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People pushing the pharma narrative on media should declare any vested interests or connections.  Family connections should be regarded as vested interests.  The political connections, both historical and current between government and the main Irish TV broadcaster – acceptable?  Not Acceptable?  Either way they should disclose all their possible conflicts of interest.

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Ryan Tubridy tops list as RTÉ’s ‘top 10’ share €9.5m over three years – his salary in 2019 was €495,000 – 20 Jan 2021

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Ryan Tubridy on wiki

Ryan Tubridy on People Pill

Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain on wiki 

Anti-vaxxers blast RTE and Ryan Tubridy as bizarre complaints flood in after Late Late Toy Show – 6 Dec 2020

Ryan Tubridy accused of ‘using Toy Show children’ to promote Pfizer – 6 Dec 2020

Professor Luke O’Neill speaks about the latest vaccine news | The Late Late Show – 13 Nov 2020

(for all you would ever need or want to know on Luke O’Neill just click here)


Ryan asks viewers to help stop the spread of Covid-19 | The Late Late Show – 18 Sept 2020

Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin: Two years of harassment at UCD – 5 Sept 2020

Ryan Tubridy’s ex hits out at RTE presenter for saying he has a ‘maths phobia’ – 14 May 2020

Ryan Tubridy: ‘I was very, very fortunate’ – And the brainwashing of the Late Late viewers continued on 7 April 2020

“It’s normal to feel scared, it’s normal to feel lonely, but you’re not alone.” Ryan Tubridy’s intro to the Late Late Show, Friday 20th March 2021 – and he must have the same acting coach as Trudeau because the script is pure HOLLYWOOD.  It is actually cringeworthy listenig in retrospect

“Ryan Tubridy has every reason to be terrified of me” – Gemma O’Doherty – 16 Aug 2019

Ryan’s brother – Professor Niall Tubridy.

Vaccine hesitancy among people with multiple sclerosis – Niall Tubridy funded by Novartis – date on it is 1 Nov 2021 ( time warp going on somewhere?)

“Dr. Tubridy has received personal compensation in the range of $500-$4,999 for serving on a Scientific Advisory or Data Safety Monitoring board for Novartis .”

Niall Tubridy: ‘The older you get, the more you realise how much you do not know’ – 29 April 2019

Ryan Tubridy’s neurologist brother Niall says ‘HSE is no worse than US or NHS systems’ – 29 April 2019

The other Tubs – Professor Niall Tubridy on dealing with terminal patients and having a famous brother – 8 April 2019

Posterior cortical and white matter changes on MRI in anti–AMPA receptor antibody encephalitis – part funded by pharma – 21 May 2015

“Niall Tubridy has received unrestricted research support from Bayer-Schering, Biogen Idec, and Sanofi-Aventis. 14 Aug 2014

Since Niall Tubridy was working on this research in 2013 I have to wonder why I haven’t heard a word from him – or anyone else via the media about vitamin D – not even talking about covid times when I say this.


Garrett Tubridy – author and would-be-politician

Ryan Tubridy introduces his cute younger brother Garrett at his book launch – 2017

O’Callaghan pips Garett Tubridy with late late victory – 8 June 2009

No autonomy for UCD women – interesting .. “outgoing education officer Garrett Tubridy and USI’s incoming education officer Malcolm Byrne”  Malcolm Byrne went on to be one of Klaus Schwabs’s Young Global Leaders and a Seanad Eireann Senator – interesting in the sense of how people climb the ladder in each other’s footsteps –  23 April 1996

Tubridy Ancestry

For some reason Ireland is not allowed to watch the episode of “Who do you think you are?” which features Ryan Tubridy’s family tree – however,  there is this:   Who do you think you are – Ryan Tubridy  Tubridy has a direct line back to the 14th Century and Edmund of Langley… who not only was the 1st Duke of York, he was also son of Edward III!  Edward III was King of England and Lord of Ireland.  And from Edward III, Ryan’s direct royal line led back to the 12th Century and King John of England.

Paternal Grandfather Sean Tubridy TD

Christopher Todd Andrews

Twist as Tubridy discovers his roots – 15 Sept 2009

Hugh Ryan TCD Hugh Ryan, DSc, MRIA, was appointed Professor of Chemistry in the Catholic University School of Medicine and in University College in 1899 having previously worked in Berlin with Emil Fischer. When the National University was founded in 1908, Ryan became Professor of Chemistry in UCD. When the state laboratory was established in 1924 to provide an analytical and advisory service to the government of the new Irish state, Ryan became the first state chemist. His research interests at various stages included sugar derivatives, waxes, natural dyes, peat, and explosives. This memorial medal is funded from the proceeds of a sum of £254 received in 1943 from Dr Michael J Walsh, FRIC.

SOCIAL BRIDGE ~ Jean Tubridy connecting with you from Ireland

Dorothy Lawlor Turbridy.

Dear Dot… the Irish friend with a very special place in the life of Kennedy clan – 20 May 2018

Are you thinking something is not quite right?