One Rule for Micheal Martin TD – another for you

What does Micheal Martin look like in a muzzle?  He doesn’t appear to be able to make up his mind most of the time – mask on or mask off?  But he is sure you should be wearing one inside and outside, especially to outdoor sporting events.  Have you lost your rational reasoning to be taking this?

Micheal Martin (maskless) at the Climate Conference in Glasgow 2021 – but he wants you to wear a mask when shopping and everywhere indoors – unless you are sitting down eating.  He is really afraid of transmitting or catching a virus, is he?

However – for that special photo…

while shortly after…..

Cork Jazz Festival – sure Micheal doesn’t need a mask – but he told you wear one!

Well – this is confusing – who’s wearing masks and who isn’t?


Are you thinking something is not quite right here?