NWO – How to dehumanize, brainwash & control the people

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What does a country or civilization have left when they lose their stories, culture, ethnic identity, crafts?  How do you destroy a culture, civilization, heritage or tribe?

  • You disperse them to the four corners of the earth and replace them with a new “plantation” – what English Governments tried to do for years – but Ireland fought back then. This time the Irish don’t even see it.
  • You take over the schools – re-educate the teachers (best way is to fool them into thinking they are doing something good.  This also works well with idealistic young people).  Lower the standard of education.  Install exams that require memory instead of understanding.  Discourage creativity and get rid of free-thinkers or children that show independance aka “problem” kids.
  • Take the bright. intellectual kids, give them scholarships, fill their minds with the whitewashed version of your agenda and then, using your money and influence – fast track them into management or even ownership positions in business, government and media worldwide – can’t fail, can it?
  • Eliminate cash – make everyone use a bank card – who controls the cash, controls the world!
  • Stick a chip in everyone so they can be tracked 24 hours a day and the chip is also their only access to money (not cash just a digital payment facility)
  • You may not be aware of it but we are getting a steady feed of misinformation through our media about sexual orientation, racism and much to make the white population feel ashamed of who we are.  Aimed to make us bow down (take the knee) to everyone and anyone but ourselves.  Basically the narrative is to convince us the right thing to do is sacrifice ourselves for the betterment of others – a more extreme form of catholicism.  Except that enlightened catholic teachers pulled back from the brink of destruction by teaching that we should love others as ourselves… AS OURSELVES.  Meaning we have to love ourselves first and then others in the same way.  They also want to confuse us on gender issues.  Someone asked me recently if I thought vaccines could have something to do with gender confusion in children.  My answer – “an increase in both are running parallel.” 
  • Censor all dissenting voices.
  • Turn sectors of the community against each other.

The minds of the Irish are so befuddled with rubbish, they don’t know what is real any more!

DEATH to the Elderly! – Remember this? “Old people live too long and this is a risk for the global economy. We must do something, urgently.”  — Christine Lagarde, Director of the International Monetary Fund.(Translated from the Spanish) — 9 oct 2018

Understanding the Political Scenario of – you might be surprised that all is not what you thought!

U.N. Condemns Words Like “Mankind”, “Husband”

Health Passports: From Conspiracy Theory to Reality – 7 Feb 2021

With gvts across the world resigning for one reason or another and the covid scamdemic being rolled back in the US because it is running out of lies to tell – and the riots across the EU over lockdowns (almost reaching civil war level in Holland) the NWO agents are searching for a new reason to keep the world prisoners in our own homes – roll out the dreaded climate-crisis-which-isn’t-a climate-crisis once more SCHUMER: Biden Should ‘Declare National Emergency’ to Combat Climate Change

Irish pubs update: The moment 14 cars of armed Gardai swarm Dublin shebeen catching drinkers inside – 25 Jan 2021

Gardaí stop cars going to and from Dublin Airport in new travel crackdown – 24 Jan 2021

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UK Health Service Trust Repeats ‘Whiteness – A Problem for Our Time’ Seminar – If you are white (and especially if you are  white male, are you feeling sufficiently guilty yet?  Or under attack? In case you haven’t noticed, this is systematic and now the gvts have no problem openly attacking you –  16 Jan 2021


In line with NWO agenda to enslave us, we have seen the out-of-control censorship of social media, Amazon and Google.  If you don’t think very highly of Donald Trump you may not be taking much notice.  However, what about down the line when the NWO agenda decides to do something YOU disagree with – what then?  Suppose they decide on a new policy that really impacts or hurts you/your family?  What then if you can’t object?  We either have free speech for all or we have no free speech for anyone.  Twitter has already decided they know best for us down the line and have no problem telling us.


Germany to repurpose refugee camps to detain people who repeatedly flout Covid rules by going out when they should be quarantining – 18 Jan 2021

‘We have to tell our stories so it doesn’t happen again’: Auschwitz survivors mark anniversary online – 27 Jan 2021

Ireland – Three military camps will be adapted into isolation units to help deal with Covid surge – 7 Jan 2021


BATTLE BOTS? EU gives €36 million grant to robotics company to develop unmanned military vehicles  Can you think of something better to spend €36 million on?  Who are they planning on fighting?  The people?  Or who are they planning on selling to?  EU is making more preparations for war than peace.  Is this our mandate to our governments? – 24 Dec 2020.

“Human Barcode” Coming To Your Body – 11 Dec 2020

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Report Points to Microwave ‘Attack’ as Likely Source of Mystery Illnesses That Hit Diplomats and Spies – 5 Dec 2020

Claims taxpayers to face €1bn bill if group wins Covid restrictions challenge -This is a blatant attempt in the first paragraph to put bad feelings into people against the publicans who are challenging the Government in Court, against the lockdowns. On the other side of the story – do they make a fuss when the tax payer foots the bill for every vaccination injury that is won in the courts?  The tax payer foots those bills also NOT the vaccine manufacturer. –  26 Nov 2020

Connecting the Dots: Why They’re Doing This – 27 Oct 2020


Revolt Inside BLM As The Fight For Money Begins: “Most chapters have received little to no financial support from BLMGN since the launch in 2013” –  So this begs the question ” is BLM a real movement for equality or a paid group of organised terrorists?” – 3 Dec 2020

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Check out the plans and progress in Big Tech for monitoring and digitalizing humans.   And if you really want to know – click here – but take warning – that second link may be too much to take!

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