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Mark Little’s participation in the WEF conversation “There’s no vaccine for the infodemic – so how can we combat the virus of misinformation?” – 26 Nov 2020

Delivering engagement, trust and loyalty in a fake news world with Mark Little. –  What Mark is really saying is that he considers himself and his companions should have the power to suppress opinions  THEY consider dangerous and promote what they consider beneficial (beneficial to whom?) This implies Mark has no faith in the brain power, intuitive skills or discernment abilities of the ordinary man in the street – aka YOU.  What arrogance! – 7 May 2020

Build it and they will share: what Mark Little did next – 25 Oct 2018

Mark Little on Wiki

  • Advisory Board of FuJo
  • Contributor to WEF – World Economic Forum
  • 2020 appointed to the Irish Government’s “Future of Media Commission”
  • CEO and co-founder of Neva Labs, a new digital media company offering personalised news to address the problems of information overload and filter bubbles.
  • Twitter’s Vice-President of Media Partnerships in Europe
  • Managing Director of Twitter’s EMEA HQ.
  • As CEO, Mark oversaw the sale of Storyful to News Corporation in 2013 and led successful transition to new ownership.
  • 2009, he founded Storyful, the world’s first social news agency. Storyful developed newswires for YouTube, Facebook and more than 100 news publishers, and pioneered groundbreaking standards for verification on social media.
  • served as a news anchor, Foreign Affairs Correspondent, and Washington Correspondent for RTÉ.

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