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Anxiety/Depression – Help with Supplements

This is a really great article by Dr. Andrew W. Saul on supplements for anxiety DRUGLESS METHODS TO HELP GET RID OF ANXIETY 

I am posting articles from actual practicing doctors more than articles by companies selling supplements – you can do your own research with a pen and pencil in hand – you will find out that much of our physical and mental problems boil down a deficiency of vit C,  B, D and zinc but here is a great article on Depression

Ireland – 2-tier society especially when it comes to health

Wake up to government priorities – we are not top of the list – money, taxes and profits are.

Health stores angry at VAT crackdown on food supplements – 19 Nov 2018

And WHY would a CARING government or a CARING Minister for Health, Simon Harris and a CARING Minister for Finance Paschal Donoghue think it is right to raise the cost of vital vitamins?  – Minister Paschal Donoghue defends VAT hike on food supplements – 23 Jan 2019

The rich would not be affected, once again just a blow to the lower income earners in the area of health. Tax change could mean €6 rise in cost of food supplements – 20 July 2019.