Simon Coveney

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Lockdown will go ‘well into February’, Coveney tells Fine Gael parliamentary party – 20 Jan 2021

Debunked: No, there wasn’t a media blackout on Simon Coveney’s official visit to Turkey last month – This is a ridiculous article because by trying to detail the few times and places that the trip was reported the article further clarifies there was no reporting of any value on RTE or any mainstream Irish media. – 5 Feb 2021

Simon Coveney & the establishment want to ban any voices of dissent from any issue that they raise’ – 16 Sept 2020

Simon Coveney says early opening of pubs ‘possible’ with ‘fast forward’ lift of lockdown restrictions – 5 May 2020

Cork to double its population by 2040 through immigration – Simon Covney – 14 May 2020

Simon Coveney shows how #FineFail glibly fools the Irish on homelessness with selective stats – 18 Oct 2019

Bruce Arnold doesn’t hold back in attacking Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney – 29 Aug 2019

Bought by Brussels, little Ireland’s ridiculous leaders have landed it in a Brexit crisis – 31 July 2019

Simon Coveney asked about the Global Compact — 500,000 migrants for Ireland over next 20 years – 30 Nov 2018

Sincere Simon: The man who’s doing everything but getting nowhere – 22 Jan 2017

Minister For Agriculture Simon Coveney Insists Irish Water ‘Won’t Be Abolished’ – 2017

Simon Coveney accused of issuing threat to water committee – 7 April 2017

Simon Coveney says water committee seems to be moving in ‘extremely worrying’ direction  – 7 April 2017

Simon Coveney to defy advice on water charges – 6 April 2017

Goldman Sachs Peter Sutherland Confronted at Bilderberg – 2 June 2014

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