Programmed to fear and react – By Whom and WHY?

10 people witness a car accident – Afterwards each witness is interviewed separately.  None of the ten people reported the incident the same way.  This is an experiment that has been conducted many times by scientists.

Each one of us interprets what we see and hear through the individual lens of our past personal life experiences, culture, religion, upbringing and belief systems.  Yet, the world continually strives to make us all the same.  Each religion insists it is the true religion and all others are false.

Some fight for nationalism and cultural independence while others insist we should all assimilate into a common culture.  We are polarised into Extreme Right-Wing, Centerists and Extreme Left-Wing factions and a hundred other factions in between.  We are willing to kill, eliminate, torture and annihilate to make us all the one belief, all the one culture, all under the one law.

WHY?  What is it that drives us to be like this?  At it’s most basic source it is FEAR.

The biggest fear we all have in common is FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN. We are afraid of people who are different.

At least that is the conclusion one could so easily come to after an hour or two watching the different TV news channels.  We all have a common basic instinct when threatened – that instinct gives us the choice between FLIGHT and FIGHT.

Interesting that there is only one letter in the difference between both words – flight and fight

Next time you see or hear someone speaking against or for some person, some community, some entity, some organisation, some religion – hold back on your instinctive immediate unthinking responsive judgement which has you agreeing or disagreeing with the speaker.

Instead, read between the lines of what that person is saying.  What does he want you to do?  Why?  If you respond as he wishes, what does he have to gain?

Do some research into the person, analyse his motives, SEE what drives him.

Ask yourself WHY does he feel fear rather than focusing on WHAT he is fearful of.

What is driving him?

When you are watching the News channels and reading the papers- remember you are not watching or reading an impartial observation of an event.  You are being programmed to think in a certain way.  Ask yourself – by whom and why?

Why am I thinking about this now?  Because I am in a country – and watch the next sentence.  I don’t know if I am in the middle of a revolution or if I have lived through a revolution.  My senses tell me one thing yet the TV and media tells me the other. 

Who or what is manipulating the media here?  Both the foreign media and the domestic?


I have no idea but I do know that the reality I experience daily in the city is not what I see portrayed of the city either on TV, the papers or even other blogs!!

So, my conclusion – your reality is not my reality – does that make either of us right or either of us wrong?

Can we not agree that we are experiencing different realities in the same time/space?

Can we not take it a step further and let each of us have our own experience?

Can we celebrate our commonality and appreciate our diversity?

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