Sadhguru – on coronavirus

Some things Sadhguru talks about in the video -I like his jokes and he is not a religious nut lol! He says a lot of unexpected things that don’t look quite the same on paper as when he says them.

Most human beings are unconscious most of the time. Situations like this bring home to us how fragile human life is. We think we are the center of the Universe, which is the biggest mistake man has done. Most people are going about daily life as if they are going to be here forever. The virus has brought it home to us that tomorrow it could be you or me.

We shouldn’t have waited for the virus to know this – it’s something we should always be conscious of. Then we would prioritise our lives in very different ways. 150,000 – 250,000 people die every day on Earth from natural causes and otherwise. But most people only think that other people die!

We have a limited amount of time and all we have to do is make life beautiful for ourselves and the people around us. Human beings forget that we are all nature and we need to co-exist without destroying other natural habitats.

People are more inclined to look at what they are currently being deprived of instead of what they are being given. Given time to be with their families. Domestic violence figures have gone up because we don’t know how to be with each other. These are not strangers you are locked up with – people you consider your loved ones and 15 days – you freaked out!? Time to examine who we are and what is the nature of our relationships.

The most fundamental quality required to be a HUMAN BEING is that you know HOW TO BE. If you knew how TO BE, every opportunity is a possibility, even this. New ideas, new business, lots of new is going to come out of this.

If you say you are bored right now – can you imagine the plight of all the people who have to live with you?! You are not bored because of what is happening – you are bored because of what is inside your head – you need more input. Social media took care of that for about a week but then the same input is being repeated. You have excluded yourself from the Universe – the whole cosmos is yours – you just don’t know it! We think the internet has expanded our horizons, that is not necessarily so for most people.