The Power of Words – and the lack of Words

If you are wondering how I came to believe in all this stuff that I am constantly trying to talk to you all about…

I would have to start by saying I think I was incredibly lucky to have the parents I had.  In the sense that beyond fostering some basic human values in me, neither my father nor my mother – nor any family member that I can remember ever tried to instill in me their own personal beliefs to do with religion or how the world works.

So, in a sense the lack of words, the lack of unnecessary programming from my parents, in my childhood left space for me to take in a wider range of information more easily from books – we didn’t have a TV until I was about 8!  I learned to read sometime between 4 and 6 years of age.

And, yet here am I doing the very opposite to what I now value so much in how my parents related to me.  (I tend to keep telling everyone close to me they need to learn this “stuff”).  As my excuse I am going to offer the statement “life was different then and the way of life in our western society has in some ways taken what I consider quantum leaps in different directions – some good and some not so good….perhaps.

My childhood days were easier, more relaxed.  These modern times are exerting a punishing toll on everyone – especially our youngest.  It’s more and more evident that we need more advanced coping mechanisms now more that we did when I was young,

Back to my childhood…secondly, books, books and more books.  The main source of my childhood programming.

We lived out in the middle of nowhere without public transport.  Yet, I had access to more books than many living children then living in a city full of libraries may have had, and I used every one of them.

  • Primary School Library – and thanks to the Principal, there was quite a large cabinet and the books were frequently changed by the county library – plus he instilled in us a love of reading by having us all constantly researching different topics for competitions.  Then we also had a treasured “silent reading” time, at the end of almost every day I think.  I probably read every single book in that press – and we could take some home too.
  • Mobile Library – it came every two weeks – a huge van with a treasure trove of constantly changing books and an interested librarian who was always checking if we wanted anything special ordered or that he would put by for me.  We could borrow 4 books.
  • I had a friend 🙂 who lived over the road from me and who also took 4 books every two weeks from the mobile library.  We each read our own four AND then we swopped and read each other’s books.
  • My friend’s father was the school principal, her mother was also a teacher, and their house was FULL of books.  Every nook and cranny held books.  Where other people kept clothes in the chests of drawers – their drawers and every available space in their house was filled with books!  Thanks to her I worked my way through quite a few of those books too!
  • My mother and grandmother – we had two sets of bookshelves in a time when few people had any books other than school books.   Those two bookcases held a large selection of books and collections of books.  They came in handy for my friend too 🙂 because we continually swopped – many may not have been “suitable” for our age but we devoured them anyway!
  • My mom – every Saturday or almost every Saturday she went to town for shopping and religiously brought me four comics – Mandy, Bunty, Judy and Diana.  If there was a week she didn’t go, she got a friend, who worked in Limerick, to bring them to me – Dad was not so keen on the comics so they were usually smuggled past him lol!

Why am I telling you about all those books?  They were the source of my ideas, dreams and inspirations that took my mind and imagination much further than the cross-roads of a sleepy countryside.  They programmed me to believe that anything was possible.  To understand that just because I could not see something with my eyes, that did not mean it did not exist.

I read everything that came my way and as I got older I ended up reading books far beyond my years – I became a very fast reader and even with the above supply I was always ready for more.  I read girls’ books, boys’ books and adult books – sometimes even reading the books my Mom and Grandmother were also borrowing from the mobile library.

Bedtime was 9pm and that was supposed to be sleep time too but for me sleep usually came around 11 or midnight when Dad was heading for bed and would insist on lights out.  Sometimes he would catch me reading by the light from the corridor outside but to be fair he was never hard on me for this bit of disobedience.

All those books broadened my horizons, made me more aware of the existence of infinite possibilities, magic and helped give strength to my natural childhood belief that anything is possible.  They also gave me courage, made me a bit of a rebel, taught me to ask for everything I wanted, allowed me to refuse to take “no” for an answer when required and of course detective books went a long way to helping develop logic and problem solving skills to name but a few talents I am no longer shy about saying I possess.

Of course the other thing all those books did was make me a bit “different” – I didn’t suffer much because of that though – it probably even made me more interesting to some of the opposite sex when it came to dating later on lol!

Ok – so books were my foundations.  I don’t know then if it was all the books I had read or something else, but later in life there were some words and when I heard them, the hair on the back of my neck would stand up and I might even have a shiver run through me – not a bad shiver – more of a feeling of familiarity or “knowing” .  Those words were (and if they don’t have the same effect on you but you want to know what they mean you can do that research yourself)

  • Essenes
  • Cathars
  • Knights Templar
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Akashic Records
  • Rosicrucian
  • Secret Societies
  • King Arthur, Merlin, Camelot etc
  • Geni – and of course our own fairies, leprechauns, names of celtic gods, goddesses,  Hill of Tara, Stonehenge etc etc etc.
I can still remember the first time I saw the film Star Wars, and of course the TV programmes
  • I dream of Jeannie
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Star Trek
  • Charmed
  • etc etc etc

Later in life I came across Esther Hicks and Law of Attraction.  That did me for another 20 years – and now of course, there is Dr. Joe Dispenza who is raising the bar and taking everything to another level entirely.  So glad he came along before I got much older!  So now you know where the start of my “alternative” thinking began.