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Against a Cashless Society & the Banks!

I am quite aware that parts of this post may be interpreted by some readers as me being a conspiracy theorist.  I used to deny this but you know what?  I don’t think I can anymore.

Kinder readers may say “She has a vivid imagination”.  Ok, remember when we had no mobile phones and Star Trek was just a sci-fi programme?  Remember the novel “1984” ?  Go buy it quick because it is deleted now from Amazon kindle (censorship).  Oh and did you watch the film “Pandemic”?  Are we in a time when life is imitating art?  Or is “ART telling us what is coming because Hollywood is part of the Club doing the future planning?  Nothing is impossible or even improbably anymore.   “Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they are not after you”.   Who said that?

Just put yourself in any one of the following situations with no cash and your bank debit or credit card/s are stolen, lost, declined or retained by ATM or shop employee.  Then consider how many days it is going to be before your new card is delivered to your HOME address.  Tough luck if you on holiday in a third world country – no idea how you’ll get your new card there.

  • in an airport en route to somewhere, even worse you have multiple flights, even worse than that you have one or more layovers lasting a couple of hours.  Make the situation worse, you miss a flight!   How you going to pay for another one if you have to?  You can’t buy food or drink.  You can’t use an airport phone.  You can’t top up your phone if you are on pre-pay if the credit runs out.  Your credit is likely to run out if the bank helpline puts you on automatic hold to listen to their usual irrelevant messages.  If your flights are short haul and there are no complimentary food or drinks…well, they will probably give you a glass of water but from the plane storage water not bottled.  This HAS happened to me.
  • you arrive at your destination – how do you pay for the transport to your hotel or home?
  • you arrive at your holiday destination – your card or a deposit is required to enable you to avail of room service.
  • It’s Friday night – you are in the supermarket and have filled your trolley with the weekly family shopping.  Arrive at the check out – no cash, cards won’t work….what you going to do?  It happened my twice – my card did not work even though there was enough money on it.  On both occasions it had been flagged because I had bought a lot of stuff online – won’t be doing that much again.  I am not supporting big corporations any more by using their goods or services.
  • you are in a shop, bar, restaurant, bus or train station, want to pay for your lunch, dinner, purchases, tickets – no cash, card won’t work.  What do you do?
  • you want to give a cash present to your child, grandchild whoever… in a cashless society you don’t have it
  • you see someone in need and want to give him/her cash…you can’t.

Trends over the years

  1. banks wanted us to start using credit cards so they offered us free insurance, air-miles, bonus points for hotels on the one hand and the idea that cards were safer and easier on the other hand…eventually a certain number obliged….credit card debt became common.
  2. then they introduced debit cards and employers were encouraged to pay wages into bank accounts instead of paying cash.  Well, now more people had to open bank accounts and take a debit card.  Of course, in time we started to use the card more.
  3. now, we have coronavirus and CASH IS DANGEROUS!

However, in between point 2 and point 3 the banks and the shareholders’ greed took a new turn and not one to benefit the larger community.  They started a progressive closing down of the counters in all banks and eventually the banks themselves.   Over time again, a huge saving to the banks and shareholders.

We went from the banks serving us to humanity being enslaved to the banks

The customer service is now a joke.

It is almost impossible to speak in person with a bank official.

95% of wages are paid direct from employer to the staff bank account.

Now they want to eliminate cash completely and we will have no way back.  The banks, government and whoever else has access will not only control our money but be able to track our every movement.

Best Surveillance System EVER!

Techies are busy coming up with solutions to my arguments above about the perils of being suddenly without a working bank card.  I don’t care what solutions they create.  I am still against a cashless society because it is the best EVER surveillance and control system.

You can see from your bank statement, if you are an avid card user that you could write a diary of where you have been at least 3 times every day for the past 3 days – down to the exact minute you make every purchase.

But it doesn’t stop at surveillance – it has wider implications and capabilities.  Your card could, at any time be used to curtail your movements.  Mind now I said “COULD” be used in the following ways against you

  • a spending limit can easily be imposed preventing you from purchasing a car – even if you have enough money lol!
  • a travel limit can be imposed – you could be stopped from purchasing airline, bus or train tickets.
  • in fact a cashless society could quickly convert your bank card into a card containing all your personal information and history and used against you in many ways.  Check out life in North Korea and think about this.  You would have to admit if this is already in place in one country and I think China are headed this way also?  Then you think with the right goverment in place it can’t happen to you?  https://www.libertyinnorthkorea.org/learn-nk-challenges/

The banks want us to send them an email rather than call them.  We will wait maybe 24 hours for a response and even then we can be given the wrong information (happened to me when I queried a transaction online via my online banking).

Their call centers are centralized and in some cases, overseas.  If we   have a problem, it is almost impossible to connect on the phone to a logical human being.  They make us lose the will to continue the call by forcing us to listen to a litany of services they offer but we don’t require before finally connecting us.  God help us if we can’t remember some parts of our pin or password because in that case they can’t talk to us at all.  What infuriates me about this part is they won’t even answer a generalized question.

Banks kept all perks relevant to themselves and took away our rights.

Banks introduced charges to cover

  • cash handling and cash deposits made to business accounts
  • charge business around 3% for processing our cards because we objected to charges for using cards…did we?  This was a nice move because we, the card users thought we were getting free banking.  But now the business owner has to factor that into his costs so we still pay for using the card – most people just don’t realize it.
  • account fees – for what service now?

The banks charge high interest rates and keep changing the parameters for giving loans.  They only give loans on favorable terms to themselves – ok they are in business but let us be up front about it and stop the slide into total slavery – keep our cash and say “no” to a cashless society.  Actually, it’s probably already too late.

So, while steadily stripping away all the services they ones offered and charged us for…they still keep taking the money for the services given in a cash society.

Unless and until they take away all the ATM’s I will be taking out cash once or twice a week and paying for EVERYTHING with CASH.  However it inconveniences me I WILL walk away if cash is refused.  Time to take a stand.