Sign of the Times

I tend not to know what is going on in the rest of the world unless I happen to tune into CNN or BBC news on the TV, something I refrained from doing for 5 years. However, these days when I sit down to eat I have got into the sad habit of flicking between these two channels.

My observations have been that if I don’t tune into the international news then whatever global or international disaster or crisis passes (usually within a week or two) and I am none the wiser, it has had no impact on my life and I have not spend several hours a day talking about, thinking about it or worrying about it.

Watching the news today I had a thought…. Hurray, hurray, hurray for Rupert Murdock!!!!!!! – if he is not supplying the daily diet of death, destruction, disaster and mayhem to the world for FREE – then the readers who no longer tune into his online papers may be happier people and the more people who are happy and not focused on DDDM (Death, Destruction, Disaster, Mayhem) the better it will be for all of us.

You see the more we focus on DDDM the worse they get and, conversely, as people get tired of these stories and switch over their tv’s etc. when they are on – well then those particular DDDMs of the moment subside and disappear from the world!!  …..until the new ones are brought to our attention.

Of course the Israelis keep surprising us – don’t they?  When we tune out from the, they just dream up some new more idiotic scenario to draw us right back in.  They obviously didn’t know the heroes in “Gone with the Wind” were the ones running the blockade!  Not the guys storming the ships.   Maybe they should watch a few more comedy films, chill out and make peace so their people can get on with normal lives.

The other thoughts I had were “Life is what hits you over the back of the head while you are planning your future.”  We are being hit by Volcanic Eruptions, Ash Clouds, Tornadoes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Floods, Famine, Drought, OIL SPILLS, Global Economic Crisis, Currency Failures, Stock Market Crashes, Diseases, Environmental Poisoning, Human Trafficking.  Isn’t this list more than enough for all the nations of the world to work on coping with and solving together?

How much more needs to hit us, HUMANS, over the back of the head before we leave our pettiness and base instincts behind, stop the killing and focus on helping each other to survive, thrive and be a Happy Planet?

Now you understand why I need to stop watching CNN and BBC? I need to get back to watching some comedies myself so I can get back to happy oblivion about the outside world!!!

Now here comes another thought.  They don’t seem to be making many comedy films anymore.  Ican’t remember the last time I had a really decent tummy laugh at a new film.  Most of the stuff available to me at the moment (outside CNN and BBC) are films and series like CSI and oh….Starksy & Hutch are back!!

I really need to get off the soap box now, only on it ‘cos I watched the NEWS!!! BYE!!!

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