Schools – Ireland – 2021

Norma Foley and the Dept of Education seem to be contradicting themselves in various statements or interviews. But, sure what’s new in the last two years?  All part of the organised chaos and fear.

Covid-19: Teachers will not be required to show proof of jab – and The carbon dioxide monitors – at a cost of €4 million – will be distributed to schools in August and September.  Lets wait to see who the supplier is – 15 Aug 2021

Schools set to reopen despite spike in Covid cases – and teachers won’t have to be vaccinated – 9 Aug 2021

Teachers won’t have to disclose vaccine status when schools reopen – 8  Aug 2021

The Department of Education says teachers will not have to be vaccinated when schools reopen at the end of this month. – 8 Aug 2021

Department to issue blanket vaccine guidelines to schools – 27 July 2021

All Our Staff Will Be Vaccinated – 2:42 in the podcast

Education Minister confident schools will reopen as planned – On the issue of vaccines for children, Minister Foley said the “expertise” lies with the National Immunisation Advisory Committee, from which the department will take guidance. All staff in schools will also have been offered a Covid-19 vaccine by the start of the new school term. – 26 July 2021

The Irish National Teachers’ Organisation (INTO), which represents more than 43,000 teachers at primary level, has called on the government to ensure its members are vaccinated before the new school year.

Are you thinking something is not quite right here?