Some things not adding up

Is anyone else thinking that some things are not quite adding up here? Mostly I go through like and let info flow through me but every now and again stuff strikes me as being a little “off” and I trust my gut.  My mind functions a little like a computer when it comes to information – when I listen or read enough I begin to pick out patterns or stuff that doesn’t fit.   That is happening with me now.

You know the old saying “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck – it’s probably a duck!”

Well, if the symptoms look like a flu – then it is probably a flu’  Yes,  I am saying the coronavirus is probably a flu.  I am not flippantly saying “It’s just a flu – get over it!”  I am simply saying the symptoms are exactly the same as the flu.  I have been researching it today and the only two things the experts are saying that is different is that

  • shortness of breath is not a flu symptom and
  • a handful of people experienced a loss of smell

On the shortness of breath – some people with coronavirus go on to develop pneumonia – well, shortness of breath IS a symptom of pneumonia.

  • You can pull statistics out of anywhere but I will go along broadly with those on – which may not be an “official government statistic” machine but close enough for me.

What’s not adding up for me?  What is striking me as being a bit “off”?  Somethings on my list are not much of a deal – just  comments that passed through my brain.

  • The fact that it’s global – the shutdown not the virus.
  • Timing – I know poor old Boris Johnson appears to have the coronavirus but really – could this have happened at a better time for him and the Brexiteers?  Whatever happens in Britain now can be blamed on coronavirus, not them and Brexit.
  • where are the governments getting the money now for unemployment and compensation for not working?  They didn’t have it for health care systems that were obviously broken.
  • In my mind there is disconnect in the media hype we are getting.   On the one hand the pathos of elderly men visiting their wives by looking through nursing home windows.  The medics coming home to “fight” the pandemic.   The desperate outcry for PPE. The pleas from the medical personnel to the public to stay at home.  On the other hand the numbers of actual deaths are way below that of the seasonal flu.
  • The WORDS we are now using so easily.
    • we no longer have ambulance drivers, doctors and nurses – we have “frontline first responders”.  And they are no longer simply doing what they signed up for – they are “sacrificing” themselves for us.
    • we are no longer living normally, we are “cocooning” the elderly (nice word for isolation) and “fighting the war”
    • we are not voluntarily staying at home – we are in “lockdown”, self-isolation and
    • we don’t have a worldwide outbreak of flu’ we have a deadly corona virus pandemic

Prior to coronavirus we (the people) were vocal on lots of things, which is not the same as saying we made any progress on them.

  • global warming
  • GMOs in our food
  • occupation of the Gaza Strip and the oppression of the Palestinians
  • the wars around the world
  • forest fires, deforestation of the Amazon, destruction of natural habitats
  • emigration, refugees, poverty

Now we are silent.

What possibilities are ahead of us?

  • forced global vaccination.  (I am not anti-vax but I don’t trust Big Pharma nor quicky knee-jerk solutions to problems).  And the implications this has for losing the right to control our own bodies.
  • elimination of cash and implementation of cards or embedded chips
  • chip implants and enabling the governments etc to track and stop all our movements.  And if you think that is OTT and sci-fi, they are already doing it in China, do the research.
  • the loss of rights to produce our own food and put it all in the hands of corporations and big producers – they already are on that road by paying farmers NOT to produce.   And while tracing and accountability has it’s place in the meat industry due to past disasters – does it have to apply to the Chef or Restaurant that wants to grow, cook and sell it’s own produce?

Where would all the above leave us?  Think about it

Before coronavirus:

  • Public Health Provisions dismal


  • Suddenly we have money – where was it before?  Where is it coming from now?