did the work and my meditation this morning 🙂  Have to wait and see about the visa!

What the Bleep do we Know (Movie)

Esther Hicks (or just search for her on any subject on YouTube)

Dr. Joe Dispenza   (or seach Dr Joe Dispenza  testimonials on YouTube if you want to hear from people healing themselves from everything incl stage 4 of various cancers)

Dr. Bruce Lipton

The key to receiving is GRATITUDE

The key to receiving or manifesting, creating things or events or situations you want is to feel the emotion of gratitude.  If you are not in the habit of being thankful for the little things in life that you already have or receive on a daily basis, then whipping up the emotion of gratitude is a bit more difficult.

Giving thanks in advance of something you have not yet received is taking gratitude to the next level – this is really powerful.

Easy ways to practice being in a state of gratitude:

  • the habit of silently giving thanks before and after you eat
    • thanks for the person who cooked it
    • thanks for the availability of good ingredients – you didn’t have to go out and kill it, search for it or dig for it – and you may not even have grown any of it
    • thanks for having been able to grow some of the meal yourself – if you did
    • what about thanks for the dishwasher?!
  • thanks for having had a good night’s sleep – if you did.  If you didn’t then try giving thanks in advance for the next good night’s sleep you will have.
  • thanks for the roof over your head – and if you happen to own the roof over your head then wow! that is something to be grateful for every day!
  • thanks for the people who love you
  • thanks for the people around you that you love
  • thanks for the people you like and that do the little things every day to make your life easier.
  • thanks for the weather – whatever it is
  • thanks for anything that causes you to wonder and be in awe of
  • thanks for the pleasing scenery around you
  • thanks for the person who made you laugh, the inspiring film you just watched.
  • thanks for the unexpected event that happens to enrich your life
  • thanks for tomorrow which is going to be even better than today
  • thanks for surviving the day!
  • thanks to your feet – don’t they do a good job moving you from place to place every day?
  • thanks for your sight – where would you be without it?  Don’t take it for granted!
  • thanks for your hands, mind, intellect
  • thanks for…..come on you can do even better than me

Making a list like the above is a good way to remind you of much you may have forgotten that you have reason to be thankful for.

Well-being or Trouble – Which You Follow?

You can react to a situation or person from one or two inspirations. You can be inspired to react by Source/Well-being or you can be inspired to react by Trouble.

Someone does something or says something and that draws a reaction from you.  If you are going to be inspired to act/react by either Source or Trouble – which One do you want to follow?

Since Trouble follows Trouble you want to be guided by that one? You want to make the situation worse or better?

Is it a good idea to practice stopping for a second to figure out which inspiration you are following?  It’s all about practice.

Pretty much most of what we do is – react.  How many times have you heard words tumbling out of your mouth and you JUST KNOW they are not helping – you can see yourself getting into hot water.

How many situations or conversations can you look back on and say “I really wish I hadn’t said/done that!  I wish I had caught it in time!

Here’s the good news, every one of those you can look back on brings you more clarity for the future.  If you practice stopping before your act/speak for just a few seconds.  You will, in time, get to a place where you will be able to hold your tongue/refrain from the action and either walk away or, even better, take your inspiration to speak from Source.

Everything that happens you or around you is a reaction to your thoughts/vibrations.  You want to know where your inspiration is coming from?  Look at what is manifesting around you.

Your environment, where you live, where you work, who you work with, how much money you have, who your friends are – everything is a reaction by the Universe to your habit of thought.  YOU! – YOU and nobody else, nothing else is responsible for what YOU have created around you.  Get that through your head and you’re home and dry.  Get that through your head and you’ve hit the Winning Streak!

You want to change your life?

Change what you think about.  Change the way you think about everything you think about.


Everyone of us have more reasons to feel satisfied than not satisfied.  We just keep forgetting it.  We forget because every way we turn we are hit with advertising telling us there is one more thing we need to make us happy.  Really?

You want to feel happy?  Wake up every day and do a quick mental list of everything you are satisfied with.  Start with the comfortable bed, family, friends, whatever – everything you are satisfied with. Look around your room at the objects you once bought to make you happy and say “you satisfy me, you satisfy me…..”


They are like little fairies inside your head.  Some of them are bad little devils and they delight in driving you to misery.  Some of them are beautiful, lovely little things who want to pull you in the direction of everything you would love and desire.  The thing is, it’s completely up to you which ones you pay attention to and chat with.

It’s so simple it’s ridiculous

Example 1– your probable, habitual, practiced reactive thought:

  • You wake up, look out the window and it’s pouring rain.  Your habitual, practiced thought reaction is probably “Oh shit!  what a miserable fucking day!”  Well, if your environment reacts to your thought, what kind of day do you think you are going to have?  Probably the one that gets even more miserable as the day goes on.

Example 2 – your new reactive thought to practice:

  • Hmm, nice day, that’s gonna clean away all the dust and clear the air today.  Hmmm (stretch) can’t wait to see what happy surprises coming my way today.  If I’m lucky it’ll stop raining every time I step outside – just for me 🙂 cos, I AM LUCKY and getting luckier by the day.

The day you step outside and it’s stopped raining – that’s the day the vibration you are giving off has changed and the Universe reacts IMMEDIATELY.  That’s the day you realise you’re in control.

Since it really is not that important to you whether it is raining or not this is a very, very easy way to test whether or not you are actually controlling what is showing up in your life.