Reality – which one?

What is reality?  If you are a fan of the “Matrix” films maybe you think it is just possible we are part of a BIGGER, muucch bigger “mind” or “consciousness”?   Maybe, just maybe these bodies we believe we are in – we are not really in them at all?  We are just using them to walk around in the virtual reality Game of Earth?

It’s occurred to me a few times over the past weeks that what we are experiencing wherever we are on Earth is yet another level of virtual reality.

Think about it.  We sit in front of our computers or TV’s and are fed a stream of information on every possible subject, but, for now we will just talk about the revolution in Egypt.

Wherever we are in the world as soon as we watch the news on Egypt we start forming opinions and judgements.  We talk about it at work, on the bus, with our families.  We get angry, excited, happy, sad, hopeful, disillusioned – depending on who and where we are.  But our thoughts and, subsequently, our emotions and feelings are completely 100% driven by what we have just been fed by the computer, TV or the person we are conversing with.

How often have you said after meeting someone “He/she just leaves me drained!”

Acting on our emotions (e-motions = energy in motion) people all over the world have taken to the streets in support or opposition (again depending on the opinion we formed based on the information we have been fed).  We are not in Cairo, we are not in Tahrir. We do not SEE this event ourselves yet we believe what we are programmed – sorry I should have said “told or informed” not programmed shouldn’t I?

And so many of us have taken to Twitter and Facebook to get involved in this game.  Reporters have now more or less become defunct because the media has become driven by, and now takes so much of their information from bloggers and twits around the world.   Sorry again, got a little bit giggly writing the word “twit”.  The Urban Dictionary defines a “Twit” as “The kind of person that makes a retarded chimp look smart”  No slur intended on Twitter or the Twits – I am also one LOL!  I really hate that abbreviation!

So, uummm yes, we can sit in our armchairs and not only can we follow, we can participate in – no wait, we can even direct, support, oppose and incite revolutions anywhere in the world.

All we need is a computer, a persona (doesn’t have to be real), link up with a few other Twits around the world and off we go.

Imagine it!  There have been times over the last few weeks when I have been so deep into the “reality” of the Egyptian Revolution that I have been taken aback to switch to Euro News and find them reporting a sporting event or something equally irrelevant when my MY world is in chaos- how dare they!  I mean didn’t they know we were busy with a revolution???!!!!!

So what is reality?  Whose reality?  I have no idea what this is all about….do you?

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