Normalizing Paedophilia – Mental Grooming – Brainwashing

Over the last few years it has become increasingly difficult to escape the brainwashing that has been perpetrated on us 24 hours a day.  Whether it is TV, radio, newspapers, blogs, advertising, schools….. the narrative on an array of subjects has changed enormously.  And the use of peer pressure, guilt and fear of dissenting has been a big too.

Only half of Irish people support more Muslims coming to Ireland (feel guilty, support immigration, blm, islamic org etc Irish Examiner 29 July 2020

Read the answer in the following letter to an Agony Aunt.  In the past a genuine Agony Aunt rarely if ever sowed seeds of division in families – This might not have been a real letter.  It may just have been a ploy to expound the indoctrination. 

“Is my husband racist? He says Black Lives Matter is irrelevant. ” 19 July 2020 Irish Times

They now have us afraid to speak against immigration for fear of being called “racist” and we feel guilty at denying homeless people from other countries a home.  In the past the church did a good job on us with sacrifice yourself for others, put others first narrative.  Then we woke up to the FACT that if we don’t take proper care of ourselves first, we are not much good to others and we end up damaged goods. 

A healthy recognition of our right to say “NO” began to take root in us.  In fact that is the teaching of Jesus Christ “Love thy neighbour AS THY SELF”  meaning first you must love yourself.

Now because many have fallen away from religion, the State has taken it upon itself to inculcate the belief of the the importance of the “greater good” before ourselves and “community first”  Where in this is the teaching for the child about the right to say “no”? 

Normalising Paedophila via School Curriculum

Instead we have introduced “civics” and other such subjects, teach children to masturbate, young girls how to put on condoms and “pedophile” is now a “Minor Attracted Person”  All this is mentally grooming children towards accepting paedophilia.  For example Ireland has a program called Educate and Celebrate

California School Has “Condom Race” Where 10-Year-Old Girls Learn How to Put On Condoms

But it doesn’t stop there – someone is very openly pushing for paedophilia to be accepted as normal.

That we are even discussing, on national TV, the subject of teaching kids to masturbate – is disturbing to me.

Not to mention the fact that certain States in the US have already passed laws lowering the age of consent


As for Facebook asking users if pedophiles should be able to ask kids for ‘sexual pictures’  ???

And from the “Child Protection Party” comes the Professor who argues it should be legal for grown men to have sex with children. Let that sink in.

And I have no words for a gvt website for kids that carries the following:

Threesomes article on Spunout

And it would appear that the way to top is a bit obscure now:

Abortionist who told ‘Teen Vogue’ readers to consider sex work gets top UN post

When it comes to other matters we are again primed by the media towards acceptance.  Journalists no longer report facts but rather are opinion-formers for the ruling institutions.  When they want us to get a new idea into our heads or redirect our way of thinking we will find a newspaper speculating on it or perhaps an opinion expressed – usually by a ‘concerned citizen’.

Gardaí should call to homes of people who refuse to take Covid-19 test, TD tells Dáil committee 13 July 2020 the

Fake News – what it is exactly – July 2020


Brainwashing – From A Psychological Viewpoint – CIA released these papers.  They are a a blueprint for brainwashing.  And elements of this report are obvious in the coronavirus project.

MK ULTRA – CIA Brainwashing Experiment – CIA released papers.

U.S. Government Mind Control Experiments 26 April 2020 Psychology Today

How to know if you are brainwashed and how to avoid it. The

How to Brainwash 7 billion people – Regan Hillyar

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