When something works – keep doing it!

For years I have been practicing how to use Law of Attraction as taught by Esther Hicks and it helped me create many miracles in my life.  But you know the old saying “eaten bread is soon forgotten” ?  So true.  We are never satisfied that is true.  We begin the aging process as we start to lose our desires, our appetite for life and adventure.

For about a year now, I have been dis-satisfied with the results from my positive thinkng practice – things were going ok but definitely not in the fast lane any more.

Then I came across the neuroscientist Dr.Joe Dispenza and BOOM!  Back in the fast lane of life!

By the way Esther Hicks is the easy-listening Law of Attraction and Dr. Joe Dispenza is just one of the real legitimate, genuine scientists finally providing us with the science that is behind the Law of Attraction.

Big Question:  Does Law of Attraction really work?

Answer:  Yes, it does and it works whether you believe in it or not. It is a Universal Law.  So, smart people figure it out, get a handle on it and make it work for them – they are the 1% wealthiest people, the most successful ones on the planet .  Who are the 99% or more correctly what are the 99%?  Apologies, but the 99% are just the monkeys who do the work for the 1%  and the most productive monkeys are the ones who never wake up and don’t know they are monkeys.

I did Dr. Joe’s Intensive and Progressive Courses online.   Even without “doing the work” as he calls it, perfectly, I started having immediate results.  Part of the work is meditation.  I have never been able to meditate in my life.  Mysteriously, I found his meditations relatively easy and WANTED to get into them every day.  Sometimes I did 3 in a day.

The I flew off to America and while I still meditated and “did the work”  I started to slide, missing meditations until finally I wasn’t doing them at all.  What happened?  Exactly what all the gurus like Dr. Joe, Esther Hicks, Tony Robbins etc etc. say – “if you don’t make time to do the daily work within yourself (whatever practice or method it is) you are really wasting time – precious time.  If you start to do the work and then stop or forget, then begin again and miss again and so on… – really that is just living life like a yo-yo.

I traveled from New York to Egypt – still not doing the work.  I intended to get back meditating but I just never got the time.  One month later- a month of struggling to keep up with work, trying to get my accounts out of spreadsheets and into an accounts package and on and on and on – until a huge problem manifested, which I won’t go into here.

I went round in circles for hours trying to solve the problem.

That was my final “wake up!” call.  The Universe is always lining things up ahead of time for me.  And now was no exception.  Two days previously I had bought a more advanced version of Dr. Joe’s “Blessing of the Energy Centers” and downloaded it to my laptop – hadn’t found the time til now to open it.

I went to bed with the resolve never, ever, ever to miss my meditation again.  I also resolved never again to be treated like I was yesterday.  I sat up in bed with the open laptop and started to do the meditation – eventually I had to give up without finishing it and  go to sleep.

What can I tell you about life?  If you have health problems, are short of money, unhappy or dis-satisfied for any number of reasons you are never going to create miracles or make big changes by living life as you have til now.  Sorry to tell you – work does not make you rich and medicine can do little to cure your ills in the long run.

You want miracles?  Wealth? Health? Prolonged Happiness?  You gotta get off you butt and research til you find someone who has what you want, find out how they got and GO DO THE SAME THING or at least your version of it.  Or don’t and stay a monkey til you die and teach your children the same.

I have found many solutions over the years to how to make things better, faster and Dr. Joe Dispenza is top of the heap in my book – in so far as I have come myself.

Moral of my tale – I guess I have to admit I am still vacillating between genius creator and monkey.  So when you find some practice of way of life that improves your situation – DON’T STOP THE PRACTICE.

Some of my future posts here will probably document my progress or lack thereof down the road of Dr. Joe’s teachings.  I hope I spend more time as a genius creator than a monkey (haha by the way, in the Mayan Calendar I am a Blue Monkey and my challenge in life is to have fun!).  I did the work and my meditation this morning 🙂  Have to wait and see about the visa!

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