Step 1 – “What Do I Want?”

Such a simple question – but such a difficult question to answer!

More specifically – “what do I want to make be happier than I am?”

If I vary the question slightly it might make it easier to  answer…

“If I had all the time in the world, what would I want?  And what would I want to do?”

“if there was nothing I was supposed to do – what would I WANT to do?”

“if money was not a factor to consider – what would I want to do?”

“if I didn’t have to consider the needs or wants of anyone else – what would I want to do?”

I changed the question because when I recently asked myself “what do I want?” I had some trouble with it.   And I discovered that the reason I was having some difficulty was… because I have always been a busy person and I have always been thinking of my responsibility to others before my own desires.  To such an extent I eventually reached a stage I had absolutely no desire for anything on a personal level…truth.

So, there was a program running in the back of my mind telling me I would not have enough time.  I wouldn’t have enough time because soon the world would get back on track (post Corona Virus) and I would have to get back to work, back to my busy life and back to my responsibilities.

Giving myself “all the time in the world” cleared the way for me to answer the question.

Working from Home

For the first couple of weeks the buzz words on social media have been ‘#working from home’.  So many people still with work positions went into auto pilot, which can be our immediate response when a crisis hits.  Some stuff coming through my social media stream was tips on things to do while working from home…  Hello!  Wakey, Wakey!  if it doesn’t NEED to be done right now, it doesn’t need to be done right now!  Get off the treadmill!  Chill out!  Take a break!  Don’t waste this precious time by automatically keeping busy with stuff you don’t need to do.

As for the kids…

On a side note, from my social media stream,  I think the kids could do with a break too!  This is different for them – sometimes ‘different’ is stressful.  Maybe you don’t need to take the teachers’ place and give them a tough time now.  Take advantage of the time to make happy moments and happy memories with them.

Stop the World & Let Me OFF!

Question:  Have you ever said any or all of the following…

  • I wish I had more free time!
  • How lovely would a four day week be!
  • I need a break!
  • There aren’t enough hours in the day!
  • I wish I had more time with the kids!
  • I wish I had more time for the garden!
  • I wish I had time to relax!
  • I wish I had time for a hobby!
  • I’m exhausted!
  • I’m stressed out, burned out, pissed off with life!
  • I am soooo done!
  • I hate my job!  I hate my boss!  That one at work drives me crazy!
  • Bloody stupid driver!  (road rage)

All the above apply to one part of the world.  What about the countries ravaged by war?  The refugees fleeing war?  The poor?  The homeless?  The forgotten?  The animals daily losing their habitats?  What about planet Earth itself?

Did We Send Out a Signal for Help?

Whatever our lives were, I do think most of the world was sending out a signal for help to the Universe/God (whatever you want to call IT) and IT answered us.  Maybe it is time for us all to stop and re-evaluate our priorities, our desires, our choices, our lives.

Perhaps, in the midst of the Corona Virus that has overtaken the world for the moment, some of us are being given time to check in with ourselves.

Time to ask questions like

  • “Do I really want to go back to life as it was?”
  • “or do I want to make some changes?”
  • “what are my priorities in life now?”
  • “what do I actually NEED?”
  • “what does my family want?  what does my spouse, my kids want?
  • “do I – does my family want life to go back to the old ‘normal’?”
  • “ok, if I/we want to make some changes, how can I/we go about it?”