Paedophilia – Child Trafficking – Ireland

If you see that some youtube videos are missing – that is the result of censorship that began in 2020 – so, powerful people don’t want this stuff in the public domain.

Defence Forces rocked by allegations of sexual assault – posting this here because there have been allegation of child abuse at the Curragh Camp in Kildare for YEARS – uninvestigated. – who is hiding whom and what? – 13 Sept 2021

360 incidents of children going missing from State care  – 2 Aug 2021

Army whistleblower claims alleged rape of female soldier at Dublin quarantine hotel is ‘tip of the iceberg’ – 1 Aug 2021


Referrals to Tusla surged after schools reopened – 15 July 2021

The woman on a mission to bring an end to child trafficking in Ireland – 13 July 2021

Uncle of children in Munster abuse trial ‘sickened’ by allegations – 2 July 2021

Ireland – Eleven plead not guilty to exploitation, neglect and sexual abuse of four children.  Almost 300 offences allegedly occurred at a number of locations in Munster (Mallow)  – 13 July 2020


“Humane” bill proposes pain relief for unborn babies in late-term abortion – There is something radically wrong here.  They want to introduce a Bill in the Dail to allow for pain relief for babies that have been aborted but come out of the mother still alive.  ARE YOU GETTING THIS?  Babies who survive attempted murder are left to die.  When did we become immune to this?  – 12 May 2021

On the Streets of Dublin: People react to the late term abortion happening in Ireland – 7 May 2021

Ireland/UK The suppression of Mountbatten’s private papers: the British Government purchased Lord Louis’ archive for the benefit of historians (allegedly) but has locked it away. It may include details about his links to paedophile networks including the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring.

The Anglo-Irish Vice Ring. Chapters 1 – 3.

Ireland – gardai who take children from their homes/parents hand them over to a PRIVATE foster care company.  After that the gardai have no knowledge of where the children go.  After a hearing is held in camera nobody is allowed speak about the case in the media.  Does this sound ok to you?  Or does it smell like child abduction or child trafficing?  GARDAI USE SECTION 12 TO REMOVE MIDLAND CHILDREN -3 May 2021

Ireland – Expert to head review into child sex abuse allegations at St John Ambulance – 8 March 2021

IrelandGardai to probe alleged army paedo ring as whistleblower calls for inquiry into abuse allegations at Kildare base – 7 March 2021

Potassium chloride use in late term abortion causes excruciating pain – 6 Feb 2021

Ireland – Ex-Irish Times staffer Frederick Hunt used work computer to distribute child porn – 19 Jan 2021


Former RTÉ producer in court over child abuse charges – 1 Oct 2020

Ex-RTE paedophile Kieran Creaven arrested AGAIN over sexual exploitation of children in Ireland and abroad – 18 Oct 2019


Ireland – So, who were the men who gang raped that fifteen-year-old? – 27 Aug 2020

Ireland – Around 80 human trafficking investigations underway in Ireland – 30 July 2020

Countess who took 30 flights on paedophile’s ‘Lolita Express’ quits NSPCC: Lady Iveagh 18 July 2020

Ireland – John Connors Passionate Speech Hands Off Our Kids – 12 July 2020

Ireland – Politicians & media reaction to Roderic O’Gorman scandal – 11 July 2020

Ireland – The Truth About Peter Tatchell & Roderic O’Gorman – 11 July 2020

Ireland – The Truth has a Voice – Tuam’s Babies.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin dismisses concerns over Roderic O’Gorman’s links with Peter Tatchell – 6 July 2020

Ireland criticised for ‘major failings’ in its treatment of human trafficking victims 25 June 2020 The Irish Times

Sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers is shocking and shameful. Why does it persist? – 15 June 2020

Ireland – ‘You’re not screening for them’: Concern that trafficked Irish children are falling through the cracks – 23 Feb 2020

Ireland – Ex-RTE paedophile Kieran Creaven arrested AGAIN over sexual exploitation of children in Ireland and abroad – 18 Oct 2019

Ireland – Gerry Adams Sex Trafficking – 13 July 2020

Ireland – Eric Eoin Marques: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know – 27 March 2019


Former Dublin school rugby coach admits sexual abuse of 23 victims – 2 Nov 2020

President Michael D Higgins ‘concerned’ at scout abuse revelations – 14 Dec 2018

Ireland – Irish Rugby’s Dirty Secret – John McClean – March 2018


Ireland – Horrific physical and sexual violence was permitted, mostly by priests, in one of Dublin’s top private schools, though the Carmelite Order, led by Fr Richard Byrne, won’t say what it did to stop it, and if it alerted the Garda – 21 Dec 2017

Slave Labour: Magdalene Laundries disgraced Irish Catholic women – 2 Nov 2017

Ireland – How the Catholic Church Hid Away Hundreds of Irish Children – 1 Nov 2017

UN Child “PEDOGATE” Sex Ring Busted, But No One Arrested!

Ireland – Fr Brendan Smyth confession: I had hundreds of child sex victims – 22 June 2015

Ireland – Kincora ‘VIP paedophile ring’ victim Richard Kerr speaks out – 7 April 2015

UK – Lord James of Blackheath: I Helped Smuggle Children Used For Slavery And Sex – 2014

UK and Ireland Sex Abuse Database

Stolen lives “We were only Children! – 11 Feb 2011

Christine Buckley Survivor of abuse part one of two – 21 June 2009

States of Fear -St. Joseph’s Orphanage, Kilkenny

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