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Sadhguru – on coronavirus

Some things Sadhguru talks about in the video -I like his jokes and he is not a religious nut lol! He says a lot of unexpected things that don’t look quite the same on paper as when he says them.

Most human beings are unconscious most of the time. Situations like this bring home to us how fragile human life is. We think we are the center of the Universe, which is the biggest mistake man has done. Most people are going about daily life as if they are going to be here forever. The virus has brought it home to us that tomorrow it could be you or me.

We shouldn’t have waited for the virus to know this – it’s something we should always be conscious of. Then we would prioritise our lives in very different ways. 150,000 – 250,000 people die every day on Earth from natural causes and otherwise. But most people only think that other people die!

We have a limited amount of time and all we have to do is make life beautiful for ourselves and the people around us. Human beings forget that we are all nature and we need to co-exist without destroying other natural habitats.

People are more inclined to look at what they are currently being deprived of instead of what they are being given. Given time to be with their families. Domestic violence figures have gone up because we don’t know how to be with each other. These are not strangers you are locked up with – people you consider your loved ones and 15 days – you freaked out!? Time to examine who we are and what is the nature of our relationships.

The most fundamental quality required to be a HUMAN BEING is that you know HOW TO BE. If you knew how TO BE, every opportunity is a possibility, even this. New ideas, new business, lots of new is going to come out of this.

If you say you are bored right now – can you imagine the plight of all the people who have to live with you?! You are not bored because of what is happening – you are bored because of what is inside your head – you need more input. Social media took care of that for about a week but then the same input is being repeated. You have excluded yourself from the Universe – the whole cosmos is yours – you just don’t know it! We think the internet has expanded our horizons, that is not necessarily so for most people.

Esther Hicks- Abraham – speaks about Coronavirus

Esther Hicks channels “Abraham”/Infinite Intelligence on the subject of coronavirus during the Cruise on 14 March 2020. They tell us, yet again and as always 🙂 each of us has the choice of where we put our focus. What we focus on is what is. And as so many others tell us “where we put our focus is where we put our energy” So, what do we want? Well-being or coronavirus? It’s up to us to choose our thoughts, live in freedom or live in fear? I haven’t been on the phone or any social media much over the last 3 days – I’m busy 🙂 doing lots of stuff I been putting off for so long – and I feel good.

Esther says in the video “There is no greater virus than fear. The susceptibility to this virus is close to non-existent and even as it is increasing to some degree before it begins to decrease, it is infinitesimal, but FEAR is rampant….”

“As long as you don’t play the game of pushing against anyone – in other words, lots of people use opportunities like this to push against somethings they have already been pushing hard against. It just gives them stronger reason to push against, stronger reason to express their sense of vulnerability. More evidence or more facts to let them express their outrage against this one or that one, or their sense of vulnerability. And when you think about it……”

How are you coping during lock-down? Russell Brand

I follow Russell on facebook and instagram because he has a unique way of hitting the nail on the head. Here he talks about addiction – and is refreshingly honest about his. While I am not addicted to the usual things we tend to associate with the word “addiction” I do have an addictive personality and for the last 3 days it has been a Turkish tv series called “magnificient century kosem”. In fact I have watched it almost right through the night a few times prior to last 3 days.??? Today I promise myself I will only watch one episode and find myself breaking into a sweat just telling myself “not yet!” Have a listen – if you think it doesn’t apply to you, he is still really entertaining ?♥️♥️♥️

VIT A, Glutathion and Coronavirus

Dr. Ben Lynch starts his video by saying how pissed he is at the medical guys who are saying they don’t know the answers.

I tuned into what he was saying because he said three things that mainstream medicine has told us lately

  • Italian doctors revealed that ALL their infected cases end up with the same condition – PNEUMONIA and that is what is causing the deaths.
  • Doctors differ on whether Ibrufen or Tylenol or neither should be used in the treatment of infected people but nobody was saying why – Dr. Ben explains why in the video below.  Paracetomol (Tylenol) reduces glutathione levels significantly leading to potential liver damage. If glutathione levels are already low, this is a huge issue.”

And then Dr. Ben goes on to give us the names of the supplements that elderly and immune-compromised people need.  While medical papers have been published on this, doctors are not taking notice.  It would appear for the last few years that mainstream medicine will not consider, let alone accept, any results that go against what they already teach and believe until said cures and treatments are being used for the last 10 years and proving effective in huge numbers.

Dr. Bens supplement advice for the elderly and immune compromised

Personally, were I a death’s door I would definitely at least want to try some supplements!

Have a listen to Dr. Ben and then do your own research.  Some time ago I had a conversation in a hospital with a nurse who told me  she had great difficulty reconciling some of her duties as a Staff Nurse while she knew from personal experience how much sick people could help themselves and not end up in hospital.  She said so many just needed to examine their lives,  mental attitude, beliefs, diets and research the Amino Acids, Vits and Minerals they were deficient in.  Sometimes it’s just one or two things we are deficient in.

One more thing – as we get older we appear to need less sleep.  We need less sleep or we just get by without it because we are less active?  Sleep is VITAL for our immune systems.

Dr.  Ben and the link between low melatonin and coronavirus.

So, if you know a doctor or nurse who might listen with an open mind, and you find validity in Dr. Ben’s video – why not pass it on to them?  Apart from that you could go out an possibly buy some of this stuff for your own elderly relatives or maybe someone you know whose health needs a little boost.

If you can’t find Glutathione, it is made up from Glutamine, Glycine and Cysteine.

10 Natural Ways to Increase Your Glutathione Levels

I also see on social media some experts saying Vitamin C does not combat the Coronavirus – and it doesn’t.  BUT it does help your immune system and it is proved to help quicker recovery from colds and flu’ .  So, what’s to lose by taking vit C now?

Shit Happens – 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19)

2011 was when I first started writing somewhat consistently – out of crisis and frustration, I suppose.  It’s interesting for me to note it’s exactly a year since I wrote anything here.  Now, it appears we are in crisis again – only this time it is not just me and a situation within my environment, it’s worldwide and we are all in it together.

When I write I clear my mind of imaginary conversations going on in my head with other people.  No, I am not hearing voices hahaha!  Not yet, anyway.  But you know how you rehearse what you would like to say to your kids, your boss, your partner etc?  Those kind of conversations.

WHAT’S USUALLY IN MY HEAD? – solution seeking

Since I am one of those people who believe I know quite a bit about the game of life (because of age and life experience), my imaginary conversations are usually around some topic I see someone struggling with and I am straining inside not to shout “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, it’s already been done.  Take the damn wheel that’s already there and use it!”  Of course I am not talking about an actual wheel, I am referring to some problem they are having that I know others have already sorted, or I, myself have worked my way through at some stage.


Now, we’re all in a new, unique and rickety ole boat and the currents we float on are changing direction and speed by the day.


Since 2011 and the years that followed, I read all media with some scepticism.  Back then, media, both foreign and domestic showed me clearly the difference between their reports and what I witnessed and knew.  Mostly they lied.  Facebook and Twitter added more fuel to the fire.  What angered me the most back then was the lies believed and propagated by people living outside the country about something they had no background knowledge of  – idiot armchair warriors, meddling (albeit with good intentions in the name of democracy – but democracy is not all it is cracked up to be!) and causing serious consequences in a country far away from them.


I check the name of the author and the publication.  I do a quick search on google about the aims of a publication if it is new to me.   I check out the political and sometimes economic historical stance of writers etc.   I believe nothing on facebook or twitter unless it comes either from someone I know who is a personal witness to an event – AND who is also a knowledgeable and broad minded person.  I totally disregard bigots.

I am not paranoid but, on the whole I don’t trust governments worldwide – I have experienced far too painfully the consequences of international politics and the games they play.

So, whether this is a real accidental threat from some type of germicidal organism, a leak from a research lab or intentional germ warfare between countries or against an age segment of the worldwide population, the results are the same.  While I am taking all recommended precaution myself, I will also be going the alternative route.  That will be the main focus of my writing here for the next few weeks/months – as long as this goes on.

From time to time over the years I have had time enforced on me – being between jobs, weeks maybe, in the past. I never used that time wisely.  Instead of relaxing and getting ready for the upswing, I would wreck my head trying to find solutions, like a rat in a trap.


Well, this time, I think we all accept there is nothing we can do ourselves to end this – orders for isolation come from state and I am not disagreeing.  So, this time I am going to relax, improve my diet, improve my mind, be more diligent in my meditations, try new things, and be ready for change – because change is certain, nothing stays the same … and write all that stuff I have been putting off for years.


The other reason I am resuming my blog here is because I find so much inspiring stuff posted on Instagram (more uplifting than Facebook),  some on Facebook, Twitter and articles online.   I want to keep my thoughts/focus happy and positive.  Therefore I want to keep all those goodies in one place so I can easily find them when I mentally hit a rough spot myself.

Just as I finish writing – look who shows up outside my balcony!

bird on a wire


Finally – all the media is keeping us up to date with new cases, deaths etc.  I haven’t come across any site giving us the survival and recovery statistics which are HUGE – so, before you go to bed tonight, click here and go to sleep with more hope 🙂

Blessings and Positive Vibes to everyone.

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