PAYE in Ireland.

This page will change as I gather more info and it takes form.  For now I start with a brief history of who introduced it.  For the latest news about what the gvt wants to do re PAYE and PRSI please scroll down to “LATEST NEWS”

I am going to keep this as simple as possible.  Not just a history of PAYE or PRSI in Ireland but the who’s who involved.  I will show you the obvious dots to join.  The rest is up to you.  Do you want to be an “indentured servant” to your government?  If not, then the ordinary man and woman needs to educate themselves in facts that affect their daily lives and that have been taken on, accepted and now regarded as normal.

I am not a socialist but I will just leave this here – simply because he was right – we are, in reality, ruled by Banks and Pharma Companies.

Now, while the above is true and the following may seem overwhelming – we, the people still hold the real power but few know it.

Our power, our last and greatest power is our spending power.  So they are now in the process of making us a cashless society.  If that happens …. if that happens it will only be because we are too lazy to watch how and where we spend our money.  Today they rely on us for cash – tomorrow if it is all card and digital, we have truly lost all vestiges of independence, freedom and personal power.  It’s up to every individual to educate himself and then those around him.


PAYE is neither moral, ethical, legal or just.  Just because there is a law that instituted it does not mean it is morally or ethically legal.  But it does fool the 99% into allowing their work to be taxed.

PAYE is taken by the employer from your wages BEFORE you get it and paid directly to REVENUE weekly.

Like almost everything else we legitimise in Ireland – the idea came from the royal ranks of the English Crown.  Devised by Sir Paul Chambers, PAYE was introduced into the UK in 1944 following trials in 1940 and 1941.

Sir Stanley Paul Chambers KBE CB CIE (2 April 1904 – 23 December 1981)

  • was a British civil servant and industrialist
  • In 1948, he became Financial Director of Imperial Chemical Industries (now ICI), one of Britain’s largest companies.  In 1993, the company de-merged its pharmaceutical bio-science businesses.
  • It’s pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, specialities, seeds and biological products were all transferred into a new and independent company called Zeneca.  Zeneca subsequently merged with Astra AB to form AstraZeneca.


Why do Irish people put up with such high income taxes?If you earn €34,302 in Ireland, then every single extra euro you earn after that will be taxed at a marginal rate of 52%. Once you earn that much, the Government feels entitled to take more than half of every extra euro you earn. – 22 Sept 2021

14 Sept 2021


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