STORYFUL – ‘Our mission is to understand social media better than anyone else’ – Previously, McDonald was the creative director of Notorious PSG, one of Ireland’s leading creative brand communications agencies. She was also a board director of parent company PSG Communications (now Teneo). Prior to that, she was a director at Slattery Communications. – 21 Feb 2019

Irish-founded media firm Storyful has shut its Hong Kong office as it lays off staff – 14 Jan 2019

Storyful uses tool to monitor what reporters watchSERIOUSLY?   “In my opinion it is tremendously wrong that this is going on,” one said, adding that journalists who have installed the software may have no idea their browsing activity is being monitored in this way. 17 May 2018

Rupert Murdoch pays €18m for Mark Little company tracking social media – 21 Dec 2013

Storyful sold to News Corp for €18 milion -Social media company was set up by former RTE journalist Mark Little – 20 Dec 2013

Storyful is a news and intelligence agency


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