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You Don’t Need to wear a Mask – unless…

Only HEALTH CARE WORKERS, SICK PEOPLE, people looking after sick people at home, and if you are also coughing & sneezing NEED wear MASKS.  I don’t know where common sense has gone, perhaps out the window because of fear.  I would imagine it is not healthy for sick people to be wearing masks though – so not sure what that is all about.

I don’t know from whom some governments around the world are taking their advice.  And it seems to change from day to day or week to week.  As individuals and as business people I think we need to become conscious of the type of future and the quality of life we want.  Our children are being molded by our actions today.  What kind of lives do we want them to have?  What unconscious vibes are we transmitting today?

Yes, health awareness and safety is vital but, let’s slow down a little and consider what is really necessary, practical and healthy.  Let’s not jump on bandwagons because of an image we want to project about ourselves or to promote a business image.

Here is the World Health Organisation public video on who NEEDS to wear a mask.

If you are none of the above, wearing a mask can be bad for your own health.  Just think about it, you are repeatedly exhaling and re-inhaling your own breath particles for one thing.

We might want to think of the fear we are engendering into our kids with all this too.

My aunt (RIP) was a nurse, who died long before her time – her early 40s I think.  But, as long as I knew her she was paranoid about germs – paranoid about dust and everything she touched.  She wasn’t born or raised that way – she developed it as a result of her nursing career and it got out of hand.

Here is just a little personal story of how someone else’s phobia can affect a child.

My aunt visited about 3 times a year and the house had to get a thorough going over before her arrival.  Of course she knew more than my mom about health matters.  So, Auntie checked us kids out from top to toe, for every possible problem.  On one of her visits she apparently found something in my hair – lice?  I got an immediate haircut!  Thankfully for me there were no electric razors around in then.

The problem is that it didn’t stop at one haircut.  And I didn’t catch the germ phobia.  But her phobia for MY hair continued every time she visited and severely impacted my self-esteem and body image.  And especially for major events such as first communion, when my friends had lovely long and curly hair – I had my hair cut to just below my ears!

My last dreaded haircut was aged 12.  It seriously affected my self-confidence – there were boys in the school you see and I would soon becoming aware of the difference between us!  I don’t know why I couldn’t voice my objection to the haircuts before then, my parents were not ogres!  But my memory makes me ask what kind of fears and feelings are our children not able to voice today?

I also remember in the 1960s the County Councils distributed a little booklet to every home on what to do if a nuclear bomb fell on Ireland.  Here’s a laugh for you – it suggested we “tape up the windows and hide under the tables”.  I read that booklet from cover to cover and can still remember it today.  I remember the fear it generated in me.  But, what I remember most of all was the fear I felt every night during those years, when I leaned over the balcony and listened to the adults downstairs talking about it and discussing the radio news of the day.

I never told anyone I was afraid.  It just became a part of me.  When I was at home I worried about my grandparents, aunts and uncles. When I was in grandma’s house for holidays I worried about my parents and what would happen if the bomb fell.  Not all day, every day, just every night and the fear became ingrained in my subconscious through the nightly ritual of prayer.  Family prayer at night was the rosary – where we prayed for everyone we knew by name, for them to be safe.  For them to be safe implied to me they must be in some kind of danger.  Sound crazy?  Well, that was my reality

We need to get a grip on the fear.  Not just pretend to.  We need to really lose it.  We need to stop or curtail as much as possible the outward displays of fear.  Wearing a face mask when it is not necessary is expressing fear.  The 2 meter rule is unworkable and ridiculous in schools, restaurants, bars etc,  As humans we need to see each other, we need to touch each other and we need to be close to each other.  Let’s not forget that in our plans for getting back to business, school and living

Covid-19 A lesson from the Universe on the Nature of Reality

If there is one thing I am learning from COVID19 – it’s about reality.

Many different opinions on COVID-19

Scientists, experts, doctors – everyone is presenting theories, solutions, explanations and then, of course, there are those who test positive, negative or even positive/negative.  Faulty tests kits are blamed. And then there is arising the question “Are some people lying to us?”

Yet another explanation?

Perhaps there is another explanation.  We have long known IN SCIENCE that expectations of the experimenters and the watchers influence the results of the scientific experiments themselves.

Anyway, here’s the thing – EVERYONE is experiencing or not experiencing COVID19 through THEIR OWN personal lens of perception.  And perception is based on what?  Learning, inherited belief systems, personal belief systems and life experiences. 

Is the Universe telling us there is no ONE 3D reality?  Just a series of dramas we choose to buy into or not?  I think so.   How else to explain all the different opinions?  However, we do hold certain beliefs in common.  Beliefs we all agree on.  In the midst of coronavirus we are dividing into different camps of beliefs.  So the numbers of individuals holding the same belief becomes a “collective and the manifestation of that belief becomes stronger – more 3D realistic.

On that note – decide if you want to hold the belief we will all get out of this together into a brave, new, beautiful world – or the belief that we are all doomed to slavery.  Or could you hold the belief that we are in deep shit now but on our way out and into a beautiful new world?

The great thing is – we get to choose the dramas we want to participate in and we get to choose the roles we play – the winner or the loser? the victim, the victor.  We choose to experience the success, the loss, the abundance, the poverty.  We get to play the healthy one, the sick one, the one who gets everything easy, the one who has to struggle. 

WE get to choose which COVID-19 drama we want to be in.

This idea may well annoy you if you are playing one of the less desired roles…GOOD.

I intend no disrespect or judgement on anyone’s experience of COVID-19 by writing this – please read my next post Judgement is a Killer

Have a serious think about this theory and choose a new drama, choose your new role.  How do you do that?  First become aware that everything in your life you have chosen – with your habitual thoughts. 

Everything in your life is just a REFLECTION of your thoughts, a manifestation of your habitual thinking.

Now that your are aware, watch your thoughts, catch the unhappy ones that are responsible for where you are in life.  The just dream about a different life or a different situation (like when you were a kid and you daydreamed of your great future. Then, talk and think more about what you want and how you want it to play out.

You might have to put the iphone away for several hours a day and definitely don’t use it before going to sleep, for this to work faster.

We are creating by default in every moment

Actually, we are all doing by default anyway.    Something happens – it can be good or bad, we have emotional reactions and then our train of thought starts and continues along the one line.

NOTE – even though I say we are creating by our thoughts – it is not quite that easy/bad.  Just having a thought by itself does not mean you can create it.

The creation happens ONLY when the thought generates an emotion

Thought sends the picture out into the Universe

Emotion draws the event to you

Unfortunately, some of us, through no INITIAL fault of our own, have bad experiences that tend to make us think we are losers.  But it doesn’t have to stay that way,  Just by reading the right book, watching the right film or maybe even reading a post like this, we can choose to take a minute to ponder “could this possible be true?  If we allow the slightest possibility that we create our own dramas then that is the first step towards choosing different dramas to buy into and changing our lives.

For years I went from crisis to crisis until one day I found myself having an imaginary conversation (argument) with someone.  In the conversation I said, with quite a bit of anger and resentment “well, if there’s one thing I am – I’m a survivor!”  And it hit me like a bolt of lightening – awareness.   My train of thought rapidly went from

“I’m a survivor!”  (statement) to “I’m a survivor?” (question) then

“You mean I’ve been creating all this shit just to prove I’m a survivor?!”  F***!  to

“Right! so now that I KNOW I’m a survivor, I don’t need to go on creating these dramas!” to

“Done!  Finished!  No More!  Finito!  Peace!”

Life got a lot better for me from there on.

Watch your thoughts, notice the feelings, the emotions the thoughts bring up – now, wait for some version or aspect of your thoughts to become your reality.  It has to be.  It’s one of the Universal Laws.

The End of COVID-19

Yes, as far as I am concerned – it’s the end of COVID-19.  I am not giving it any more of my precious time and attention, after I write this post.   Exactly two months into my awareness of it, the following are my conclusions on it and some other stuff.


COVID-19 and every other virus like it did not emerge because of bats in Wuhan, China.  Yes, the virus emerged probably in Wuhan but for other factors.  And there is no point in blaming China because what they are doing there is being done across the world – in every big city from Dublin to New York and every industrialised agricultural area… or maybe the phrase should be intensive industrialised farming might be the phrase to use.


On the face of it, lockdown was instituted across the world in order to prevent the complete collapse of the existing Health Services, hospitals etc.


I don’t believe so, in the majority of cases.  It was just the last straw for many people who had one or more contributing factors – they were elderly, had heart and/or lung problems, had low immune systems, were in some stage of other serious illnesses.  I think it is more than possible that some died because ventilators overwhelmed their last shred of resistance.  And finally, the humanity factor of being isolated and left alone in their fear and distress most certainly did not help – and, in my own mind, this last factor is the saddest part of the story.


The emotional, psychological and financial impact of COVID-19 are going to affect a great many of us, especially in the developed countries for a long time to come – especially the children and those already experiencing mental health and human condition issues.

Our governments and how they handle the aftermath of the virus is (possibly) going to be the most influencing factor in the severity of what may or may not turn out to be a recovery.  I say “possibly” because we might escape the probability/certainty? of their bungling by taking our individual recovery into our own hands.


What I write about above is in the past for me because I intend to at least TRY to take responsibility for my own recovery into my own hands – or should it be MIND?


The biggest lesson I have taken from the COVID-19 event is that the most important aspect of my health is my IMMUNE SYSTEM.    I need to become more pro-active in taking care of it if I want to stay away from our broken Healthcare Systems across the world.  My best weapons are:

  • Being as happy as I can be 24/7 because you can’t be happy and stressed at the same time.  Stress is a HUGE factor in wrecking our immune systems.  I will do that by drastically reducing time on my phone – especially Facebook, which is the most depressing and fear-thriving app/platform I know of.  Choosing happy, uplifting, inspiring films etc and tuning in as little as possible to international news.  Once a day is even too much to be tuning into the feed of fear.  Keeping in touch with a circle of friends – not just clicking the Like buttons on social media – that’s not keeping in touch -that’s pretending to keep in touch.   And why are we all texting instead of talking anyway?  Avoidance measures – plain daft and isolating.
  • Examining my diet and taking whatever supplements I think I am not getting enough of – and that definitely entails taking Vit C every day because we don’t store it.  Getting at least an hour of sun exposure  throughout the day to keep my Vit D levels up and also keeping any eye out that I am not lacking in necessary Amino Acids which most people incl medical profession don’t seem to pay much attention to.
  • Sticking to my exercise – at least 2 hours on my bike every day if at all possible
  • Going to sleep when I am tired – even if it is 8pm.  Getting up with the sun and going to be when it’s dark is the natural body cycle anyway!
  • An on-going evaluation of my priorities in life, what is important to me and what isn’t, what I really need/want and what I don’t.



Everyone knows our healthcare systems in Ireland the UK and the US (I don’t know much about EU) are a complete joke.  Nurses are not paid enough and the hours hospital doctors and nurses work are little short of legalised slavery.  How can exhausted people be expected to care for people properly?

US$5,500 is the bill in a New York Hospital for a nurse to lance a peronidal cyst, without any form anaesthetic, no other form of medication, absolutely nothing required, no packing materials afterwards, just to lance it, clean the area and stick on a bandage – WTF?  Look there is something radically wrong there.  And I don’t think our Irish hospitals are much better.   I would like to see a complete audit of all our hospitals individually to see where the costs arise that, apparently, are making it next to impossible for thousands of people to get attention for serious medical conditions.

I would like to see governments taking more interest and promoting better self help care in the areas of mental health and in the form of nutrition, alternative therapies and stress management.  Prevention is better than cure and we need to create a healthy community with less need for serious healthcare for as long as possible.


I hated school, beyond reading, writing and maths it was mostly a waste of time in my case and, sorry to say, but my secondary school teachers were definitely not up to much – I don’t know if it’s the same today.  But I think the prevailing ethos of dependance on points and exam systems that grade students on their ability to regurgitate data has long been recognised as a failed system.  I don’t know why we perpetuate it.

There are increasing numbers of our children falling out of that system every year.  Things need to change.  I am sorry for my grandchildren who have to go through the current systems and glad I am not a parent now because I don’t think I could stand to watch my kids though the system again.


I would love to see a return to small farming or something like that – maybe that means people going back to keeping a few chickens in the backyard – if not prevented by local laws, growing more vegetables ourselves, more bee-keepers etc.  The lakes of pig-slurry can’t go on indefinitely, – it is obvious they are a breeding ground for the next virus mutation.  The cruelty and the lack of morality in industrialize animal farming and food production results in us eating meat that has a bad energy and bad vibration about it – can’t be healthy for us – I say that without even going into what these animals are fed with etc.



I would see the inclination of world governments and people in power behind them such a huge corporations and private interests as one of the biggest unrecognised threats to our existence today.  This becomes obvious in the increasing surveillance measures everywhere – cameras, cameras everywhere and now they want to track us (they already do to an extent) through our phones.

People are Products – to Facebook, Google etc. we are not users, we are products.  They don’t just sell to us, they sell us, our information and our data.  They dehumanize us.

Freedom – Countries where people think they are republics and democracies, without Emperors, Kings & Queens are living a delusion.  What is the difference between the behaviors of the individuals we “elect” and the Emperors of old?  Not a lot when you really think about it.  We just live under the illusion of freedom.  We have more laws and law ENFORCERS now across the globe than we ever had.   We are as much or even  more enslaved to big business today than we were enslaved of old.  Time to take a stand I think.

Peer Policing, Judgements, Convictions, Social Taboos – Personally the most disappointing thing I noticed the past two months was a spiralling growth in peer policing and the subequent trial by social media and lynching (metaphorically) of our fellow citizens.    I understand it is all completely fuelled by fear, but it is damaging and dangerous.  What do I mean?

  • The harassment, judgement and hanging on social media by some people obeying lockdown of the people they perceived to breaking it.
  • the now erupting arguments between those in favour of continuing lockdown versus those who want lockdown lifted
  • the ensuing (and I would imagine going to explode) fights between those who want to force everyone to get vaccinated against everything and those who want the right to refuse vaccination for themselves and their families
  • the fight between those who believe the virus came from doing something with rats in China and those who believe it comes from our damage to the environment
  • the fight between those who believe there is a virus and those who believe it is some kind of hoax pulled by governments and the New World Order to enslave us all
  • the fight between the US citizens who support the Democratic Party and those who support the Republican Party over the virus and how to deal with it – and most importantly the need to find someone to blame for it all.
  • the fight between the ones who want censorship and those who want freedom of speech
  • The fight between the religious and the agnostic, between the liberal and the conservative, the fight between the Right and the Left, the fight between the American Whites and the American Blacks??? the fight between the American police and the black community.

Oh God!  I’m going to stop there – it’s just too fucking exhausting!  Everyone has a position on everything!  Fine, that’s ok!  What is NOT ok is the growing need that seems to be expressing itself in people to HAVE EVERYONE ELSE CONVERT to their position on EVERYTHING!  That is the beginning of fascism and a return to Nazi politics and control.  Yes, all driven by fear.  It might be funny if it weren’t so sad.

So, that is me, done and dusted now, got everything on the subject of COVID-19 (I hope!) off my chest, and ready to get on with my life.

Sadhguru – on coronavirus

Some things Sadhguru talks about in the video -I like his jokes and he is not a religious nut lol! He says a lot of unexpected things that don’t look quite the same on paper as when he says them.

Most human beings are unconscious most of the time. Situations like this bring home to us how fragile human life is. We think we are the center of the Universe, which is the biggest mistake man has done. Most people are going about daily life as if they are going to be here forever. The virus has brought it home to us that tomorrow it could be you or me.

We shouldn’t have waited for the virus to know this – it’s something we should always be conscious of. Then we would prioritise our lives in very different ways. 150,000 – 250,000 people die every day on Earth from natural causes and otherwise. But most people only think that other people die!

We have a limited amount of time and all we have to do is make life beautiful for ourselves and the people around us. Human beings forget that we are all nature and we need to co-exist without destroying other natural habitats.

People are more inclined to look at what they are currently being deprived of instead of what they are being given. Given time to be with their families. Domestic violence figures have gone up because we don’t know how to be with each other. These are not strangers you are locked up with – people you consider your loved ones and 15 days – you freaked out!? Time to examine who we are and what is the nature of our relationships.

The most fundamental quality required to be a HUMAN BEING is that you know HOW TO BE. If you knew how TO BE, every opportunity is a possibility, even this. New ideas, new business, lots of new is going to come out of this.

If you say you are bored right now – can you imagine the plight of all the people who have to live with you?! You are not bored because of what is happening – you are bored because of what is inside your head – you need more input. Social media took care of that for about a week but then the same input is being repeated. You have excluded yourself from the Universe – the whole cosmos is yours – you just don’t know it! We think the internet has expanded our horizons, that is not necessarily so for most people.

Esther Hicks- Abraham – speaks about Coronavirus

Esther Hicks channels “Abraham”/Infinite Intelligence on the subject of coronavirus during the Cruise on 14 March 2020. They tell us, yet again and as always 🙂 each of us has the choice of where we put our focus. What we focus on is what is. And as so many others tell us “where we put our focus is where we put our energy” So, what do we want? Well-being or coronavirus? It’s up to us to choose our thoughts, live in freedom or live in fear? I haven’t been on the phone or any social media much over the last 3 days – I’m busy 🙂 doing lots of stuff I been putting off for so long – and I feel good.

Esther says in the video “There is no greater virus than fear. The susceptibility to this virus is close to non-existent and even as it is increasing to some degree before it begins to decrease, it is infinitesimal, but FEAR is rampant….”

“As long as you don’t play the game of pushing against anyone – in other words, lots of people use opportunities like this to push against somethings they have already been pushing hard against. It just gives them stronger reason to push against, stronger reason to express their sense of vulnerability. More evidence or more facts to let them express their outrage against this one or that one, or their sense of vulnerability. And when you think about it……”