Sinn Fein – money and more

One has to admit that a google search on Sinn Fein turns up more controversial articles over money than any other subject regarding the party in general.  Then of course there is the leader Mary Lou McDonald’s close family ties to the pharma industry.

Sinn Féin’s former West Tyrone member of the Northern Assembly Catherine Kelly became the fourth member of her party to resign over the mistaken lodgment of three £10,000 sterling checks for relief cash into Sinn Féin accounts. – 5 Nov 2020

Sinn Féin’s Elisha McCallion, Maolíosa McHugh and a third member of the party resign over Covid-19 grant money – 29 Oct 2020

TDs spent €35,000 on constituency offices during lockdown – 30 Aug 2020

More revelations on the Sinn Féin Covid cash story

Sinn Fein silent over senators expenses during lockdown – 12 Aug 2020

Sinn Fein MPs say they will not accept £10,000 expenses allowance to work from home -15 April 2020

Sinn Fein is Ireland’s richest political party – 5 March 2020

Mothers Treated Like Terrorists – 14 Dec 2019

UUP calls for end to Sinn Fein £120k-a-year Westminster expenses – 11 Nov 2019

Legal question over €1.6m left in will to Sinn Féin – 20 Sept 2019

Gerry Adams Sex Trafficking – 13 July 2019

Liam Adams, brother of ex-Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams, dies – 25 Feb 2019

Sinn Féin has ‘no business’ in Westminster but collects €4.5m – 21 Jan 2019

Sinn Féin claim $1.4m expenses despite refusing to step foot in UK Parliament – 2017

Gerry Adams’ tainted legacy won’t go away – and he is likely to cause his party more heartache still as it tries to seduce Fianna Fail – 20 Nov 2017

Eamonn McCann: Public pressure forces Sinn Féin U-turn on Stormont expenses – 25 Feb 2016

NI Assembly Commission misleads the Assembly, and the public – 15 Feb 2016

Sinn Féin MLAs who claimed almost £700,000 in expenses ‘did nothing wrong’ – 12 Feb 2016

Sinn Féin: Research Services Ireland – 27 Nov 2014

Spotlight: Research Services Ireland got £700,000 in Sinn Féin expenses – 26 Nov 2014

Ireland – Liam Adams – brother of Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams – found guilty of raping his daughter – 1 Oct 2013

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