Trump .v. Human Trafficking

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Donald Trump hates child and human trafficking with a passion that is not evident in any other world leader.  If you disagree with me, tell me who has a better track record that what follows below.

Many give lip service but President Trump allocated millions of dollars and gave people the actual power they needed to combat the traffickers successfully.

On top of that he allocated further funds for the housing, medical and psychological care that the rescued children and adults would require.  For anyone who does not know – the wall between Mexico and the US is to prevent human trafficking and terrorism.  Do the Mexicans object? Read on, you will find out.

What you may not be aware of either is that the mainstream media continually undermines attempts to combat human trafficking.  They don’t report the arrests.  They mock the subjects of child trafficking and satanic sacrifice of children as being conspiracy theories.  Is the media trying to pretend it doesn’t happen?  Why might that be?

Hollywood celebrities make a joke of it in their movies and music videos.  It is another case of “hiding it in plain sight”.  Covid has contributed to this with the ensuing censorship – Amazon, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook delete references, links, videos, documentaries and films that cover child trafficking and child/human sacrifice.  However, horror films deemed to be “fiction are allowable apparently.

Under the governance of Bush, Clinton and Obama/Hillary Clinton unspeakable atrocities took place and are still unresolved.  Hopefully, under Donald Trumps second term the world will finally get to understand clearly about the Russian Collusion hoax,  Pizzagate, Benghazi, the Arab Spring, the truth about Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Egypt conspiracies orchestrated by Hillary Clinton, what is on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, the full extent of the evils of Jeffrey Epstein/Ghisleine Maxwell, her father and perhaps the Wayfair discoveries will get a proper investigation – to name but a few.

Following are links to news items reporting on some of the triumphs and successes by the Trump Administration against human trafficking.  There are many more but I think this will give you a fair idea that Trump means business.  Why have his predecessors not done the same?  Which sectors of society suffer the most from child kidnappings and disappearances?  Have you any idea the true numbers?

Prosecutors in Arkansas will seek a 10-year prison sentence next week for a former Arizona politician who acknowledged running an illegal adoption scheme in three states involving women from the Marshall Islands. – 24 Nov 2020

Sex trafficking ring of 178 people are arrested in Florida for trafficking ONE teenage girl who was 13 when the abuse began – 19 Nov 2020 Canada –

88 arrested, more than 800 charges laid in police operation targeting Peel Region gang – 19 Nov 2020

US Marshals rescue 27 missing kids in Virginia during ‘Operation Find Our Children’ – 1 Nov 2020

Seven new charges brought against adult film star Ron Jeremy – 29 Oct 2020

Former University of Michigan Professor Indicted on Charges of Child Exploitation of a Minor – 29 Oct 2020

Hollywood producer David Guillod arrested on sex assault charges again – 28 Oct 2020

45 kids rescued, hundreds arrested during anti-human trafficking operation, officials say – 26 Oct 2020

21 people from Texas, Louisiana arrested in Beaumont during anti-human trafficking bust – 24 Oct 2020

‘Untouchable’ attorney arrested, charged with human trafficking – 24 Oct 2020

Mexican Journalist Exposes Joe Biden’s Human Trafficking Compact – 23 Oct 2020

Retired NJ Corrections Officer, Couple Charged In Sex Trafficking Of Girl, 14 – 21 Oct 2020

Trump Admin Opens First Gov’t Center for Human Trafficking – Reporter’s Reactions will make you SICK – 21 Oct 2020

Sex trafficking high on FBI’s radar after 28 arrested in south Reno sting – 16 Oct 2020

FBI arrests 28 in Nevada human trafficking sting – 9 Oct 2020

US Marshals rescue 11 missing runaway children in New Orleans; 2 boys were in ‘extreme danger‘ – 1 Oct 2020

Thousands of child porn images found at home of Southern Utah man.  64 year old John Robert Krampt runs a popular YouTube channel. – 18 Sept 2020

US Marshals arrest 262 suspects, rescue 5 missing children in ‘Operation Triple Beam’ – 18 Sept 2020

Police arrested five people in Arizona following a months-long operation to combat child exploitation and sex trafficking.   Arrested included a former detective out on bond for another arrest on the same charges. – 12 Sept 2020

Man Sentenced For Possessing Tens Of Thousands Of Images And Videos Of ‘Violent’ Child Pornography – 8 Sept 2020

U.S. Marshals rescue 8 missing children in Indiana during “Operation Homecoming” – 7 Sept 2020

Pennsylvania man gets lengthy term for child sex abuse at mom’s daycare – 3 Sept 2020

High Ranking Cop Admits to Running ‘Sadistic’ Child Porn Ring on Gov’t Network, While On Duty – 3 Sept 2020

3 Sept 2020 – watch it on YouTube for info

Judge denies request to revoke bond for retired Cook County sheriff’s sergeant facing sexual abuse, child pornography charges – 28 Aug 2020

Nearly 40 missing children rescued during Georgia sex trafficking bust – 28 Aug 2020

US Marshals find 25 missing kids in NE Ohio, including one in Mansfield – 27 Aug 2020

The US is clamping down on fraudulent child adoption from Uganda as birth parents fight back – 24 Aug 2020

Operation ‘Bad Apple’ ensnares 12 businesses in human trafficking sting – 21 Aug 2020

La Luz Del Mundo leader held on all counts of rape, child pornography and sex trafficking – 21 Aug 2020

NXIVM leader Keith Raniere to be sentenced on Oct. 27 – Self-help guru convicted of sex trafficking, racketeering and child exploitation faces the possibility of life in prison – 20 Aug 2020

Corbin man pleads guilty to human trafficking charge after attempting to sell child at gas station – 19 Aug 2020

Naval officer caught in child sex-trafficking sting sentenced to federal prison – 18 Aug 2020

Former Boston Police Union President Pat Rose Arrested On Child Rape Charges – 12 Aug 2020

34 men arrested in undercover operation targeting ‘would-be’ child sexual predators: Fresno Co. sheriff – 7 Aug 2020

Trump Just Stacked A Fetal Cell Research Panel With Abortion Opponents – 31 July 2020

Defrocked Cardinal McCarrick Accused Of Leading Sex Ring At Jersey Shore Beach House -23 July 2020

George Nader, a key witness in the special-counsel probe of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, sentenced to 10 years in prison for child sex charges 26 June 2020

Nine arrested, charged federally in connection to human trafficking operation involving drugs exchanged for sexual access to children 24 June 2020

Disney World employees among 16 men arrested in child pornography sting – 17 June 2020

Sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers is shocking and shameful. Why does it persist? – 15 June 2020

Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison after addressing his accusers in court – 11 March 2020

Judge gets emotional during sentencing of Ohio man who sexually abused 2 girls

Peter Nygard to step down from company after FBI raids New York offices – 25 Feb 2020

Former Pastor and Counselor Sentenced to 17 years in Prison for Sexually Exploiting Children  16 Jan 2020

Major Human Trafficking Sting nets 124 Arrests in Polk County.

Coleman Man Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison For Possessing And Accessing With Intent To View Child Pornography Involving Prepubescent Minors Or Minors Under The Age Of 12 –  20 Dec 2019

South Korean National and Hundreds of Others Charged Worldwide in the Takedown of the Largest Darknet Child Pornography Website, Which was Funded by Bitcoin – 16 Oct 2019

Dark web child abuse: Hundreds arrested across 38 countries – 16 Oct 2019

TBI: 4 more men arrested in Bradley County, charged in human trafficking investigation – 20 Aug 2019

Monthlong Sweep Targeted Sex Traffickers, Recovery of Minors  – 6 Aug 2019

Four arrested in East Tennessee following human trafficking sting – 22 July 2019

85 Arrested in Months long Human Trafficking Sting in Florida – 24 June 2019

25 arrested in child sex trafficking sting in Arizona – 23 June 2019

Disgraced Vice President of Walt Disney, Michael Laney, Convicted of Child Rape, Gets 6 Years – 19 June 2019

A former de Blasio administration employee, Jacob Schwartz, is expected to spend up to three years behind bars after pleading guilty Tuesday to possessing kiddie porn – 28 May 2019.

Fifty children saved as international paedophile ring busted – 23 May 2019

State police, Montgomery County Sheriff’s investigators arrest 13 in underage sex sting – 20 May 2019

Operation Southern Impact III: 17 children recovered, 82 arrested in child sex sting – 3 May 2019

Detroit Man Sentenced to 40 years for Child Exploitation Crimes 23 April 2019

A Washington State Man Was Sentenced to 55 years On Child Exploitation Charges 23 April 2019

Meet John Childs, the billionaire private equity firm owner and major Republican donor charged in the Florida prostitution sting – He is one of 173 people charged – 24 Feb 2019

22 Child Sex Predators Nabbed In Multi-Agency Sting – 21 Feb 2019

Faith healer “John of God” with millions of followers ran a “sex slave farm and sold babies to highest bidder” (highly promoted by OPRAH) – 30 Jan 2019

Former University of Michigan Doctor Sentenced on Child Exploitation Charges – 13 Dec 2018

Former chairman for the Democratic Party charged with distribution of child pornography – 28 Nov 2018

Seattle to pay Ed Murray accuser $75K to settle defamation suit – 26 Nov 2018

Father-of-two child support lawyer and part-time judge, 58, is accused of sexually exploiting children – 13 Nov 2018

Former Employee of Alaska Dept. of Juvenile Justice Charged with Possession of Child Pornography – 17 Oct 2018

US Marshals recover 123 missing children during 1-day operation – 10 Oct 2018

Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra Adviser Arrested On Child Pornography Charges – 25 Sept 2018

BIll Cosby sentenced to three to 10 years in prison for sexual assault – 25 Sept 2018

Judge Alex Kozinski Just BUSTED In Sleazy Sexual Scandal With Disturbing Twist – 11 Aug 2018

‘They’re Just Monsters’ | 38 Arrested in SC Child Sex Sting – 26 July 2018

Rothschild Connected Billionaire Arrested For Role In NXIVM Child Trafficking Sex Slave Ring

Columbus police sergeant facing 4 felony counts of child pornography – 25 July 2018

More Than 2,300 Suspected Online Child Sex Offenders Arrested During Operation “Broken Heart” – 12 June 2018

Metro sex-trafficking sting rescues nearly 160 children, authorities say – 7 June 2018

Florida deputies arrest Ex-Disney worker, Lego builder in child porn sting – 6 June 2018

Smallville actress charged for alleged sex trafficking role in cult-like group 21 April 2018 Journal

The Justice Department today announced the seizure of, the Internet’s leading forum for prostitution ads, including ads depicting the prostitution of children. – 9 April 2018

Top UNICEF children’s rights campaigner, Peter Newell – who led UK’s anti-smacking campaign – is jailed for rape of boy, 13, in latest charity sex scandal – 16 Feb 2018

5 arrested after potential sex offender sting in Guilford – 16 Jan 2018

Music Mogul Russell Simmons Is Accused of Rape by 3 Women -Mr. Simmons, a powerful gatekeeper in the entertainment and media worlds, damaged careers and self-confidence with his pattern of sexual assault and harassment, the women say. – 13 Dec 2017

Colorado man sentenced to longest human trafficking sentence in U.S. history – 21 Nov 2017

Top investment fund manager for George Soros, Howard “Howie” Rubin, who was featured in Liar’s Poker ‘ran human trafficking enterprise in which he raped, electrocuted and imprisoned women in NYC sex dungeon’ – 3 Nov 2017

Doctors and cops among 277 arrested in human trafficking, online prostitution sting in Florida – 20 Oct 2017

120 child sex traffickers arrested, 84 kids rescued in FBI sting (VIDEO) – 19 Oct 2017

35 men arrested in sex-buying sting – 10 Aug 2017

More than 1,000 arrests in sex trafficking operation – 4 Aug 2017

13 men arrested in Pomona human trafficking bust – 31 July 2017

California deputy attorney general, 53, and son of lawyer who organized the Watergate break-in is charged over child porn after officials find explicit photographs of minors at his home – 27 July 2017

Three people have been charged with pimping eight teens for commercial sex work in a ring that operated in California, Nevada and Texas – 27 July 2017

Germany Dismantles Huge Online Child Pornography Ring 87,000 members worldwide – 6 July 2017

900 suspected pedophiles arrested as ‘darknet’ child porn kingpin jailed for 30 yrs – 6 May 2017

As Treasonous Bush-Clinton-Obama Pedo Cabal Dynasty Gets Exposed, Desperate Elite Steps Up War against Humanity 31 March 2017 Linkedin

Why the MSM Is Ignoring Trump’s Sex Trafficking Busts 25 Feb 2017 Liz Crokin

Dozens of women and children rescued in human-trafficking sweep in California that nets 474 arrests – 22 Feb 2017

Man arrested in child sex sting had been working part-time at Henrico school – 15 Feb 2017

42 arrested in Polk Co. after undercover child porn, sex offender investigation – 15 Feb 2017

11 arrested across VA in child sex sting – 14 Feb 2017

FBI raids Strongsville-based international adoption agency as part of criminal probe – 14 Feb 2017

Prosecutor: Over 70 Ohio child sex assault cases unattended – 14 Feb 2017

Jerry Sandusky’s son arrested, charged with child sexual abuse – 13 Feb 2017

2 children saved, 22 people arrested for human trafficking during Detroit auto show – 13 Feb 2017

U.S. police arrest record 750 suspects in Super Bowl sex-trafficking stings – 9 Feb 2017

Haiti hotel police raid exposes child sex trafficking (Clinton link) – 7 Feb 2017

FBI Violent Crimes Against Children/Human Trafficking Task Force Rescues 11 Women During a Two-Day Joint Operation – 1 Feb 2017

38 arrests in San Diego County as part of human trafficking sweep – 31 Jan 2017

Fifth man charged with dressing up as an animal and raping a small boy as part of sick ‘furry fetish ‘ pedophile ring – 30 Jan 2017

The Clinton-Silsby Trafficking Scandal And How The Media Attempted To Ignore/Cover It Up 5 Jan 2017

NOBODY WANTS T KNOW!: NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes with Children, Child Exploitation, Pay to Play, Perjury 3 Nov 2016

Black Lives Matter leader Charles Wade charged with sex trafficking – 19 May 2016

President Trump HATES human trafficking – it is his number one hate and problem he vowed to fight.  On 27 Feb 2015 Trump exposed Prince Andrew in Bloomberg interview.

Missing Children Statistics Global Missing Kids Org

How the US stole thousands of Native American children

The Denyers – this is how the media and individuals turn our attention away from child trafficking – they laugh, mock and label it “conspiracy” theory.  The question we should ask is “WHY?”  Why would anyone want to cover up and discourage investigation even if there is ONLY A HINT OF TRUTH in an allegation?  I always like to make things as simple as possible so while you are thinking on the question – bear in mind “it could be your child next”.

Are you thinking something is not quite right here?