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We hear about arrests and court cases and the odd documentary about child abuse from the distant past.  Always the distant past, as if it is not happening now.   I also include here some articles on human meat and the trafficking of foetus and body parts.  They are all part of the same disease over taking us.  The soul destroying disease of disregard for human life.

I have different page here that you may think, at first glance, are the same but they are not. 

Briefly what I deduced after putting all these pages together is as follows

  • You will notice a HUGE difference in the volume of arrests and prosecutions in the USA since 2016 in comparison to the rest of the world put together.  One might be tempted to think human trafficking and child trafficking only took place in the USA.
  • Sentences are light in comparison to other offences – sometimes they are even overturned on appeal.
  • Gvts are making laws and Courts are ruling worldwide (except USA) forbidding naming paedophiles and child abusers.  Why?
  • Mainstream media covers human trafficking as little as possible – why?  Notice it is only the small local papers that are largely reporting.
  • Celebs and officials mock the concept of child or human sacrifice – anyone raising the subjects are conspiracy theorists.  They mock in art.  Why?
  • Social Media, especially since early 2020 censors and deletes hundreds of articles, posts, photos, accounts and websites covering human trafficking and child sacrifice.  Why?


USA – this is about USA but don’t be fooled, it’s global.  Just one of the reasons they want to keep the abortions flowing.

UKDoncaster children’s homes investigated amid neglect concerns – 29 April 2021

AustraliaJudges, MPs and ‘public servants’ above the law in Australia – 10 April 2021

USACan Blood from Young People Slow Aging? Silicon Valley Has Bet Billions It Will – Adrenachrome under a nice new disguise. 7 April 2021

You don’t believe the Adrenachrome stories?  You need realise there are people who will do ANYTHING for money, power and to combat aging! Blood from the young now on sale for the old in San Francisco”

Harvesting Blood From Babies’ Umbilical Cords Could Help Reverse Aging

If you think an FDA ruling stopped them – wake up! “Column: As age-obsessed billionaires turn to ‘vampire’ therapies, the FDA takes a stand”

Proposed Experiment Would Use Eggs From Aborted Babies’ Ovaries to Create New Children – 19 Dec 2020

India – 1,675 trafficked children rescued from ‘situations of exploitation’ since COVID-19 outbreak: BBA – 9 Dec 2020

Holland 71% of Child Pornography is Hosted in the Netherlands (incl video) -29 Nov 2020

Australian police arrest 15th man accused of being part of global paedophile ring – 28 Nov 2020

McDonalds beef made from human meat say’s Zionist Rabbi Abe Finkelstein feat James Wickst HQ

An interview with Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein where he claims they put human meat from sacrifices into McDonalds beef. Among a host of other claims he makes. This is what the sons of Satan do to us openly. But we are too asleep to see it. They say they are Jews but are in fact the synagogue of Satan. – 26 June 2020

The Baby Stealers – BBC Africa Eye full documentary

Half a MILLION Dollars for a full term aborted fetus. “For the love of money is the root of ALL evil” 14 Sept 2020

Married teacher, 33, ‘had secret sex with schoolboy, 15, in a field before she sent him topless photos that were then passed around pupils at the school‘ – 1 Sept 2020

Woman with 2,500 personalities says they saved her from shocking child abuse

Report: 90% of Belgian Medics Support Infanticide of Babies with Disabilities – 22 Aug 2020

NXIVM leader Keith Raniere to be sentenced on Oct. 27 – Self-help guru convicted of sex trafficking, racketeering and child exploitation faces the possibility of life in prison – 20 Aug 2020

Investigators discover underground panic rooms (tunnels) at site of Beirut explosions – 8 Aug 2020

UK – Teresa’s escape from brutal ‘satanic cult’ and bizarre rituals (1989) – 4 Aug 2020

UK – Sudbury human trafficking victim tells Barrie court she was forced to ‘service’ men or steal – 30 July2020

UK – Paedophile Labour councillor who worked in children’s home walks free despite being caught with over one million child porn images including 12-year-old girls being raped – 28 July 2020

Molly Meldrum – The Australian Jimmy Saville  – 24 July 2020

Australia – Melbourne! Tunnels one of the WORST PLACES on EARTH?! Illuminati on the First Fleet in 1788?! – 21 July 2020

Pedophilia payments through Canadian tax money!! – Whistleblower – 14 July 2020

French Pedophile Accused Of Molesting 300 Kids Could Be Executed By Firing Squad – 11 July 2020

Port of Melbourne: Human Trafficking Evidence has Been Uncovered Connected to Some Very Big Corporate Names – 11 July 2020

Ex-Labour shadow minister Eric Joyce – who quit the party after head-butting two Tory MPs in Commons bar bust-up – faces jail after admitting he had ‘spam’ child porn film involving baby  – 7 July 2020

Sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers is shocking and shameful. Why does it persist? – 15 June 2020

New Cannibalism? The Real Story Behind Blood Donations (Big Business Documentary) | Real Stories

Do People Eat Human Meat?  Yes

Italy – Satanic student ‘sexually abused children and forced them to eat human meat’ – 8 June 2020

14 boys rescued from ‘most horrific’ child-exploitation ring uncovered in Australia – 5 June 2020

Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Factory? Again !!! – 10 May 2020

Daughter Of Satanic Serial Child Killer: Rachel Vaughan – 12  April 2020

Ireland – ‘You’re not screening for them’: Concern that trafficked Irish children are falling through the cracks – 23 Feb 2020

The rise and fall of Australia’s most notorious cult, The Family and its strange female leader, Anne Hamilton-Byrne. – 14 Jan 2020

UK – No Questions Asked — How the British Establishment hide child abuse – 29 Dec 2019

Canada Thirty-one people, including a central “kingpin,” have been arrested and more than 300 charges laid in a major investigation into a human trafficking and organized crime ring that operated around Canada.  – 16 Oct 2019

Australia – How a Melbourne seminary became the breeding ground for paedophile rings – 18 Sept 2019

Australia – Justice James Wood in Australia presided over the Royal Commission into his own VIP pedophile network

Australia – The Attacks on Survivors of Child Trafficking With Focus on Australian Survivor Fiona Barnett

Australia – In the late 1990s Gordy was approached by police investigating Joseph Bertram, who had been his teacher at a Sydney selective high school over 30 years earlier. Bertram had sexually abused 15-year-old Gordy on numerous occasions and was now the subject of other child sex offence allegations.

Australia – Over 8,000 survivors or people directly impacted by child sexual abuse in institutions attended private sessions at the Royal Commission   Many shared their experiences and recommendations with Commissioners. Many gave consent for their accounts to be published as short narratives.

India – Mother Teresa’s Order Has Been Caught Trafficking Babies In India – 31 July 2019

Dubai – royal insider breaks silence on escaped princesses – 22 July 2019

Italian police bust major ‘psycho-sect’ that practiced child sex abuse for over 30 YEARS 20 July 2020 RT

Germany – We’re just a pile of misery’: Victims of Germany’s child molesting ‘experiment’ 16 July 2020 RT

UK – Lambeth: The council where 700 children were abused by 120 paedophiles – 26 June 2020

Haiti is making efforts to curb human trafficking but still falling short 25 June 2020

UK – Paedophile NHS psychiatrist avoids jail after police found vile collection of almost 2,000 child abuse images when he confessed he had ‘fetish’ – 5 June 2020

Belgium – Anneke Lucas Testimony Part One (1 of 4) – 15 April 2020

China – ‘Re-education’, forced labour and surveillance beyond Xinjiang. 1 March 2020

Online undercover officers’ roles revealed in bringing down dark web paedophiles – 25 Jan 2020

UK 13 arrested after teenage girl ‘sexually abused by over 40 adults while in care in Sheffield‘ – 11 Dec 2019

UK Former special constable caught with indecent images of children has ‘let down the policing family’ – 9 Dec 2019

UK – Witchcraft cult – Hampstead UK (Girl interview) – 29 Nov 2019

Dark web child abuse: Hundreds arrested across 38 countries – 16 Oct 2019

They didn’t know when they shot this video clip they were watching a young boy trying to escape!  As usual the media and the Palace spun a cover story.  I wonder what happened the poor boy?

UK – Aria speaks out about her ritual abuse by the British establishment – 2 Aug 2019

Canada – Order of Canada member found guilty of child sexual assault in Nepal – 10 June 2019

Ireland – Eric Eoin Marques: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know – 27 March 2019

Canada – Crimes against children at residential school: The truth about St. Anne’s – 3 March 2019

Faith healer “John of God” with millions of followers ran a “sex slave farm and sold babies to highest bidder” (highly promoted by OPRAH) – 30 Jan 2019

Young blood an elixir that prevents age-related diseases, study reveals – 8 Sept 2018

UK – Greens rising star quits deputy leader race after father jailed for rape – 27 Aug 2018

UK – Network of secret Illuminati tunnels in Blackpool EXPOSED – April 2018

Top UNICEF children’s rights campaigner, Peter Newell – who led UK’s anti-smacking campaign – is jailed for rape of boy, 13, in latest charity sex scandal – 16 Feb 2018

Australia – Seven circus school members ‘performed sadistic blood and sex rituals on three boys under eight in shocking child abuse ring’ – 6 Feb 2018

Italy – Mayor, doctors and social workers arrested in scheme to brainwash children into believing they had been abused and sell them

German pedophile ring: Eight arrested after mother sold nine-year-old – 11 Jan 2018
Canada – Why are Indigenous women missing? – 10 Jan 2018

INTERPOL-led operation rescues 500 victims of human trafficking, leads to 40 arrests – 23 Nov 2017

Another Massive Pedophile Ring Uncovered, With Clear Ties To Pope Benedict’s Brother – 18 Nov 2017

Brazil police arrests 108 in major anti-paedophilia operation – 21 Oct 2017

Germany Dismantles Huge Online Child Pornography Ring 87,000 members – 6 July 2017

Nun arrested for helping five priests rape deaf children – 9 May 2017

900 suspected pedophiles arrested as ‘darknet’ child porn kingpin jailed for 30 yrs – 6 May 2017

UK – Alex Renton explains his experience of child abuse at boarding school – 16 April 2017

UN Child “PEDOGATE” Sex Ring Busted, But No One Arrested!

Italy – “We abused deaf children, we were at least ten”, the confession of Provolo’s priest 22 Feb 2017

Japan arrests six over child pornography, at least 168 boys abused: media – 10 Feb 2017

Nova Scotia – Betrayal : Abuse in the Catholic Church in Nova Scotia (2010) – 3 Oct 2016

Bangladesh – The children trapped in Bangladesh’s brothel village 17 May 2016 The Guardian

China – PVC-clad models clutch demonic dolls and sprout devil’s horns in bizarre Chinese catwalk show that is the stuff of nightmares – 31 March 2016

Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed in Australia (Just like in the USA) – 12 Feb 2016

Canada – Teachers, scout leaders among 13 arrested in alleged pedophile ring – 30 Jan 2016

Former Rotherham mayor Barry Dodson was ‘dirty pervert’ – 3 Aug 2015

Restaurant Shut Down For Serving Human Meat – 18 May 2015

UK – Police scrapped paedophile investigation into Cyril Smith & others – 16 March 2015


Graveyards of Sodomized Children in The Netherlands and The UK – 2014

UK – Lord James of Blackheath: I Helped Smuggle Children Used For Slavery And Sex – 2014

UK and Ireland Sex Abuse Database

Paedophile scandal: Nick Clegg ‘blocked members bill’ – 12 Sept 2013

Project Spade

2013 International child pornography investigation – Almost 350 people were arrested internationally, and 386 children were said to have been rescued. – 2013

Child porn bust: The men who were charged


Nepal’s Human Trafficking Industry

China To Reinvestigate Human Flesh Capsule Claims – 8 May 2012

South Korea Finds Capsules With Human Flesh – 8 May 2012

Human meat served in snacks, says woman arrested as a suspect of cannibalism – 13 April 2012

Hackers take down child pornography sites – 24 Oct 2011

Jersey: Island of Secrets – BBC1 Panorama – March 31 2008

What Really Goes On At Mother Teresa’s Mission In India? (2001)

Are you thinking something is not quite right?