Just some news items about Randox, one of the new companies given contracts at Dublin Airport worth hundreds of millions of Euros.


Express PCR testing for Covid-19 is now available for travel and private clients – 5 Feb 2021

23RD JANUARY 2021: THE 9 MILLION MILESTONE  – at €99 per test (and some tests costing more) that comes to €99 MILLION euro – 23 Jan 2021

Bath Rugby statement: Randox testing error – Bath have said they were extremely relieved to hear of the false alarm regarding their Covid-19 testing, which incorrectly suggested 19 people had tested positive for the virus and caused ‘huge disruption’ to the club. –  21 Jan 2021

First Covid-19 test centre opening at Dublin Airport – 19 Nov 2020

Covid testing firm Randox denies Channel 4 ‘serious failings’ claims after undercover probe – 17 Nov 2020

Randox’s Dr Peter FitzGerald: Nothing will ever be the same again – 12 Aug 2020

Randox opens COVID-19 testing lab with £30m investment, creating 200 new jobs – 3 June 2020

Healthcare firm advised by Owen Paterson won £133m coronavirus testing contract unopposed – 11 May 2020

Coronavirus: Government criticised for awarding testing contract to Tory-linked company

Randox: Healthcare diagnostics group returns to profit – 8 Oct 2019

UK Drug Lab Misconduct Calls 10,000 Convictions And Prosecutions Into Question – 13 Dec 2017

Probe into Randox Manchester ‘manipulated’ drug tests data -19 Feb 2017

Randox founder Dr Peter FitzGerald: I started my own business in a chicken shed as it was the only way I could go further in medical research –  29 Nov 2016

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